Monster Sounds releases Heavyweight G-House Rap Vocals

Monster Sounds has launched Heavyweight G-House Rap Vocals, a collection of 86 male vocal loops.

Monster Sounds Heavyweight G-House Rap Vocals

Taking the swagger of U.S Rap acapellas and fusing them with the Deepest Jacking bass house tracks brings the new attitude and excitement to the house genre.

Championed by producers Amnie Edge And Dance, Clek Clek Boom and Daniel Fernadez G-House has become hot property on the floor and in the Djs Playlists expanding the deep house genre to new flavors. Monster Sounds has reached out to via its Rap underworld connections and put together a fat pack of Rap Acapellas suitable for this genre and other bass music tracks.

These vocals are straight from the streets, raw, genuine and not for the feint hearted, But we wanted authentic American Rappers dropping rhymes with Hip Hop SWAG not watered down or censored to keep to the original G-house Hip hop to House fusion concept. We have bought directly to your studio the Raw heat of these talented young vocalists, royalty free and set to take your productions to the next level that only adding an authentically sourced and recorded vocal can achieve.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Monster Sounds / Heavyweight G-House Rap Vocals


Producer Loops releases Deep House Vocals Vol 2

Producer Loops has announced Deep House Vocals Vol 2, a new construction kits sample pack.

Producer Loops Deep House Vocals Vol 2

‘Deep House Vocals Vol 2′ continues this series of versatile House vocal sample packs, bringing you five fully-featured Construction Kits, complete vocal performances and individual vocal phrases designed to be chopped, re-arranged and sculpted to fit your next Deep House production. These chart-ready vocals and Construction Kits were inspired by Clean Bandit, Disclosure, Jess Glynne, and Mr Probz. Powerful bass lines, plucks, floating pads and pounding drums form the core of these stunning tracks.

Each of the five Construction Kits comes with the usual Producer Loops feature set including dry & wet files, FX tails and MIDI files.

On top of this you get complete vocal performances including dry & wet FX mixes. Single vocal phrases are also provided allowing you to craft new vocal lines and create chopped/glitched effects, suitable for genres outside of Deep House.

The pack is available for purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Producer Loops / Deep House Vocals Vol 2


Volterock & undocument release Vocal Hazard Pack Vol 2

Voltetock Vocal Hazard Pack Vol 2

Volterock & undocument have launched Vocal Hazard Pack Volume 2, a free vocal sample pack featuring 748 vocal samples.

Almost a year ago Volterock & undocument ventured into the studio to do the unthinkable: CAPTURE THE HAZARDOUS WAILS OF HUMANITY! They crawled out of the studio shaking and whimpering with Volume I in hand. Smiles were formed, much love was received, and so we braced ourselves, with full armor covered in hazmats, and entered the studio once again for… duh duh duh duuuuh… VOLUME II !!

This new volume has over 4 times as many samples as volume I! 748 vocal samples in all! We also asked the new volunteer talent to venture out and really get creative beyond the regular screams and yells. I even brought in my long-time bff, Chris Williams, to do his famous NAZGUL SCREAM! ENJOY!

The pack is a free download at Volterock’s SoundCloud page.

More information: Vocal Hazard Pack Volume 2


Nezquik releases free Vocal Sample Pack

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Nezquik has released a free Vocal Sample Pack in celebration of 300 SoundCloud followers.

Nezquik Vocal Sample Pack

I’d like to thank everyone who has showed me love throughout this whole time. I really appreciate it. The only way I felt could repay you guys for the love is give you guys some tools to use in your productions. I really enjoyed the lo-fi sample pack from vengance but I’d rather not use them for many reason so I decided to record and make my own.

In this pack you will find more than 25 phrases and vocal shots that are great for any genre. You can add effects or re sample and you will get infinite outcomes. I hope you enjoyed it and I will definitely make more like these in the future!

The sample pack is a free download from Nezquik’s SoundCloud page.

More information: Nezquik Vocal Sample Pack


reFX releases EDM Voices for Nexus2

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reFX has announced the release of EDM Voices, a new expansion library for Nexus2.

What’s better than having killer EDM sounds? Having killer EDM sounds with VOCALS!

EDM Voices offers 130 presets that include playable vocal phrases, chops, vocoder samples, and shouts, as well as all of the other sounds you need to get started.

With so many imaginative and provocative sounds, this gigantic expansion pack is sure to unlock your next level of creativity!

The expansion is available for purchase for 55 EUR.

More information: reFX / EDM Voices


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