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Variety Of Sound announces Thrillseeker VBL

Variety Of Sound has announced Thrillseeker VBL, an upcoming “Vintage Broadcast Limiter” effect plug-in.

Bringing mojo back – Thrillseeker VBL is a “Vintage Broadcast Limiter” emulation following the classic Variable-Mu design principles from the early days back in the 1950′s. Their purpose once were to prevent audio overshoots by managing the signals sudden changes w/o tone frequent modulations.

From a today’s perspective and especially compared to brickwall limiters, they are rather slow and more to be seen as a sort of gain structure leveler but still they are shining so much when it comes down to perform gain riding in a very musical fashion: They have warmth and mojo written all over it! Whether given vocals, bass or an entire track – they just deliver.

The release date of Thrillseeker VBL is TBA (expected May, 2013).

More information: Variety Of Sound


Variety Of Sound releases Rescue MK2 free effect plugin

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Variety Of Sound has announced the release of Rescue MK2, a freeware analog style modelled signal designer for Windows.

Rescue MK2 is the major overhaul of the analog style modelled signal designer already introduced back in 2007. It is a sophisticated mid/side based transient processing device which not only allows detailed ’3D’ imaging control but also fancy transient compression and distortion with dynamics that remains vibrant and alive.

Variety Of Sound Rescue MK2
Rescue MK2 offers transient handling ‘smooth like cake’, stateful saturation and an authentic analog signal path emulation 2.0.

Changes in Rescue MK2

  • Some internal routing changes are streamlining the workflow per channel.
  • Based on true stateful signal saturation algorithms, it provides way smoother transient management and distortion.
  • Better support for different gain-staging levels is introduced.
  • The analog style signal path emulation is a complete rework.
  • The manual is completely rewritten.

Rescue MK2 is a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows.

More information: Variety Of Sound


Variety Of Sound announces Rescue Mk2

Variety Of Sound

Variety Of Sound has announced Rescue Mk2, an update to the envelope dependent signal amplification and analog style saturation in a mid/side configuration

While the initial Rescue implementation was a little bit quirky concerning transient handling, I’ve managed to developed a ‘stateful’ approach over the last years which turned out to be way smoother not only in terms of transient response but also in terms of signal saturation. All this comes down now and there is almost nothing to change to the original concept other than the underlying technology which had been emerged and improved.

Rescue MK2 is going to offer transient handling ‘smooth like cake’, stateful saturation and an authentic analog signal path emulation 2.0. Rescue MK2 maintains a super realistic stereo image, increases depth perception and works great as both, mixing tool and summing on the 2-bus. The new Rescue version will be available by end of January as a freeware VST plug-in.

More information: Variety Of Sound


Variety Of Sound TesslaPRO mkII saturator plugin released

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Variety Of Sound has announced the release of TesslaPRO mkII, a transient aware signal saturator effect plug-in for Windows.

Variety Of Sound TesslaPRO mkII
Stateful Saturation takes advantage of some sought after analog qualities and preserves them accurately during their transfer into the digital domain.

Based on stateful saturation algorithms, it features an internal expandable ‘color model’ architecture and right from the start five different models are already included being three different ‘console style’ models plus one generic ‘tube stage’ and a ‘tape warmth’ saturation model.

It also introduces advanced DSP processing which is designed to have it applied across the entire mixing stage by featuring zero latency processing and further optimized assembler coding yielding a ~40% lower CPU footprint compared to its predecessor. Its very unique transient control appears further improved, vibrant 2nd order harmonic generation was added and better support for gainstaging is included now.

The plugin is available as freeware for Windows (VST).

More information: Variety Of Sound / TesslaPRO mkII


Variety Of Sound brings the mojo back with Thrillseeker XTC exciter plugin

Variety Of Sound has introduced Thrillseeker XTC, a freeware exciter effect plugin, developed for the KVR Developer Challenge 2012.

Thrillseeker XTC is a contemporary exciter build around a true parallel analog style equalizer design. Thrillseeker XTC is all about adding weight, vibe and attitude back to the sound. It delivers all the character of an analog signal path and provides what digital processing usually is hard pushed to, including a rich low-end experience and that vibrant ‘expensive’ top-end.

