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Novation MiniNova—compact performance synthesizer introduced

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Novation has introduced its new MiniNova synthesizer.

MiniNova is a compact, super-cool studio and live synth with the same sound engine as its big brother; UltraNova. It comes with 256 incredible onboard sounds that you can tweak with five knobs, or totally warp with eight ‘animate’ buttons. It has up to 18 voices with as many as five synth effects on each sound. MiniNova also has an onboard VocalTune™ effect as well as a classic vocoder so you can recreate iconic vocal sounds from hip hop, urban and electronic music.

Novation MiniNova
Novation’s MiniNova is the latest in the ‘nova’ range of synths dating back to the legendary Supernova series. It has the same incredibly powerful sound engine and synth effects as the Novation UltraNova.

MiniNova features

  • Hugely powerful micro synth with UltraNova’s sound engine
    MiniNova has Novation’s signature Nova-series synth-engine onboard, capable of creating and editing massive sounds with up to 18 voices and powerful effects.
  • Brand new VocalTune™ and classic vocoder effects
    The VocalTune function can recreate iconic urban and hip hop vocal sounds, as well as classic house and techno voice effects with the onboard vocoder.
  • Live synth: tweak and warp your sounds in realtime
    8 animate buttons enable you to warp and twist sounds in realtime alongside a dedicated filter knob, 4 further editing knobs and oversized pitch and modulation wheels.
  • 256 awesome onboards sounds – instantly searchable
    Instantly find the sound you need by type or musical genre, from bass to pad, hip hop to house. Save and store another 128 of your own sounds too.
  • Layer up to 5 effects per voice
    MiniNova can add up to 5 effects to each voice including distortion, reverb, chorus/phase, delay, compressor, EQ and Novation’s own gator ‘stutter’ effect.
  • Comes with editing software and a software patch librarian
    A free software editor allows full editing of the synth and effects, the Patch Librarian enables storage of as many of your own sounds – or the free soundpacks – as you want.
  • Run guitars and other instruments though the vocoder, VocalTune and effects
    There is a line input into which you can plug a guitar, bass or any other instrument which can then be routed through the effects engine or the vocal effects.
  • Free soundpacks including vintage synth and bass synth sounds
    Download free soundpacks for MiniNova and UltraNova which have been created by eminent artists and sound designers including Chuckie, Daniel Fisher and more…
  • 37 key controller keyboard with MIDI I/O
    MiniNova is also a great compact desktop keyboard for triggering software instruments. It has physical MIDI i/o ports for triggering other external sound modules – or connecting to a larger keyboard.

The MiniNova is available to pre-order at selected stores, priced £299.99 GBP inc VAT.

More information: Novation / MiniNova

MeldaProduction releases MVocoder + Plugins updated to v7.01

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MeldaProduction MVocoder

MeldaProduction has announced the release of MVocoder, a vocoder effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

MVocoder is a true analog filter based vocoder, which supports up to 100 bands, up to order-10 filters, band matrix, band distribution & resonance graphs, morphing and other special vocoding modes and much more.

MVocoder is a unique tool optimized to be easy to use, but incredibly versatile for those who want to be really creative. Instead of having an integrated synth, MVocoder supports external side-chain, so you can feed in any source and let the plugin do its magic.

MVocoder features

  • Continuously adjustable oscillator shape.
  • 4 global modulators.
  • M/S, single channel, up to 8 channels surround processing.
  • Smart randomization.
  • Automatic gain compensation (AGC).
  • Adjustable up-sampling 1x-16x.
  • Extremely advanced and easy-to-use user interface.
  • MIDI controllers with MIDI learn.
  • Very fast, optimized for SSE and SSE2 processors.
  • Global preset management and online preset exchange.
  • Fully automatable.
  • Supports VST, VST3 and AU interfaces on Windows & Mac, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

MeldaProduction’s plugins have also been updated to version 7.01, which upgrades MIDI controllers and analyzers, adds phase controller for oscillators, optimizes MMultiBandGranular and more.

MVocoder is available for the introductory price of 10 EUR/$12 USD (regular 30 EUR). The plugin is free for MTotalBundle and MCreativeBundle users.

More information: MeldaProduction / MVocoder

TubeOhm Vocoder-II effect plugin updated

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TubeOhm Instruments has announced its Vocoder-II vocoder effect plug-in for Windows.

The TubeOhm Vocoder-II has been designed to be very easy to use. It offers a multitude of different effects: Formant Effects, Voice Disguisers, Vocoder Effects, Robot Voices, Talking Instruments, Synthesizer Effects.

TubeOhm Vocoder-II
Vocoder-II v1.19 uses 50+% less CPU compared to v1.18, without changes in sound quality.

Vocoder-II features

  • Insert effect.
  • 17 bank vocoder.
  • External inputs analysis/synthesis.
  • Built-in synthesizer.
  • Voice pitch to synthesizer.
  • Compressor for analysis signal.
  • Built-in analysis sampler.
  • Effects unit with chorus and delay.
  • Formant shift.
  • 12/24dB analysis and 12/24dB synthesis filter.
  • Filter spread.
  • Resonance for all filters.
  • User mode, adjust the complete filter bank.

The Vocoder-II is available to purchase for 49 EUR. Existing TubeOhm users pay 39 EUR.

More information: TubeOhm / Vocoder-II

VirSyn updates iVoxel for Mac to version 2

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VirSyn has released iVoxel 2 for Mac, a completely revised version of the “singing vocoder”.

