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Virharmonic releases Czech Boys Choir for UVI

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Virharmonic has launched Czech Boys Choir, a new choral library for UVI Workstation.

Virharmonic Czech Boys Choir

The extremely flexible, emotion packed and inspirational boys choir is here! Angelic Soloist, gentle Trebles and of course amazingly youthful and powerful Young Men all in one complete package.

Czech Boys Choir features

  • Over 18 GB in uncompressed samples, compressed size is just over 10GB.
  • Over 22 000 unique samples.
  • Dynamic range: Smooth crossfade from pp < ff for Groups Performance dynamic for Soloist.
  • True Round Robin for each Vowel and Consonant.
  • Three powerful parts: Soloist, Trebles and Young Men.
  • Performable articulations: Sustains, Staccatos, Marcatos, Legato.
  • Large Chromatically Sampled Ranges: Soloist: B3-F#5, Trebles: A3-A5, Young Men: F2-A4.
  • All Samples are 48Khz 24bit – Original recording sessions were captured at 192Khz 24bit.

The library is available for the introductory price of $249 USD (RRP $299 USD).

More information: Virharmonic / Czech Boys Choir


UVI intros Vintage Vault bundle

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UVI has announced the release of Vintage Vault, a comprehensive bundle including UVI’s entire line of vintage series instruments, delivering over 50 years of sound innovation in the form of 36 instruments with over 5,000 custom designed presets.

UVI Vintage Vault
At a savings of 80% compared with buying the individual instruments, Vintage Vault represents UVI’s most complete and economical product offering to date.

All instruments in Vintage Vault are sample-based, reproducing the authentic sounds of real hardware synthesizers, samplers and drum machines with all the conveniences of modern software. Explore the history of synthesis and the machines that defined the sounds of the last 5 decades. Analog, digital, wavetable, FM, vector, sampling—it’s all here, sourced from the original hardware. The experience is completed with user interfaces inspired by the character of each instruments physical counterpart, providing users both deep editing capabilities and a streamlined workflow.

Built on UVI’s Engine XTTM, Vintage Vault instruments sport an advanced, realtime compression system providing up to 7x faster load times and a near 50% reduction in file size compared with previous UVI vintage series instruments. This translates to a dramatic improvement in workflow and delivers Vintage Vault’s massive 120GB sample footprint in a mere 63GB package.

With 64-bit standalone operation, comprehensive DAW support (including 64-bit AAX), simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys and a huge cost-savings, Vintage Vault gives producers of any background unprecedented access to a wide-ranging selection of authentic vintage hardware sounds at an affordable price.

Vintage Vault includes: Beat Box Anthology, Darklight IIx, Digital Synsations, Emulation II, Emulation One, Mello, String Machines, The Beast, UltraMini, UVX-3P, UVX-10P, Vector Pro, Vintage Legends and WaveRunner.

The bundle is available for purchase for $499 USD.

More information: UVI / Vintage Vault


UVI releases EGP Hybrid Electric Grand Piano

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UVI has announced the release of EGP, a hybrid electric grand piano instrument based on the Yamaha CP-70.

An entire piano studio at your fingertips, EGP was approached with the goal of creating the most comprehensive and authentic electric grand piano software instrument ever, offering multiple preparations, 5 fully mixable channels, discrete EQ, effects and dynamics for both the electric and acoustic signals, versatile performance options and more.

A core library of over 10,000 samples was created utilizing high-end microphones, preamps and converters. 5 signals were captured including the raw electric output and the instrument acoustics miked in both L/R and M/S configurations. Complete control is given to the end-user, allowing for gain and mute control on a per-mic and group level. Additionally, EQ, effects and dynamics are provided for the acoustic and electric signals independently. Add a touch of reverb to the acoustic section, some overdrive, chorus and a longer attack to the electric signal, EQ both to taste—the sound shaping options are deep, quick to control and immensely rewarding.

EGP offers an extensive sonic range well beyond that of a typical electric grand. Multiple preparations like pick, bow, ebow, mutes, brush and more were recorded allowing you to create everything from plucked melodies to shimmering drone sounds in immaculate detail. Each preparation was approached with the greatest care, capturing round robins, release samples, pedal noise and sympathetic resonance. Combined with ADSR amp control and performance options like built-in wheel strum, EGP is an extremely dynamic and expressive instrument with a wide sonic range.

Pristine sound quality and an elegant UI are just the beginning. Under the hood of EGP you’ll find UVI’s sophisticated Engine XT™. With over 10 years of R+D behind it, Engine XT now sports an advanced, realtime compression system providing up to 7x faster load times and an average 70% reduction in file size. This translates to a dramatic improvement in workflow and delivers EGPs massive 20GB sample footprint in a mere 4.7GB package.

EGP is available for purchase for $299 USD.

More information: UVI / EGP Hybrid Electric Grand Piano


Acousticsamples releases C7 Grand for UVI

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Acousticsamples has launched C7 Grand, a virtual Yamaha C7 Grand piano instrument powered by UVI Workstation.

Acousticsamples C7 Grand

The C7 is the biggest of the C series (227cm / 7’6″) and is one of the most used pianos as it is present on many concert stages, in studios and at prestigious music events.

