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Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v5.3.0

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Iced Audio AudioFinder

Iced Audio has released version 5.3.0 of AudioFinder, an audio library and production base station for Mac.

Changes in AudioFinder v5.3.0

  • All new playback engine with multichannel support.
  • Improved Audio Quick Look with multichannel support.
  • Added new “Relocate” feature to the Metadata Database Manager.
  • Bug fix when converting more than 1000 files to mp3.
  • Renamed “Bookmarks” to “Favorites”
  • Added “Reveal Application Support Folder” to the Options menu.
  • Other bug fixes.

Audio Finder is available to purchase for Mac OS X, priced at $69.95 USD.

More information: Iced Audio


Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v5.2.0

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Iced Audio AudioFinder

Iced Audio has released version 5.2.0 of AudioFinder, the audio library and production base station for Mac.

AudioFinder is an audio asset management system, and music production hub. AudioFinder gathers all the most useful tools in one quick and intuitive application, enabling you to be more creative by handling all the time consuming tasks that slow down your music production.

Changes in AudioFinder v5.2.0

  • User interface redesign. Added new unified Metadata View/Edit Sidebar and several other workflow improvements.
  • Metadata Edit’s “Guess” key now works for multi-selections.
  • New waveform rendering style.
  • Added Miniview/List view Toolbar toggling button.
  • All new Sample Extractor HD now works with 16, 24 and 32 bit files.
  • Updated the Shortcuts Help Panel to reflect the latest.
  • Added a new user preference to opt into showing Audio Unit plug-ins and presets in the Sidebar (off by default)”.
  • Added a new user preference to make WAV the default output format.
  • Fixed memory leak in the Sample Tool.
  • Fixed column truncation mode in the sound list. Will now show trailing “…” where applicable.
  • Spot to ProTools bug fix when two dual mono files are selected.
  • Added “Export Selection to Logic” to the Sample Tool.
  • Other bug fixes.

Audio Finder for Mac OS X is available to purchase for $69.95 USD.

More information: Iced Audio


reFuse Software updates Note2Frequency to v0.4

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reFuse Software Note2Frequency

reFuse Software has released version 0.4 of Note2Frequency, a free note-to-frequency conversion utility for Mac.

Note2Frequency is a utility program to convert note names to their frequencies. Press a note on the on-screen keyboard, and it gives you the frequency of that note in cycles per second (Hz). It will also play a sine wave as a reference tone.

Now with version 0.4, Note2Frequency will also go the other way, converting frequencies in Hz to notes! A readout for “cents” was therefore added by necessity, to show where between two notes a given frequency lies.

Changes in Note2Frequency v0.4

  • Now also converts frequencies in Hz to notes.
  • Added MIDI Note and Musical Note display/controls.
  • Added label for Middle C.
  • Changed startup state to have Middle C selected.
  • Misc interface improvements.

Note2Frequency for Mac OS X is available as a free download from the reFuse website.

More information: reFuse Software / Note2Frequency


Audio Watermarking Tools 2 updated to v1.08.7

Audio Watermarking Tools 2 has released version 1.08.7 of Watermarking Tools 2 (AWT2), a set of shareware utilities for embedding (and retrieving) digital watermarks within audio files.

AWT2 watermarks are inaudible and highly robust, surviving low bitrate transcoding with lossy coders, mixing, effect processing, acoustic coupling (transducing via air) and time stretching.

Changes in AWT 2 v1.08.7

  • Fixed bug in the decoder (could cause crash).
  • AWT2 is now available in a form of SDK (static library + header file + example) for various platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS. AWT2 SDK is available upon request.
  • Reworked and detailed error codes.

Audio Watermarking Tools 2 for Windows, Mac, and Linux (includes console and GUI utilities) is available to purchase starting at 69 EUR.

More information:


earPlugins Tune, free plugin for ear training

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earPlugins Tune

earPlugins has released Tune, a free plug-in for ear training.

An earPlugin is an audio plugin made for ear training (not music making). It integrates sound processing, test flow and score keeping for a training session. The overall design goal is to maximize learning efficiency through immediate and detailed feedback, both aural and visual.

The audio plugin implementation allows you to use earPlugins with the same work environment and material that you normally use.

The first earPlugin is Tune, for training identification of frequency bands.

Tune features

  • Optimized for maximum learning efficiency by immediate and detailed feedback, auditory and visual.
  • Stereo VST2.4 for 32-bit Windows.
  • 3-minute getting started video (youtube).
  • User’s manual (pdf) (270k).

Tune for Windows (VST) is available as a free download for personal, non-profit use.

More information: earPlugins


Audiofile Engineering releases Backline MIDI, utility app for iOS

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Audiofile Engineering Backline MIDI

Audiofile Engineering has released Backline MIDI, a unique utility for MIDI users, especially anyone looking to monitor/send MIDI info in a live-performance environment.

Backline MIDI is a utility designed for fast, accurate MIDI troubleshooting in any setting.

Created by the minds at Audiofile Engineering, it’s an ideal tool for traveling techs and live engineers who need a convenient way to monitor or send MIDI information on the go.

Create a master clock for tempo and time-sync functions, monitor incoming MIDI messages across channels with detailed info, and much more, all with an intuitive, easy-to-read interface.

Backline MIDI features

  • Monitors
    • Status Board for monitoring MIDI messages including: Note On, Note Off, Aftertouch, Controller, Program Change, Pitch Wheel, Channel Pressure, Clock, Start, Timecode, Continue, Tick, Stop, Song Position, System Exclusive, Song Select, Active Sensing, Tune Request.
    • List (see message details such as channel and velocity).
    • Clock display.
    • Timecode display.
  • Generators
    • Click (send specified note on assigned channel at a given tempo).
    • Transport (send start/stop/continue messages).
    • Clock (send tempo).
    • Timecode (send timecode).

Backline MIDI for iOS 3.1 or later is available to purchase for $9.99 USD.

Note: Full use of Backline MIDI requires the Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer accessory with the latest firmware. Download the latest firmware with the newest version of MIDI Memo Recorder.

More information: Audiofile Engineering / Backline MIDI


Eric Beam “Brings the noise!”, free test tones/noise samples

Eric Beam - Bring the noise!

Eric Beam has posted a number of free audio test files from a Prism dScope III audio analyzer and a Dolby SDU4 surround decoder.

For everyone that designs, tests, creates, calibrates, or has an odd preference for what they consider “listening enjoyment”, This is for you.

Having calibrated utility & test files is a must for any audio engineer. The corner stone being pink noise. When it comes to generating tones/noise ITB I have found most DAW to be severely lacking in this area. After much frustration with the incorrect Protools signal generator “Pink”. I’ve captured Tones/Noise from a calibrated DScope & Dolby SDU4.

More information: Eric Beam