Sample Magic releases EDM Vox & Drops

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Sample Magic has announced the release of EDM Vox & Drops, a new SM101 series sample pack.

Sample Magic EDM Vox & Drops

Take your build-ups and drops to the next level with this essential selection of towering risers, euphoric rushes, devastating downshifters, dynamic drum fills and commanding drop vox to destroy the dancefloor.

Jam-packed before-the-drop ammunition, EDM Vox & Drops contains all you need to build your next big-room anthem: huge tempo-synced risers, endorphin-laced uplifters, hair-raising whitenoise rushes, epic impacts and fat drum fills – plus the essential vocal bomb drops.

From extended 8-bar tension-tweakers to half-bar drum fills and anthemic party-starting vocal drops – EDM Vox & Drops has all you need to take the mainstage by storm. The pack contains six folders so you can find the sounds you need with complete ease: Downlifters, Drum Fills, Reverses, Uplifters, Vocals and Whitenoise FX.

The pack is available for purchase for £12.90 GBP.

More information: Sample Magic / EDM Vox & Drops


Vienna Symphonic Library releases Vienna Solo Voices and Vienna Whistler

Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the release of Vienna Solo Voices, a new library featuring 4 female and 3 male solo voices: Coloratura Soprano, Soprano, 
Mezzo Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, and Bass.

Vienna Solo Voices

Recording the human voice as the oldest and most expressive musical instrument ever is a special challenge and to make it “playable” as an intuitive virtual instrument requires even higher demands. That’s why only the best singers with a special focus on a homogenous timbre over the full register have been selected, featuring four female voices (coloratura soprano, soprano, mezzo soprano, alto) and three male voices (tenor, baritone, bass). Countless hours were spent performing with utmost perfection regarding tone, intonation and consistency. Every recorded note is a testament to the professionalism of these outstanding artists. For the first time this collection allows for an accurate and authentic realization of polyphonic vocal repertoire – both as an a cappella performance or in various other instrumental combinations.

The recordings include staccatos, sustains and Legato Performances of the vowels “A” (aah) and “U” (ooh) in four dynamic levels as well as various staccato repetitions (of the syllables “ta”, “pa”, “ra”, “sa”, and “tu”, “pu”, “ru”, “su”), sforzatos, crescendos, diminuendos, trills and glissandos.

The full library is available for purchase for the introductory price of 360 EUR until January 31st, 2015 (regular 490 EUR). The standard library is 295 EUR.

VSL has also launched Vienna Whistler, a library featuring Marcus Schmidinger.

Vienna Whistler

VSL users might be already familiar with his name, as he performed on all of the horn instruments included in our Brass I and Brass II Collections – both as a soloist (of the Viennese horn and the triple horn) as well as a member of the Horn ensemble on the popular Epic Horns.

During the recordings at our Silent Stage we discovered that Marcus is not only a true horn virtuoso, but also an excellent whistler with an incredibly homogenous timbre over a wide key range of approximately two octaves. As an aside, so-called “art whistlers” echo an Austrian tradition of the 19th century when they would perform in Viennese community theatres, vaudeville shows and cabarets.

We’ve recorded a wide range of articulations, including single notes in various lengths (staccato, portato, looped sustains), with and without vibrato, legato performances, portamentos, repetitions and trills and even bends and falls. Anyone who has tried to whistle once might have noticed that an accurate performance and recording is not an easy task at all. Now simply select one of our performance patches within the Vienna Instruments (PRO) player and you’ll be impressed with the stunning proficiency and realism of Marcus’ great live performance!

The Vienna Whistler library is available for purchase for 55 EUR.

Both libraries are included in the new Voices Complete, which also includes Vienna Choir and Soprano Choir.

More information: Vienna Symphonic Library


Soundiron releases Voice of Rapture: The Bass for Kontakt

Soundiron has announced the release of Voice of Rapture: The Bass, a solo operatic bass vocal library for Kontakt featuring the voice of Joseph Trumbo.

Soundiron Voice of Rapture: The Bass

The library includes a variety of playable chromatic articulations and melodic elements, recorded in a dry studio environment with 2 microphone types. There are 3 True Legato types, with ‘Ah’, ‘Oh’ and ‘Oo’ vowels. Standard vowel sustain types include Ah, Ee, Eh, Oh and Oo sounds, recorded with piano and forte dynamic variants of each, plus mezzo-piano humming sustains. There are also staccatos for each vowel with 8x round-robin variations per note. You’ll also find 23 Latin staccato syllables and words with 3x round-robin, tempo-synching and time stretching.

There are 12 sustaining chromatic Latin chants, each with synchronized legato and tempo-syncing. The Phrase section includes 1466 melodic elements at fast and slow core tempos, with real-time tempo-syncing, time-stretching, root key selection and transposition control. The phrases come in 5 main content categories: pure vowel, Latin, French, whistling and humming. Every preset includes a multi-fx rack. The library also includes vocal effects and sound-designed ambient vocal pads, soundscapes and atmospheres.

Voice of Rapture: The Bass features

  • 7.8 GB Installed.
  • 10,060 Samples.
  • 42 Kontakt 5.1 .nki instrument presets (standard unlocked format).
  • 24-bit / 48 kHz uncompressed PCM wav audio.
  • PDF User Manual.

The library is on sale $89 USD through February 1st, 2015 (regular price $119). The Soprano and Tenor libraries from the same series are also on sale.

More information: Soundiron / Voice of Rapture: The Bass


TC-Helicon launches Voice Rack: FX Giveaway

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TC-Helicon is offering readers the chance to win a copy of its new Voice Rack: FX, a real-time vocal effects processor that can be used live or connected to other music apps like GarageBand.

TC-Helicon Voice Rack: FX

Transform your voice with 50 vocal presets from TC-Helicon, the industry leader in vocal processing. The vocal presets have been expertly authored allowing you to use your voice to create musical sounds including bass lines, drum sounds, or spice up your vocals with professional effects like reverb, echo, delay, distortion, pitch shifting or HardTune autotuning. These very same effects are used by some of your favorite musicians.

For a chance to win, visit the TC-Helicon raffle giveaway page. The contest closes on January 20th, 2015. Winners will be contacted by email.

More information: TC-Helicon / Voice Rack: FX


Musicrow announces The Sirens for Absynth

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Musicrow The Sirens for Absynth

Musicrow has announced The Sirens, an upcoming expansion pack for the Absynth synthesizer instrument by Native Instruments.

Allow the sirens in and turn your Absynth into an enchanting vocal machine!

Sound designer Noam Gingold will walk you into a fascinating world of sound and magic, filled with vocals, textures and beauty. Put your hands on the keyboard. Close your eyes. Listen to the siren sing. You’re dreaming now.

The Sirens features

  • 180 beautiful inspiring and highly playable sounds for instant use.
  • Based on vocal recordings of four divine female vocalists.
  • 600MB of high resolution 24bit/96khz samples.
  • All samples were meticulously processed using top quality analog & digital processors.
  • Sophisticated and useful mod wheel assignments.

The Sirens will be available from Musicrow soon.

More information: Musicrow / The Sirens


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