C7 Grand features

  • Sampled with 3 pairs of microphones carefully phase aligned. You can load, enable and control the volume of each of them.
  • Two very advanced types of resonances simulations, the resonances on pedal down and the sympathetic resonances.
  • Advanced pedal features: Repedal, Sostenuto and Half pedal.
  • Complete set of tools to tweak the MIDI velocity and volume response to make sure it fits your digital piano and your playing style.
  • Completely tune the piano, note by note, octave by octave or the whole piano at the same time.
  • Full control over the sound of the library and can enable and disable every feature.
  • Uses FLAC lossless compression format (UVI Workstation 2.5.2 is required to use it) to increase the streaming performances and loading time without losing any audio quality (14GB uncompressed, 2.41GB compressed).

The library is available for purchase for 99 EUR.

More information: Acousticsamples / C7 Grand


UVI announces Vector Pro instrument library

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UVI Vector Pro

UVI has announced the release of Vector Pro, a new suite of instruments aimed at the imaginative sounds of vector synthesis.

With a massive library of over 30gb, Vector Pro offers a staggering detail of what’s possible with classics such as the Sequential Prophet VS and FM-infused Yamaha SY22. 3 separate instruments provide an array of expressive musical options each with deep editing and performance capabilities. Over 500 factory patches deliver everything from powerful leads and evolving ambiences to surging rhythmic tapestries—an abundance of timbres suitable for all styles and genres.

Sound designers at UVI programmed and multi-sampled hundreds of custom patches on a number of restored machines providing a faithful and comprehensive core library for Vector Pro. A true exposition of these machines capabilities can be heard, from classic tones to new and experimental soundscapes. Inclusion of multi-sampled raw waveforms in Vector Pro VX allows for the creation of custom patches, while its dual-layer architecture delivers independent amp, filter, stereo, modulation and arpeggiator controls providing vast opportunities for sound design.

Vector Pro also features a newly improved licensing model allowing for 3 concurrent authorizations on any combination of computer hard drives and iLok keys. This enhancement provides users with multiple workstations an immediate workflow improvement by eliminating the need to manually move a single authorization from system to system.

As with all UVI instruments Vector Pro is powered by the UVI Engine, leveraging analogmodeled filters, a flexible modulation architecture and a vast library of sophisticated studio effects to provide intuitive control and superb sound quality. All instruments in Vector Pro can be loaded in the free UVI Workstation, providing native 64-bit performance, comprehensive plug-in compatibility with all major DAWs, stand-alone operation and dynamic performance controls.

Vector Pro is available to purchase for the introductory price of $149 USD / 115 EUR through February 28th, 2014 (regular price $199 USD / 149 EUR).

More information: UVI / Vector Pro


VI Labs intros Ravenscroft Virtual Piano

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VI Labs Ravenscroft

VI Labs has announced the Ravenscroft Virtual Piano, a virtual piano instrument library featuring an officially licensed version of the Ravenscroft 9′ Model 275.

The Model 275 is arguably one of the greatest grand pianos on the planet. Ravenscroft pianos are different from the beginning. Each Ravenscroft piano takes more than 1,000 hours to build. They obsess over every last detail sourcing only the finest components available and employing build and design techniques learned and developed over decades of servicing, building, and repairing other world-class pianos.

VI Labs worked hand-in-hand with Michael Spreeman, the man behind the Ravenscroft pianos to make sure their Ravenscroft virtual instrument had the same attention to detail and user experience for virtual instrument users.

Ravenscroft Virtual Piano features

  • Choose between four sets of discrete phase-aligned microphones including a Close Position, Room Position, Side Position, and Player position.
  • Sampled Pedal and Sympathetic Resonance.
  • Advanced half-pedal features.
  • New Repetition Strikes, Silent Strike, and Stereo Width controls.
  • Nearly 20,000 samples.
  • Works as standalone item inside UVI Workstation, or as a plug-in in popular DAW hosts (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Sonar).
  • Requires 38GB of Hard Drive Space.

The Ravenscroft Virtual Piano costs $199.99 USD. It will be available to pre-order on January 29th, 2014 (shipping February 7th).

More information: VI Labs


Gospel Musicians release FM TiNES electric piano library

Gospelmusicians FM TiNES

Gospel Musicians has announced the launch of FM TiNES, a dedicated electric piano library that focuses on the 80′s sound.

FM TiNES is a sample and synth library containing over 20GB of the prettiest and most inspirational electric pianos ever heard. Our goal was to cover the complete genre of electric piano patches and not just FM. From D50 type bells, beautiful pads, lush strings, and multi-layered FM EPs, FM TiNES will be the number one electric piano library to go to for that 80s/90s sound. And because we are vintage synth addicts, we included FM emulations of the classic o1W Dyno, the JD Crystal EP, a Dyno-My-Piano, and who could forget the MKS-20 EPs.

FM Tines is a complete 80′s electric piano library and synth with an assortment of pianos, pads, strings, bells in which to use along or layer with. Given the library has 4 separate element slots, you can mix, match, layer, EQ, and filter each individual element/oscillator to your liking. The final stage includes the newly SparkVerb™ by UVI which is available for all three elements.

FM TiNES features

  • 148 patches and 75 distinct EP sounds
  • Size: 20GB (Huge Detailed and Exhaustive Library).
  • Recorded at 44kHz/24-bit directly from the Yamaha SY99 analog outputs.
  • Converted to 16-bits using iZotope’s MBit+ for maximum quality (We have decided to convert to 16-bit to save on hardrive space and RAM).

FM Tines for UVI Workstation Player and MachFive 3 is on sale for $99.99 USD until February 1st, 2014.

More information: Gospelmusicians / FM TiNES