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Vienna Symphonic Library announces Free Download Instruments Lottery

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Vienna Symphonic Library Lottery Promo

Vienna Symphonic Library has announced a lottery where you can win a free download instrument.

Play the Vienna Instruments Lottery! During the month of November, every third Single Instrument Download order in our web shop will earn you a free bonus Single Instrument!

Your chances to win a free additional Download Instrument are

  • 33% if you purchase 1 Single Instrument
  • 67% if you purchase 2 Single Instruments*
  • 100% if you purchase 3 Single Instruments*

* in one order

By submitting your order in our web shop, your purchase is entered into our list of purchased Single Instruments. If you have won a free Single Instrument Download, we’ll immediately send you an email asking you which additional instrument you’d like to receive for free.

More information: Vienna Symphonic Library


Vienna Instruments PRO, sample player by Vienna Symphonic Library

VSL Vienna Instruments PRO

Vienna Symphonic Library has released Vienna Instruments PRO, a sample player for Windows and Mac.

Vienna Instruments PRO is the most powerful sample player on the market, will improve your work-flow dramatically. We’ve included a host of new features that will not only make your creative process faster and easier, but also add human behavior to your music.

Based on our immensely improved proprietary audio engine, you can customize all presets and articulations to your preferred way of creating music. Stack multiple instruments in a single instance of Vienna Instruments PRO, play them with polyphonic legato, and breathe even more life into the samples by controlling the performance accuracy of your virtual musicians in real-time, at the touch of a single fader. Super fast loading-times, time stretching, built-in reverb and EQ, and a new user interface with basic and advanced views – among so many other cool features – come together to create a powerhouse of orchestral production that will add life to your music in ways you never imagined.

Vienna Instruments PRO features

  • Human Performance Control for adjusting the timing and intonation of your virtual musicians.
  • Polyphonic (!) legato.
  • Super-fast loading times, even after cold starting. Load progress bar. You can even play the sounds while the sample patches are still loading!
  • New GUI design: Basic View for an easy overview. Advanced View displays all of the important parameters in the same window.
  • Tuning scales: You can even switch scales using controllers while you’re playing, e.g., from just intonation to an Arabic scale, or use your own scales.
  • Time stretching – works great on, e.g., staccatos, runs, crescendos etc.
  • Built-in reverb (algorithmic for low latency).
  • New options for switching articulations, e.g., sequence map and interval map.
  • Slot rack for up to 8 articulations per cell with volume slider and power panning for each patch. Stack your own powerful multi-instruments using auto voicing.
  • Separate volume control and EQ for each matrix.
  • Many options to customize your patches and articulations for your personal work-flow.
  • New browser with search function.
  • Keyboard display with 128 keys, showing all key switches, with adjustable volume zones and instrument ranges for stacked instruments.

Vienna Instruments PRO is available to purchase for PC and Mac for 125 EUR / $163 USD. Through September 15, 2010, you will receive the all-new Flugelhorn (115 EUR value) as a free download when purchasing Vienna Instruments PRO.

More information: Vienna Symphonic Library


Native Instruments Komplete 7 Elements, “Player” edition of software bundle

Native Instruments Komplete 7 Elements

Native Instruments has announced Komplete 7 Elements, a new software bundle that provides musicians and producers with an especially affordable arsenal of professional instruments and effects.

Based on the acclaimed technology of KONTAKT, KORE, REAKTOR and GUITAR RIG, the bundle includes over 2,000 production-ready sounds and 12 GByte of studio-grade sample material, covering a wide range of sound aesthetics and musical styles.

Together with the introduction of KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS, the popular free KONTAKT 4 PLAYER and KORE 2 PLAYER are now complemented with player versions of GUITAR RIG 4 and REAKTOR 5. KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS combines the vast synthesis, sampling and effects processing capabilities of these four player versions with a wealth of inspirational sound material that is derived from the full product versions contained in the professional KOMPLETE bundle.

On the basis of KONTAKT 4 PLAYER, the KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS collection offers a full assortment of premium-quality acoustic sounds, including VSL orchestral material, Abbey Road drums, and a large variety of other classical, ethnic and band instruments. This material is complemented by a practical selection of carefully sampled classic analog synthesizers and other vintage keyboards.

For distinctively modern sound aesthetics, KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS offers nine full-featured REAKTOR ensembles with over 1,200 preset sounds, including unique instruments like Photone, Steampipe and Metaphysical Function. This arsenal is complemented with a large assortment of atmospheric ABSYNTH pads and soundscapes as well as energetic leads and bass sounds from the MASSIVE synthesizer, all enabled through the synthesis engines integrated in KORE 2 PLAYER.

Together with the included GUITAR RIG 4 PLAYER, users of KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS will also get access to eight authentic amp emulations and 27 modelled effects units from the full-featured GUITAR RIG software, providing a versatile basis both for guitar and bass recording and for general creative sound processing in the studio.

Every copy of KOMPLETE 7 ELEMENTS also includes an NI Online Shop voucher worth $60 / 50 EUR, valid towards any product from the KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects range.

Komplete 7 Elements will be available in September 2010 for a suggested retail price of $119 USD / 99 EUR.

More information: Native Instruments / Komplete 7 Elements


Vienna Symphonic Library stock clearance sale at Time+Space

Time+Space VSL stock clearance sale

Time+Space has announced a stock clearance sale for selected Vienna Symphonic Library instruments.

The Vienna Instruments are among the most powerful virtual instruments on the market enabling composers, arrangers and music producers to reproduce every nuance soloists or ensembles are capable of playing with very authentic results.

