VI Labs intros Ravenscroft Virtual Piano

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VI Labs Ravenscroft

VI Labs has announced the Ravenscroft Virtual Piano, a virtual piano instrument library featuring an officially licensed version of the Ravenscroft 9′ Model 275.

The Model 275 is arguably one of the greatest grand pianos on the planet. Ravenscroft pianos are different from the beginning. Each Ravenscroft piano takes more than 1,000 hours to build. They obsess over every last detail sourcing only the finest components available and employing build and design techniques learned and developed over decades of servicing, building, and repairing other world-class pianos.

VI Labs worked hand-in-hand with Michael Spreeman, the man behind the Ravenscroft pianos to make sure their Ravenscroft virtual instrument had the same attention to detail and user experience for virtual instrument users.

Ravenscroft Virtual Piano features

  • Choose between four sets of discrete phase-aligned microphones including a Close Position, Room Position, Side Position, and Player position.
  • Sampled Pedal and Sympathetic Resonance.
  • Advanced half-pedal features.
  • New Repetition Strikes, Silent Strike, and Stereo Width controls.
  • Nearly 20,000 samples.
  • Works as standalone item inside UVI Workstation, or as a plug-in in popular DAW hosts (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Studio One, Sonar).
  • Requires 38GB of Hard Drive Space.

The Ravenscroft Virtual Piano costs $199.99 USD. It will be available to pre-order on January 29th, 2014 (shipping February 7th).

More information: VI Labs


VI Labs launches True Keys Singles piano libraries

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VI Labs True Keys Singles

VI Labs has announced that its True Keys Singles piano sample libraries are now shipping.

We’re pleased to announce the availability of single pianos from the True Keys Piano collection. Now, users can have their choice of three of the best virtual pianos on the market that feel as great as they sound.

For recording studios, composers or even enthusiasts there is no better collection of pianos. In fact, many of our users have called the True Keys collection, “The New Standard” for virtual pianos.

True Keys features

  • Three phase-aligned microphone setups, plus a stereo mixdown.
  • Sample based sympathetic resonance and true pedal action.
  • realistic staccatos and release trails.
  • Full Una Corda (Soft pedal) sampling.
  • Sample based Half pedal.

The True Keys Italian, German and American Grand are available to purchase for $149.99 USD each. Requires UVI Workstation and iLok.

More information: VI Labs


VI Labs releases True Cowbells free sample library

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VI Labs True Cowbells

VI Labs has announced True Cowbells, a free sound library featuring the sounds of three cowbells.

What do you do after you create one of the most comprehensive and well received virtual piano plug-ins on the market? You get to work.

Introducing True Cowbells. The most comprehensive Cowbell plug-in ever developed. We sampled three of the most popular cowbells on the market using different microphones. Choose close-up hits, the perspective from the player, or really explore the studio space with the room sound. You can even choose a “mix” position just like in (True Keys Pianos) to get a blend of all three microphone positions we recorded.

True Cowbells for UVI Workstation & MachFive is available as a free download.

More information: VI Labs / True Cowbells