Variety Of Sound Thrillseeker XTC
Thrillseeker XTC was made for musicians and engineers to pleasingly enhance audio during the mixing or mastering stage.

Thrillseeker XTC features

  • Three parallel coupled equalizers containing three stateful saturators.
  • Each based on a sophisticated non-linear and frequency dependent algorithm with memory.
  • Pre-selected frequency ranges
    • LOW band: 70-450Hz
    • MID band: 0.8-5kHz
    • AIR band: 3.2-18kHz
  • Two flavors included with different internal gain-staging
    • Black version to mix at rather conservative levels around -18dB RMS.
    • Blue version to mix towards hotter target levels.
  • Additional analog signal path idiosyncrasies modelled.
  • Classic VU style metering as well as loudness unit measurements based on ITU-R BS.1770.
  • Mix control for dry/wet mixing and output level control.
  • Win32 / VST compatible plug-in with SSE2 assembler optimized signal path.
  • Tested and known to work in many VST hosts as well as running jbridge wrapped in 64bit hosts.

The Thrillseeker XTC plugin for Windows (VST) is available from KVR Audio.

More information: Variety Of Sound / Thrillseeker XTC


Get a selection of the best free music plugins at Plugin Boutique’s new Free Plugins Area

Plugin Boutique Free Plugins Area

Plugin Boutique has announced the launch of its new Free Plugins Area, offering instrument and effect plug-ins from various developers.

Featuring all types of plugins including Bit Crushers, Chorus, Delay, Filters, Distortion, EQ, Drum Machines, Flangers, Gates, Limiters, Phasers, Modulators, Synths, Mastering Tools and much more including charts to show you the most downloaded and top rated.

Once you are signed up at the site you simply select the plugins you want and they are added to your account to download, and what’s more you will also be notified when any of them are updated so you always have the most current versions of them on your computer. If you have the time you can also rate the plugins on a variety of merits in order to help fellow producers choose the best plugins for themselves.

Currently the new free area has plugins from companies including Inear Display, 7air Media, Vladgsound, Distorque, Sinevibes, Melda, Variety of Sound, Softrave, Blue Cat Audio, Minimal System Instruments, GTG Synths and many more.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Free Plugins Area


Variety Of Sound releases Density mkIII free compressor effect plugin

Variety Of Sound has released Density mkIII, an update to the free bus compressor effect plugin for Windows.

The mkIII version of this compressor introduces quite a lot and deep optimizations of the compressor engine especially but not limited for its use in audio mastering situations. The transient response is spot on now over the entire spectrum and it creates sonic depth and dimension: It renders audio like a three-dimensional image. This feature is very much supported by stateful saturation, which is also included now and appears on the stage as a brand new developed “VCA color” model and can be dialed in to taste.

With Density mkIII not only transients are managed in a musical and mastering grade fashion – it also renders a three-dimensional audio image, which truly supports perceived depth and dimension. And if stereo width is what you’re up to then dial in the M/S mode with just a single switch and start tweaking both channels individually.

Variety Of Sound Density mkIII
Density mkIII introduces improved transient response over the entire spectrum.

Changes in Density mkIII

  • The handling of inter modulation distortion (IMD) has been improved and there is no HF exaggeration caused by this anymore.
  • The transient response of the compressor is now more focused and consistent over the entire spectrum reducing coloration artifacts.
  • Instead, a VCA color model has been implemented which can be dialed in as needed, providing a strong 2nd and 3rd order harmonic as well as frequency and load dependent higher order harmonic distortion artifacts.
  • The SC filter option was optimized to better decouple the subsonic frequencies below 90Hz.
  • The TIMING presets had been changed and features faster and more modern release time settings (see below).
  • P5 and P6 are introducing true program dependent release time behaviour now.
  • A timing readout is displayed now for about 5 seconds when the according parameters are changing.
  • The COMP mode has been slightly changed and features a curve with soft-knee characteristics.
  • The parameter naming (as seen in host automation) is revised and the parameters are sorted now.
  • The RELAX option has been adjusted and also allows to speed up the attack times.
  • The linking algorithm has been revised.

The Density mkIII is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows (32-bit).

More information: Variety Of Sound