VirSyn iVoxel for Mac

iVoxel is not only an amazingly sounding vocoder – the unique concept of iVoxel turns this vocoder into a singing machine.

iVoxel is a combination of a voice optimized synthesizer and a vocoder. The vocoder part is based on the Matrix vocoder from VirSyn used by many famous artists – one of them the well known german group Kraftwerk. The channel filters used by iVoxel are based on the Sennheiser Vocoder VSM201 resulting in a rich and fat analogue sound characteristic.

The pitch follower and automatic tuning let you sing correct to a selectable scale.

Changes in iVoxel 2 for Mac

  • Realtime pitch following.
  • Automatic tuning correction to selectable scale.
  • Improved sound quality with analog oscillators.
  • Polyphonic sequencer.
  • Voxel editing.
  • Convert audio files to Voxel.
  • Hi-end Reverb.
  • New user interface.
  • Sandboxed app for your security.
  • Many bugfixes.

iVoxel 2 for Mac is available to purchase for $23.99 USD.

More information: VirSyn / iVoxel

VirSyn updates iVoxel to v2 and Addictive microSynth to v1.1

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VirSyn has released updated versions of its iVoxel vocoder and Addictive microSynth apps for iPhone and iPad.

VirSyn iVoxel

iVoxel is not only an amazingly sounding vocoder – the unique concept of iVoxel turns this vocoder into a singing machine. iVoxel is a combination of a voice optimized synthesizer and a vocoder. The vocoder part is based on the Matrix vocoder from VirSyn used by many famous artists – one of them the well known german group Kraftwerk. The channel filters used by iVoxel are based on the Sennheiser Vocoder VSM201 resulting in a rich and fat analogue sound characteristic.

Changes in iVoxel 2

  • Realtime pitch following.
  • Automatic tuning correction to selectable scale.
  • Polyphonic sequencer.
  • Voxel editing.
  • Hi-end Reverb.
  • Support for virtual MIDI input connections and Background Audio.
  • Support for Korg’s Wireless Sync-Start Technology (WIST).
  • Publish recordings online with the SoundCloud audio platform.
  • Many more things and bugfixes.
VirSyn Addictive microSynth

Version 1.1 of Addictive microSynth for iPhone introduces Akai SynthStation 25 support.

It was never so easy to create beautiful sounds and driving loops. The unique dynamic wavetable synthesis allows you to explore an unprecedented wide range of sonic territory. From acid loops, crystal clear percussions, realistic human choirs to complex musical sound scapes nothing seems impossible with only a handful parameters to tweak.

With Version 1.1 you get instant hardware access together with the AKAI SynthStation 25. Use the hardware buttons for scrolling through presets and arpeggios, operating the Arpeggiator and rolling our famous dice to get instant new arpeggio creations!

More information: VirSyn

Computer Music competition: Win Waldorf plug-ins

Computer Music Waldorf Competition

Computer Music has announced a competition in which you can win Waldorf plug-ins.

For Computer Music 174′s competition, we’re giving away €1032 of awesome prizes from synth legends Waldorf!

Four first-place winners can each choose from three prize options: powerful vocoder effect Lector (8/10, cm173), hardware-inspired synth Largo (8/10, cm142) or PPG Wave 3.V (9/10, cm162), which is the virtual version of the legendary PPG Wave synthesiser. Lector and PPG Wave 3.V are both worth €169, while Largo costs €199.

Four runners-up will also be drawn, with each receiving a copy of the Waldorf Edition, worth €59. This pack comprises three classic Waldorf plug-ins: drum synth Attack, PPG Wave 2.V and funky D-Pole filter effect.

The deadline is 9 February 2012. Due to competition laws, the competition is open only to UK/US residents aged 18+.

More information: Computer Music Waldorf competition

Little Endian updates SpectrumWorx to v2.6

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Little Endian SpectrumWorx

Little Endian has updated the SpectrumWorx sound mangler for Windows and Mac to version 2.6.

This version adds frequency range, gain and dry/wet controls to each module separately, all available from the main plug-in window. This addition significantly increases usability and makes the plug-in capable of producing subtle sound effects easier. Both OS versions have been updated with significant performance improvements.

SpectrumWorx 2.6 features

  • 100% Frequency domain operation.
  • Modular design with five module slots.
  • Over fifty modules to choose from (freeze, harmonizer, pitch shifter, classic vocoder, wah-wah, whisperer, wobbler, autotune, reverser, etc.).
  • Sophisticated “time-to-frequency” engine optimized for low CPU usage.
  • Flexible Preset browser with comment field.
  • Shipped with over 250 presets.
  • Free or tempo-synchronised LFOs with phase adjustment and 11 waveforms.
  • External audio input for inter-sample effects.
  • Slick and user-friendly GUI.
  • Detailed User’s Guide.

SpectrumWorx for Windows and Mac (VST) is avaialble to purchase for $119 USD (single platform) / $149 USD (cross-platform).

More information: Little Endian

Tonebytes launches Bundle 2012

Tonebytes has announced the release of Bundle 2012, a limited time discount on a collection of all Tonebytes plug-ins.

Tonebytes Bundle 2012

From 15 Dec 2011 to 15 Jan 2012 get all the plugins for only $30 in one bundle that includes:

  • Reese Machine, a monophonic subtractive synthesizer optimized for creating deep, rich, vibrating bass for various kinds of electronic music, especially Drum’n’Bass, Speed Garage, Techstep, etc.
  • Vocotron, combines the functions of a sampler and vocoder.
  • Wowcoder, recreates a classical 16-band digital vocoder.
  • Analog Noise, adds the sound and atmosphere of analog recordings to your tracks and mixes.
  • Bend Box, software synthesizer that emulates a circuit-bending device.
  • Get Lost, Singer! virtual effect plug-in which allows you to remove vocals from songs.
  • Pedals, effect plug-in designed for processing electric guitar and bass.

More information: Tonebytes