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Xylio updates FutureDecks Pro to v2.0.2

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Xylio FutureDecks Pro

Xylio has released version 2.0.2 of FutureDecks Pro, a DJ mixing software for Windows and Mac.

With FutureDecks Pro you can really mix your songs, nothing else needed but your imagination.
Beat-matching is just a click away and also are seamless beat-aware loops, effects and many other things.
All these thanks to a brand new audio engine.

Changes in FutureDeck Pro v2.0.2

  • Vestax VCI-100 support.
  • Up/down buttons in the playlist scroll bar.
  • Key value moves in exactly +/- 1 semitone when using shortcuts.
  • Key change label bug fixed.
  • Single shareware version (no more demo + full separate versions).
  • Several small bugs fixed.

FutureDeck Pro v2.0 is available to purchase for $99 / €79 / £59. The upgrade is free for those who purchased v1.x after August 1, 2009.

More information: Xylio


Vestax VCM-600 Ableton Live Performance Controller now shipping

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Vestax VCM-600

Vestax is now shipping the VCM-600, a DJ MIDI controller designed with Vestax mixer technology.

160 parameters of the DJ software can be assigned to the advanced control section, and has excellent compatibility with Ableton LIVE.
The VCI series was designed with JOG wheels to duplicate turntable operation. On the other hand, the VCM-600 is a controller specialized for mixing, which offers excellent performance to DJs who mix with digital music media and computer based systems.
The VCM-600 shares the same quality control parts used on Vestax mixers and 2 LED panels are placed on each side of the controller to illuminate the top panel for clear operability and vision in clubs.

Vestax VCM-600 features

  • The VCM-600 can control 160 parameters of Ableton Live software and other MIDI compliant DAW software with high resolution MIDI signals sent via USB.
  • Multi track control (track bank)
  • High quality input faders and pitch faders from the VCI-100 and PMC-580 are also applied to the VCM-600 for advanced operability.
  • Vestax quality Input fader/Cross fader curve control
  • Simple plug & play activation with Macintosh and Windows operating system computers.
  • Lightweight, high durability aluminum body.
  • Bundle software : Ableton Live Lite 7 Vestax Edition.

The VCM-600 is now shipping and available in stores for an MSRP of $1,299 USD (street $899 USD).

More information: Vestax


Sonic Academy celebrates birthday with competition

Sonic Academy

Sonic Academy has announced a competition for its first anniversary.

Having launched in 2008, Sonic Academy are celebrating their 1st birthday this August and as part of the celebrations are proud to announce a massive competition for all members new and old, giving one lucky person the opportunity to win:

  • An annual subscription to Sonic Academy
  • Ableton Live 8
  • £50 voucher for
  • A collection of Loopmasters ‘Artist Series’ DVDS (6)
  • Vestax professional product (either a midi controller/ DJ mixer dependent on whether you DJ or produce!)

…PLUS 10 runner-up annual subscriptions from Sonic Academy!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to register for free on the Sonic Academy site before 31st August 2009 and if you are already a registered member or a subscriber then you will be automatically entered into the competition.

More information: Sonic Academy


Image-Line releases Deckadance v1.5 + 20% discount

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Image-Line Deckadance

Image-Line has released version 1.5 of Deckadance, the DJ mixing software for Windows and Mac.

Deckadance 1.5 is available for MAC and PC and gains a new audio engine with an amazing high quality of the sound. Version 1.5 now supports batch beat-analysis of the songs (reducing load times/CPU load during a performance) and time-stretching/compression technology. DJs can enjoy new playlist design with variable font sizes, view modes and the ability to import iTunes playlists.

To aid setup, the input and outputs of the program now appear as stereo channels making installation and routing of audio inputs/outputs more intuitive. Finally, users can choose between “Auto” or “Manual” beatgrid analysis modes, on a song-by-song basis, according to their preferences and the complexity of the source audio.

Also new in Deckadance v1.5

  • Native support for the latest generation of MIDI controllers (Vestax VCI-300, DJ-Tech Kontrol One, Stanton SCS-3D, Hercules DJ Control Steel, EKS Otus, Omnitronic MMC-1).
  • Improved seek waveform that shows the start and cue points.
  • OpenGL render engine for Windows.
  • Unicode support for playlist/browser items.
  • Beatgrid move via mouse over the waveform.
  • Improved DVS engine when elastique time-stretching is disabled, etc.
  • Option to switch between the old and new sound engine by the improved interface of the setup panel.
  • Fully compatible with Open Labs DBeat portable DJ instruments.

Deckadance is available for purchase with a 20% discount until 20 June, 2009 (regular price is $179 USD for the Club Edition, $99 USD for the House Edition.
A fully functional demo version of Deckadance 1.5 is available for download here.

Visit Image-Line for more information.


Image-Line updates Deckadance to v1.5 (RC)

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Image-Line Deckadance

Image-Line has released version 1.5 (RC) of Deckadance, a DJ mixing application for Windows and Mac.

Deckadance is a DJ mixing application that works either as a standalone program OR as a VSTi plugin inside your favourite host.

You can control Deckadance using your mouse, keyboard & most existing midi controllers & timecoded vinyl and CD systems.

