Virtual Creations updates Elite Reducer to v2.1 (incl. Mac)

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Virtual Creations 3li73 Reducer

Virtual Creations has released version 2.1 of Elite Reducer, a free bit/samplerate reducer effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

This effect is a very compact bit/samplerate-reducer with pre- and after cutoff filters. It gives you the ability to let rhythms sound more creaking and tonal sound more electronical.
Artists with a focus on Electro/Techno use reducers to get the unique “LoFi”-sound for the productions.

Version 2.1 now comes with 3 new interpolation algorithms, lp/hp switches, 3×3 types of reduction and improvements.

Changes in Elite Reducer v2.1

  • First OS X build.
  • Added VSTGUI 4.1 beta support.
  • Added Cocoa support.
  • Added 64-bit support in 32-bit processing mode.
  • Optimized anti-denormal algorithm.
  • Improved rate reducer.
  • Improved bit reducer.
  • Interpolation variants are now: Linear, B-Spline and Fake-Sin.
  • Various optimizations.
  • New much better default presets.
  • Minimum OS X version: 10.5.

Elite Reducer for Mac is available to download as freeware.

More information: Virtual Creations / Elite Reducer


Virtual Creations releases UltraPhazer v1.3 beta

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Virtual Creations UltraPhazer

Virtual Creations has released a beta version of UltraPhazer v1.3 for Mac OS X Tiger or higher in AU and VST effect formats.

UltraPhazer is a multi-oscillated phaser plug-in. It sounds cool on guitar tracks and on raw saw sounds. It can also generate a very subtle phazer effect. It can be used as a stereo enhancer, an auto panner or a multi-notch filter. There are 14 sliders.

UltraPhazer features

  • Resonance.
  • Min Filter, Max Filter, Num Filter.
  • LFO Freq, LFO Add 1-3.
  • Filter add 1-4.
  • Stereo Phaz and Mix.

UltraPhazer v1.3 beta is Virtual Creations first Mac port (Universal Binary so it should run on PowerPC- and Intel-Macs). It also includes some stability improvements and performance fixes over the Windows version.

UltraPhazer is available as freeware for PC and Mac.

More information: Virtual Creations / UltraPhazer