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PEFF releases Directre audio router for Reason

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PEFF has released Directre, an audio routing utility designed to work as a hub for a live performance using Propellerhead Reason.

PEFF Directre
Directre Audio Router is a utility device with synchronized audio switching capabilities designed to be a control center for real-time performance applications.

Directre’s audio switching synchronizes to the tempo of a song. With a press of a button, a channel switch is cued to open or close at the beginning of a measure, beat, or 1/8th note.

DIRECTRE can function as either a 1×8 splitter device or as an 8×1 summing bus. In addition to the quantized switch capabilities, the switch can be adjusted to fade in and fade out with a touch of a button.

Directre features

  • Eight Channel Summing.
  • Eight Channel Audio Split/Distribution.
  • Level Controls with +6dB gain.
  • Synchronized Audio Muting on Bar, Beat, or 1/8th Note.
  • Selectable Crossfade Times
  • Adjustable Fade Time from 0ms to 6 seconds.
  • Switch CV Outputs that also synchronize to tempo.
  • MIDI Playability from a Keyboard or Control Surface.
  • Control Voltage Source that Syncs to Tempo.
  • Localization support for English, French, German, and Japanese.

Directre is available for the introductory price of $15 USD / 12 EUR for the first 1000 licensees or until May 1st, 2013 (regular $29 USD / 25 EUR).

More information: PEFF / Directre


Cescato Musiktechnologie releases VST-MIDI Monitor 3.0

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Cescato VST-MIDI Monitor 3.0

Cescato Musiktechnologie has re-launched with the release of VST-MIDI Monitor version 3.0, a free MIDI data monitor utility plug-in for Windows.

from Sound On Sound magazine:

…extremely useful, is Wally Cescato’s MIDI Data Monitor, which loads as a VSTi and displays incoming MIDI note, aftertouch, pitch-bend and controller data on four ‘LEDs’, as well as providing a scrolling data display in text form.

This is ideal when you’re trying to sort out why there’s no sound coming from your VSTis in Cubase, for instance, or for examining incoming MIDI controller data to see why it’s not altering the synth parameter you expected.

Changes in VST-MIDI Monitor 3.0

  • Added Program Change, Polyphonic Key Pressure and System LED Indicators.
  • Added monitor data selection switches.
  • Added switchable MIDI Thru port.
  • A ‘Thru Viewed’ option allows to be used as a MIDI data filter device.
  • Fresh compiled code.

The VST-MIDI Monitor plug-in for Windows (VST) is available to download at no cost. Donations are appreciated.

More information: Cescato Musiktechnologie


DNR Collaborative announces Wave Designer – Waveform Creation Utility

DNR Collaborative Wave Designer

DNR Collaborative has announced Wave Designer, a VST instrument plug-in which is aimed at reducing the time required to make single-cycle waveforms.

Wave Designer is an ongoing project which is still in the early stages of development, which is a very unique and useful tool concept that allows users to create waveforms and export them to a number of synthesizer formats in order to be used as oscillators for the particular synthesizer.

The software will be shipped as a plug-in instrument, allowing users to create waveforms visually and then preview the sounds in real-time with their MIDI keyboard.

Wave Designer is available to pre-order for $29 USD until June 30th, 2012. The final price for all others will be $79 USD upon release.

Pre-order customers will receive a receipt for their purchase, an account on the DNR website and access to each beta version upon completion and notifications of when they are available. The first beta version will be available in approximately 10 days (6/21).

More information: DNR Collaborative / Wave Designer


Fsynthz releases Prognum: one-button browser MIDI plugin

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Fsynthz has released Prognum a MIDI utility instrument plugin for Windows.

Fsynthz Prognum
Single button MIDI program browsing with Fsynthz Prognum.

A MIDI processing VSTi, suited for two purposes:

  • indicating current MIDI program IN BIG NUMBERS (both the 1-128 value and grouped by 8)
  • browsing MIDI programs of a subsequent synth up and down with one single button, assignable to any MIDI controller (examples are: sustain pedal #64, portamento switch #65). Short hit on the button is one program up, long hit (>1 sec) – one down.

Two synths (two channels) may me managed with one instance of Prognum.

The second processing tract features responsibility to the program-changing button on all channels – while sending the resulting MIDI prog.change message to the chosen (destination) channel only.
So you don’t have to switch your MIDI keyboard to the 2nd MIDI channel to send a prog.change to the 2nd synth (e.g. a groovebox).

Prognum is available to download as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows.

More information: Fsynthz / Prognum


reKon audio VST-AU JUNO-106 Editor updated to v1.2.0

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reKon audio VST-AU JUNO-106 Editor

reKon audio has updated its VST-AU JUNO-106 Editor, a real-time MIDI synth editor that allows you full control of every parameter of the sound on the Roland Juno-106 synthesizer.

