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Voltage Disciple releases Deep Tech Haus for Blade

Voltage Disciple has announced Deep Tech Haus, a soundset for the Blade software synthesizer by Rob Papen.

Voltage Disciple Deep Tech Haus

This sound set contains 96 high quality deep house and tech house sounds.Many of the sounds are built on complex and emotive chords that you can play with one note which allow the user to concentrate on the rhythm rather than chord structure making it easier to bring your deep and tech house productions to life.

Also included are several deep bass sounds and arpeggio’s to compliment the chordal sounds. With careful Fx programming to compliment the sounds including tape delays and New York Style compression you will get quick and professional sounding deep tracks in no time with a unique sound only BLADE can provide.

There is no doubt that quite often the best deep and tech house tracks are the ones with simplistic structure and great groove but there simplicity hides the complexity of the chords used. This pack will help you overcome these restrictions by providing that complexity of chordal structure which is the essence of the deep/tech house sound.

The soundset is available to purchase for $15 AUD.

More information: Voltage Disciple / Deep Tech Haus


Voltage Disciple releases AfroDJVolt Glitch Pack for Ableton

Voltage Disciple has announced the release of the AfroDJVolt Glich Pack, a sound library for Ableton Live in collaboration with AfroDJMac.

Voltage Disciple AfroDJVolt Glitch Pack

This pack contains unique and original glitch type drum sounds derived from the Moog Little Phatty as well as original AfroDjMac and Voltage Disciple samples of found sounds and pure generative drum sounds.

The pack also contains the Impulse Sequencer which is a Launchpad based drum sequencer that can be used with the included Impulse Kits to produce on the fly drum patterns. A Novation LaunchPad is required to use the Impulse Sequencer.

The pack also contains a sample folder of up to 400 24bit wav files of all the samples used in the pack to help you produce further sounds in other productions.

Also included is the AfroVolt Impulse Pack with 11 Impulse kits for you to use with the Impulse Sequencer.

This Pack is a large and extensive set of tools for use within Ableton LIVE and represents our mission statement of hi quality and value for money for the LIVE user.

AfroDJVolt Glitch Pack features

  • 4 Ableton Live Drumracks Sets with over 20 sounds in each drumrack with macro controls for each drum sound in the rack as well as a global set of macro controls for extensive effects and customisation.
  • 40 midi clips , 10 in each Drumrack set to help get you started with the sounds.
  • 400 24 bit drum and percussion samples.
  • The Impulse Sequencer, plus 11 Impulse kits for you to use with the Impulse Sequencer as well as your own productions.

The AfroDJVolt Glitch Pack for Live (requires Live 8.2 or higher) is available to purchase for $20 AUD.

More information: Voltage Disciple / AfroDJVolt Glich Pack


Voltage Disciple releases Radius for Circle

Voltage Disciple Radius for Circle

Voltage Disciple has announced Radius, a soundset for the Circle software syntehsizer by Future Audio Workshop.

This pack contains 100 new high quality presets for your CIRCLE Synth.

It is a broad spectrum sound bank containing techno percussive sounds, drums, dub step wobble basses, tech house chords and plucks, nu disco arps, pads and build risers. It also includes TB 303 bass line sounds, FM bass sounds and even a noodle(self modulating type patch). There are also UMEK style bass line sounds driven by lfo’s to pitch.

With its unique patching system and dual waveform lfo’s, CIRCLE Synth is capable of a wide range of unique sounds which we have captured in this patch bank.

Radius for Circle is available to purchase for $10 AUD.

More information: Voltage Disciple / Radius


Voltage Disciple releases free Tempest Ableton Live pack

Voltage Disciple

Voltage Disciple has announced a free drumrack sample library for Ableton Live.

Dont forget to check our free page at Voltage Disciple where you can download some free VST presets and several Ableton LIVE packs.

A brand new one featuring some sounds from Dave Smiths Tempest Drum Machine has just been released.

Like us on Facebook and enjoy.

The Tempest Ableton Live drumrack is available to download at no cost. The sounds in this pack are released under the Creative Commons License.

More information: Voltage Disciple


Voltage Disciple updates ACE Presets Vol 1 to V2

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Voltage Disciple ACE Presets Vol 1

Voltage Disciple has updated its ACE Presets Vol 1 to version 2, adding 39 new presets to the collection of sounds for u-he’s ACE virtual modular synthesizer.

This pack contains 109 sounds for the ACE modular Synth by UH-E.

In it you will find drums, percussion ,Fx noises, LFO sounds, analogue basses, pad sounds and modular Fx sounds. This is the first in a series of packs being produced for ACE.

ACE Presets Vol 1 is available to purchase for $10 AUD. All registered owners receive the update free of charge.

More information: Voltage Disciple / ACE Presets Vol 1


Voltage Disciple introduces Oscillometric for Aalto

Voltage Disciple Oscillometric

Voltage Disciple has announced Oscillometric, a soundset for Madrona Labs Aalto.

The patch bank contains 100 original sounds to boost your Aalto Synth.

From eerie and awesome soundscapes, self modulating patches which continually morph and change, analogue bass, drums and percussion to contemporary Tech House and Dub sounds, this patch bank contains a versatile collection of sounds. The soundscapes in this bank have been inspired by the likes of Throbbing Gristle, early SPK and Nurse with Wound.

Aalto with its unique patching and provided modules lets you produce a very original sound unavailable in any other VST instrument at present.

Oscillometric is available to purchase for $10 AUD.

More information: Voltage Disciple / Oscillometric


Voltage Disciple releases VOLT100A free Live Pack

Voltage Disciple

Voltage Disciple has announced the release of VOLT100A, a free sound library for Ableton Live.

Now more free as a big thank you to all our customers. The lost VOLT100A free Ableton LIVE Pack.

A 96kHz 24 bit glitch drumrack containing 22 unique tortured sounds from a mysterious old analogue synth combined with a glitch FX rack and some New York Compression.

This pack is compatible with LIVE and LIVE Suite. Download, choose install LIVE pack from within LIVE and enjoy the torture.

More information: Voltage Disciple