Changes in Deckadance v1.5

  • Deckadance 1.5.0
    • Batch analysis of songs.
    • Added native support for Vestax VCI-300.
    • New beatgrid move via mouse over the waveform (SHIFT+CLICK+MOVE).
    • Improved DVS engine when elastique time-stretching is disabled.
    • Improved loop/leap exit function (more smoother now).
    • Improved cue jump when loop/leap is active (it will be disabled automatically).
    • Fix a bug when unplug midi devices at runtime on windows computers.
    • Fix several bugs and maintenance.
  • Deckadance 1.4.6
    • Fix a problem when dropping songs into decks.
    • Fix a problem when scracthing with some controllers.
  • Deckadance 1.4.5
    • Added BPM read from ID3 tags.
    • Added support to load/import iTunes playlists.
    • Improved audio engine (more faster now).
    • Improved automix engine (fixed some problems).
    • Improved Windows graphic render (waveforms & fonts).
    • Improved Windows open folder dialog.
    • Fix a problem in the browser search function (related to case sensitive words).
    • Fix a problem with the “start in beat sync” feature.
    • New OpenGl render engine for Windows.
    • New Font size function (small, medium, large).
    • New Playlist size function (small, medium, large).
    • Added function to select “Auto” or “Manual” beatgrid mode.
    • New support for ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags.
    • New unicode support for playlist/browser items.
    • Improved playlist/browser drawing.
    • Added support for Dj-Tech Kontrol One.
    • Added support for Stanton SCS-3D.
    • Added support for Hercules Dj Control Steel.

Deckadance is available for Windows and Mac starting at $99 USD. New customers can use this promo link for 10% discount.

Visit Image-Line for more information.


Review: Goldbaby Productions Vinyl Drum Machines

Goldbaby Productions Vinyl Drum Machines

Goldbaby has released a new collection of drum samples: Vinyl Drum Machines.

Nope, Hugo @ Goldbaby hasn’t been crate digging for obscure vinyl for his latest product. Instead he had his own acetate record cut so he could sample drum machine sounds to get that authentic vinyl touch.

Sampling off vinyl has been a staple of many producers since samplers were invented. Vinyl has an unmistakable sound. Using it as a sample source you get material that is dripping with personality and warmth, that digital sources just can’t recreate.

I have always wanted a record with just drum machine samples on it. Finally I did something about it.

You can see a video of the making of the acetate here.

The result is a record with of 14 drum machines: Linn Drum, TR-626, CR-78, MBase 01, DR-110, Linn LM-1, Drumulator, TR-808, Ritmo 12, TR-909, TR-505, µTonic, SP-12, TR-606.

The drum machine sounds were then sampled from the vinyl record, using 3 different turntables:

  • Pro-Ject RPM + Pro-Ject Tube Box II — audiophile equipment for pristine recordings.
  • Technics SL-1700 + Leak Variscope — vintage setup with a late 70′s turntable and a 60′s phono pre-amp.
  • Vestax Handy Trax — portable record player which runs on batteries; lo-fi!

The end result: 1468 x 24 bit samples.

Besides all the drum machine sounds, Hugo also sampled some bonus content: vinyl noise, vinyl clicks, vinyl hitz and center grooves.

Vinyl Drum Machines is available in Wav, Battery 3 and Guru formats (ReFill soon) starting at $29 USD.

So what do I think?

Every time I see a new Goldbaby I wonder how it is going to be different from all the other drum machine sample libraries I’ve seen before (including Goldbaby’s own libraries), and time after time he manages to exceed my expectations.

Vinyl Drum Machines is a fantastic idea, and perfectly executed. The samples are top notch quality as per usual and the selection of drum machines used provides plenty of variety.

And here’s a nice tip from Hugo:

I have been experimenting with velocity switching between the different record player versions of each drum sound. Hit a pad/key lightly and it plays the plastic portable turntable version, hit it harder and it plays the audiophile version and hit it really hard and it plays the vintage record player version.

Makes for some interesting dynamic drum machine sounds…

Check out the sound clips on the product page and get your wallet out… there is a good chance you’re going to want these!

Visit Goldbaby Productions for more information.


Short links for March 2nd, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently:

DIY turntable by Paulo Paulo Rebordão

# The Oil Rig Turntable: The Turntable

Paulo Rebordão writes:

After coming across some DIY efforts at building turntables, I too decided to give it a try… For the turntable, I went for an all aluminium construction and a decidedly “mechanical” look.

# little-scale: SP0256-AL2 Sample Pack

Sebastian offers 59 samples (16 bit, 44.1KHz mono .wav files) that have been recorded directly from an SP0256-AL2 chip.

These represent all 59 sounded allophones that the SP0256-AL2 is capable of producing via its internal ROM. The included sounds are named by the allophone in terms of each audio file.

Gijs Gieskes Motor Keys - MK Tape 4 (GT 4)

# Motor Keys

This project can be used to make music with small dc electro motors, controled by a small keyboard.

Gijs writes:

A project i have been working on for to long..
In it i use a keyboard to control DC electronic motors to make music. There there are endless possibilitys.

# Tiny Subversions: First demo, MeggySynth – Darius Kazemi is writing a music synthesizer program for the Meggy Jr. RGB kit: This is my first run of a little live performance sound and video device I'm calling MeggySynth. It's definitely just a proof of concept, I'm hoping to make things more impressive all around. I'll be using the A/B buttons for pitch shifting, too.

# Fretless Fader Midi Prototype with Vestax Controller One

This is the first public view of the Fretless Fader system I designed for use with the Controller One (posted February 22, 2009). With this you can cut and change notes through 2 octaves without taking your hands away from the vinyl and fader.


# Max 5.0.6 – Lots of bug fixes and new features.

DIS.PLAY Impress

# DIS.PLAY » Blog Archive » Final documentation: Impress

Impress is the deliverance of the touch screen from its technical stiffness, coldness and rigidity. It breaks the distance in the relationship of human and technology, because it is not any longer the user which is subjected to technology, but in this case the display itself has to cave in to the human. Impress is a chance of approach of user and technology, above all, from technology.

It is a matter of a flexible display consisting of foam and force sensors which is deformable and feels pleasantly soft. Impress works with the parameters position and time like other touch screens as well, but in addition to that, it reacts, above all, on the intensity of pressure.