Short links for March 31st, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently:

# Dual SP0256 Vocal Synth

Eric Archer on his new dual SP0256 vocal synth:

The Dual SP0256 vocal synthesizer is the descendant of an earlier circuit of mine, Analog Controlled Speech Synthesizer. I crammed in all the features I’d want from a singing robot. It was a good challenge because it inspired some analytical thinking about the relationship between speech and singing.

The features of this circuit are:

  • 2 trigger inputs to step through pitch and vocal sequences independently
  • speech data stored cartridge-style on EPROM
  • 2-oscillator richness using dual SP0256-AL2 speech chips with crossfade mixer
  • optimized low-pass filtering for less strident tone
  • SP0256 crystal oscillators replaced with VCOs for pitch control
  • each chip has an independent / linkable 4-step analog step sequencer for pitch
  • lower step sequencer has switchable clock divider (divide/2 to divide/16)
  • glide and LFO functions
  • speech rate (slur) control
  • built-in realtime programmable sequencers for pitch and speech trigger
  • IR Sync input for wireless infrared tempo matching

# Can you hear like an audio engineer?

From NoiseAddicts:

Hello, my name is Matt. I record, edit, and mix music for a living. My profession requires an extremely discerning ear. This little listening test is to see if you can pick up subtle differences in pitch.


# Shruti-1: DIY Digital Synth with Vintage Filter, as Dev Turns from Palm to Hardware

Peter Kirn writes:

For all the hype around mobile music creation, here’s a story with an ending in the opposite direction. Independent developer Olivier Gillet is the reason a lot of people see handheld gadgets as potential music making devices; he’s the creator of the brilliant Bhajis Loops for Palm. But, as if to prove that hardware can be a digital platform, too, his latest creation, while it will fit in your palm, isn’t for a device like the overcrowded iPhone.

# DarkEnergyPatch – Online patch creator for Doepfer's Dark Energy synth.

# Sonic Wire Sculptor 2010

Sonic Wire Sculptor is based on a musical instrument by Amit Pitaru which has been shown in museums and galleries world wide. A great effort has been placed in reworking the app to take advantage of the the iPhone's unique audio and input capabilities. The Sonic Wire Sculptor turns your 3D drawing into sound. It introduces a simple yet deep connection between visual and audio composition.


John Fisher has released a free VOSIM synth for Reaktor.

Well, for all you poor bastards who don’t own a G2 modular, and can’t use the VOSIM patch I made for mine, I have put together a VOSIM patch in Reaktor. Actually, part of the reason I made it was just to implement some features I couldn’t get in the G2, and because I thought it might sound different in reaktor.


NUSofting updates Vocimerus

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NUSofting Vocimerus VSTi

NUSofting has updated Vocimerus, a freeware VSTi for Windows.

Vocimerus is a simple synthesizer which uses a modified VOSIM technique for formant synthesis.


  • Additional Noise and Pitchtrack for each formant tone
  • ModiNote control
  • 2 FMish controls with ADSR and mix control
  • Delay effect

You can download the latest version of Vocimerus here.


NUSofting releases Vocimerus

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NUSofting Vocimerus

NUSofting has released Vocimerus, a free and simple synthesizer which uses a modified VOSIM technique for formant synthesis.

VOSIM (VOice SIMulation) is a digital waveform synthesis method that excels at producing formants without filters.


  • 4 Tone controls (formant tuning)
  • ADSR for each Tone
  • Output gain
  • Modulation control

Note: This synth does not have any internal effects.

Download Vocimerus here.