Eastwest releases Quantum Leap Solo Violin sample library

Eastwest has announced the release of Quantum Leap Solo Violin, a world-class solo violin for the most demanding virtual orchestrations. Produced by Nick Phoenix, Quantum Leap Solo Violin is a virtuoso solo violin recorded at … read more

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Diginoiz releases Beauty Strings + 50% off extended

Diginoiz has released Beauty Strings, a sample pack featuring string loops. If You are looking for high quality live violin/string loops played by professional musicians – this package has been made specially for You. 118 … read more

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Loopmasters launches EarthMoments Summer Sale

Loopmasters has launched the EarthMoments Summer Sale, a limited time sale on sample libraries from the EarthMoments labal. EarthMoments On Sale Until The End Of August – All Products 20% Off. World Music At Its … read more

Patchpool announces Alchemistry Beyond (+ pre-order)

Patchpool has announced Alchemistry Beyond, a new soundset for Alchemy by Camel Audio. This Bank will comprise a wide spectrum of unique sounds. A female vocalist and a violinist will be hired to record unique … read more

Native Instruments updates Session Strings to v1.1

Native Instruments has released version 1.1 of Session Strings, a versatile virtual string ensemble for Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 4 Player. Aimed at producers looking for high-quality ready-to-go string sections for modern productions, SESSION STRINGS … read more

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EarthMoments World String Series – Ethnic Violin sample library

Loopmasters has released World String Series – Ethnic Violin, a sample library by EarthMoments. EarthMoments adds an exciting new addition Ethnic Violin Bundle to its ultra special World String Series that explores the many string … read more

Review: Realstrings Volume 2 – Cinematic Loops, sample pack by Organic Loops

Violinist, arranger and orchestrator Pete Whitfield has recently released his third strings sample library with Loopmasters, Realstrings Vol. 2: Cinematic Loops. The library features authentic strings samples recorded in Pete’s studio, where he also records … read more

Necromare releases free sample-based VST instruments

Necromare has released a number of free sample-based VST instruments for Windows. The samples used are from free online sources and recorded sounds. The instruments are created with MaizeSampler. Necromare VST instruments Orchestral Percussion, velocity … read more

Vir2 Instruments Violence, extreme virtual solo violin instrument (Kontakt Player)

Vir2 Instruments has announced Violence, a multidimensional and innovative virtual instrument focusing on extremely unusual textures, manglings, distortions, and perspectives on the solo violin. Created for both musical use and sound design, Violence features an … read more

Native Instruments releases Session Strings

Native Instruments has announced the release Session Strings, a versatile virtual string ensemble for KONTAKT 4 and the free KONTAKT PLAYER. Brought to life through the advanced functionality of the KONTAKT platform, SESSION STRINGS provides … read more

Short links for September 28th, 2009

Some interesting things I found recently: # Experibass – violin, viola, cello and double bass combined together. Diego Stocco writes: Few weeks ago I visited a luthier looking for instruments parts, I had an idea … read more

Prokits Unveils Latest Instruments and Sound Collections

Prokits has announced a new collection of unique and individual sampled instruments. Prokits is a portal for buying and selling professional sampler specific sounds, libraries, multi-samples and instruments online. We have a dedicated team of … read more

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Vienna Symphonic Library releases Solo Strings II

Vienna Symphonic Library has released Solo Strings II, a sample library which features the muted solo instruments violin, viola, cello, and double bass. The Solo Strings II Collection contains articulations such as muted short and … read more

bioLogic releases Violin Ricochet (free samples)

bioLogic has released a free set of violin samples. He writes: Recorded with a Rode NT3 small diaphragm condenser about 6″ from the strings, fed to a Really Nice Preamp and into my M-Audio 2496. … read more

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Vienna Symphonic Library releases Chamber Strings II

Vienna Symphonic Library has released Chamber Strings II, the sequel to Chamber Strings I, offering all-new articulations and sonic subtleties for the small string ensembles. Chamber Strings II contains many of the playing techniques that … read more

DSK releases Strings v1.0

DSK Music has released DSK Strings v1.0, a freeware classic string instruments VSTi plugin. Features 2 Layers (22 instruments) ADSR for each layer Octave and micro-tunning selector Effects: Flanger, Delay and Reverb Midi Automation The … read more

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Free Philharmonia Orchestra samples

The Philharmonia Orchestra website offers many free samples available for download in their online Sample Libraries. Thousands of free, downloadable sound samples specially recorded by Philharmonia Orchestra players. These samples are suitable for creating any … read more

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Garritan is shipping Stradivari Solo Violin

Garritan is now shipping Stradivari Solo Violin Sample Library, a Kontakt 2 library. Stradivari is a name synonymous with quality. The Stradivari Violin is regarded by experts as the best violin ever made and a … read more

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Best Service releases 2 Peter Siedlaczek titles

String Essentials is a comprehensive, thought-through and ergonomic virtual string orchestra. Features 17 GB of great sounding samples in 5 lengths and 3 or 4 dynamic layers 14 violins, 10 violas, 8 cellos & 6 … read more