The summer stock clearance from the UK’s largest soundware distributor sees extensive price cuts for award winning titles such as Chamber Strings 1, Orchestral Strings 2, Percussion, Special Brass, Woodwinds and many more.

The discounts are only available at Time+Space while stocks last and, with prices starting at just £109, these powerful virtual instruments won’t be around for long!

These price cuts include the Special Edition PLUS Standard which, when purchased before 31st July, enables you to claim a free Vienna Instrument download!

More information: Time+Space


VSL Vienna MIR RoomPack 3, Mystic Spaces for Vienna Instruments

Vienna MIR RoomPack 3

Vienna Symphonic Library has released Vienna MIR RoomPack 3, a collection of “Mystic Spaces” impulse responses for Vienna Instruments.

For more than a century the Steinhofkirche with its incomparable acoustic properties has been a truly magical attraction for musicians and music enthusiasts. It is still used regularly for concerts today.

Built at the beginning of the 20th century in today’s Socio-medical Center at Baumgartner Höhe, the church is one of Vienna’s famous Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) landmarks. It sits in the so-called “White City” that is comprised of 61 buildings and was, in its day, the largest and most modern psychiatric institution of its kind.

For those who are mainly interested in the acoustic peculiarities of this unique church, it may be regarded simply as the “Viennese Taj Mahal”. Ten seconds of long*, dense, crystal-clear reverb engulf the visitor after entering the nave – an experience that transports believers and musicians alike to other spheres.

For Vienna MIR the Steinhofkirche’s nave was recorded from three microphone positions: Mic 1 is positioned near the altar, Mic 2 in the middle of the nave under the cupola, and Mic 3 near the main entrance next to the organ gallery. All in all, over 2,200 IRs were gathered to virtually recreate the acoustics of this building.

Added to this are a number of so-called HotSpots – two positions in the left and right side aisles each, one position in the rear at the main entrance, and the entire balcony of the organ gallery. This means that basically the Steinhofkriche can be used in Vienna MIR from each side of the main microphones, which allows you to put a real surround ensemble into place! Apart from that, the gilded pulpit left of the altar (marked by a red velvet parapet) is especially noteworthy. Here, too, instruments can be placed and freely rotated – the perfect place for a “preaching” soloist.

The Vienna MIR RoomPack 3 is available to purchase for 125 EUR.

More information: Vienna Symphonic Library / Vienna MIR RoomPack 3


Vienna Symphonic Library announces Summer Special

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Vienna Symphonic Library Summer Special

Vienna Symphonic Library has announced a Summer Special, a limited time offer in conjunction with purchases of the Vienna Special Edition collections, Vienna Suite and Vienna MIR software.

Customers who buy Vienna Suite, the Vienna Special Edition or the Special Edition PLUS (Standard or Extended Library) between June 15 and July 15, 2010, receive one free Single Instrument Download of their choice.

Customers who buy Vienna MIR will be rewarded with two free Single Instrument Downloads. Purchases may be combined in order to receive more than one or two free Single Instrument Downloads, as long as all purchases and registrations occur during the promotional period. A list of all available download instruments can be found at the Vienna Symphonic Library’s website.

VSL also announced that ILIO, Vienna Symphonic Library’s distributor for North and South America, is currently offering significant one-time discounts on all Extended Libraries of the Vienna Instruments collections.

Customers may save between 15% and 30% on all Extended Libraries depending on how many they purchase between June 15 and July 15, 2010. Considering the recent approximately 20% price decrease on most DVD Collections, as well as the new specially priced bundle packages, Vienna Instruments are more affordable than ever. Details of this limited time offer may be found at

More information: Vienna Symphonic Library / ILIO


Vienna Symphonic Library updates Vienna MIR to v1.1-1719

Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna MIR

Vienna Symphonic Library has released version 1.1-1719 of Vienna MIR, a software solution incorporating a complete reverberation and mixing stage.

Conduct your music. Conduct your mix. Vienna MIR is the first ever whole-space mixing solution that puts real-world depth and dimension into the palm of your hand. After several years of research and development, our groundbreaking mixing and reverberation host, based on Multi-Impulse Response convolution, renders space as the unifying presence that merges every single instrument into one authentic sound experience.

Changes in Vienna MIR to v1.1-1719

  • Group Editor: set focus to group of currently selected instrument.
  • Add Instrument dialog: the dialog suggests a General Purpose instrument type when using 3rdparty VSTis.
  • Additional instrument type for “Vienna Choir”.
  • Huge update of MIR project handling code and underlying libraries to fix random crashes.
  • Added error message for users trying to load a not-existing project from recent-projects list.
  • Additional error message to inform users about possibly missing .vmi-files when a project cannot be loaded.
  • Group Editor: added missing update of group enumeration after removing a group.
  • Group Editor: fixed synchronization of group info after removing a group.
  • VST Plug-ins: loading presets for plug-ins without GUI failed.
  • Additional check to fix randomly frozen MIR icon meter.
  • Prevent crashes when an output format gets changed to a setup with too many channels.
  • Added a check to prevent multiple instances of MIR running at the same time.
  • Fixed VSTi window behavior, size of instrument window could not be changed (neither by the user nor the plugin, e.g., in Kontakt).
  • Fixed size of output meter labels (for values between -0 and -10, “-” was not visible).
  • Group editor showed old instrument entries after loading a new project.
  • Toggling the roomtone button caused unnecessary impulse response updates.
  • Additional checks to prevent denormalization problems with instruments sending very low output signals.

Vienna MIR is available as a standalone application PC (Vista/Windows 7 64-bit systems only), priced at 795 EUR.

More information: Vienna Symphonic Library