Now you can utilize your JUNO-106 to its full potential and build lasting and meaningful patches that will bring new life to your music. You can manage, view and edit all your patches on the computer itself without the hassle of manual dumps. All parameters are fully automatable and you can even use your favorite VST or AU host, or use it stand-alone, giving you the ability to visually program the JUNO-106 to your music via the host sequencer.

Changes in VST-AU JUNO-106 Editor v1.2.0

  • Fixed the ‘Chorus 1′ not getting set properly.
  • Editor now (‘remembers’) loads the last used settings for both MIDI settings and current preset.
  • New MIDI engine. Better buffering of data.
  • Modulation is now part of the preset and remembered.
  • Added tooltip displays to sliders. Hover over a slider to see its value.
  • Scroll wheel now increments in steps of 1.
  • Added Host MIDI IN-Out LEDs.
  • Faster randomize routine.

VST-AU JUNO-106 Editor for PC and Mac (VST/AU/Standalone) is available to purchase for $69.95 USD.

More information: reKon audio / VST-AU JUNO-106 Editor


3R Audio updates Space Designer Manager to v2

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3R Audio has announced the release of Space Designer Manager 2, a tool to work efficiently with Logic Pro’s popular Space Designer Impulse Reverb.

3R Audio Space Designer Manager 2

Space Designer Manager extends the usability of Logic’s popular Space Designer impulse reverb and is it’s perfect companion. The ever and ever growing number of 3rd party and user impulse responses shows Space Designer’s drawback: Before you can use a impulse response file you must load it into a setting and save it. If you have hundreds or thousands of files this will be an exhausting and almost impossible task, because you have to do it one by one.

Space Designer Manager keeps you being creative because it does the job automatically for you in seconds. Furthermore it can find and relink impulse responses back to the setting files they belong to and batch modify important parameters of existing settings like dry and wet level, volume and latency compensation.

Changes in Space Designer Manager 2

  • New Modifier added to batch modify the most important Space Designer parameters.
  • An all new Info Drawer featuring a complete audiofileplayer plus additional infoview for convenient prelistening of impulse responses.
  • New option to add the duration of the impulse response as a prefix to the setting name.
  • New option added to let the Preferences and Info Drawer open on startup.
  • Numerous internal enhancements.
  • Optimized for OSX Lion.

Space Designer Manager 2 is available to purchase for €29 EUR. The upgrade from v1 is €9 EUR. It is free for users who have purchased Space Designer Manager after May 1, 2011.

More information: 3R Audio / Space Designer Manager


ifoundasound updates LiveProfessor to v2.01 (Beta)

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ifoundasound LiveProcessor

ifoundasound has released version 2.01 beta of LiveProfessor, a VST host software for Windows.

LiveProfessor is designed to be a effect rack of VST-plugins. We have designed it specifically with live sound in mind. The concept is very simple. Using a ASIO audio card you can route inputs and outputs through your VST-plugins. The program supports snapshots, MIDI and both VST-effects and VST-instrument.

Changes in LiveProfessor v2.01

  • Failed to load cue lists from saved projects, Fixed.
  • New audio engine. Summing on all plug-in inputs, split on all plug-in outputs (Beta 2.0)
  • Better multi core support. All cores are now used. The cores are divided pr. “Signal-chain”. (Beta 2.0)
  • “Route back” you can now split a signal and route it back to a plug-in earlier in the signal chain. (Please look out for feedback) (Beta 2.0)
  • New MIDI controller system. The way hardware midi controllers control plug-in parameters is completely changed. (Beta 2.0)
  • Library. Most LiveProfessor settings (Snapshots, Cues, Cue Actions, Controllers, Controller Maps, etc) can be saved in a global Library so you can use them in other projects (Beta 2.0)
  • Each cue now has a button to assign a MIDI trigger. (Beta 2.0)
  • MIDI learn ignore active sense message, Fixed. (Beta 2.0)
  • Comment action. Empty cue action that can be used as a note/hint/memo (Beta 2.0)
  • Bug in patch window when hiding plug-ins with multiple I/O, Fixed. (Beta 2.0)
  • Warning when opening a project on a system with less IO then the one the project was saved on. (Will remove the patch points) (Beta 2.0)
  • 88.2 KHz sample rate (Beta 2.0)
  • Snapshot masks. When recalling a snapshot in a cue action, you can now choose to not recall selected parameters. (Beta 2.0)
  • Export cue lists. Cue lists can now be saved (Only makes sense for cues that are not linked to a plug-in) (Beta 2.0)
  • Expand/Hide all in cue list (Beta 2.0)
  • New location of program settings. The program settings are no longer saved in the Program Files folder but in the AppData folder, as this is the Vista/Win7 way (Beta 2.0)
  • Bug when replacing snapshots when using the global cue tool, Fixed. (Beta 2.0)
  • Cues could get stuck to the mouse, Fixed. (Beta 2.0)

LiveProfessor 2.01 beta for Windows is available as a free download.

More information: ifoundasound