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Wallander Instruments updates WIVI to v2.10

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Wallander Instruments WIVI

Wallander Instruments has released version 2.10 of WIVI, a virtual instrument for Windows and Mac.

Changes in WIVI v2.10

  • A high-quality parametric EQ for all layers, replacing the older features bass boost and high/low cut.
  • The quality of the “dry” sound in WIVI has also been dramatically improved, with a new sparse-reflections system. This is used to boost realism of both the direct sound and early reflections.
  • WIVI’s late reverb has also been replaced with a brand new high-density reverb engine, capable of rivaling some of the best reverbs on the market.
  • The new spaciousness parameter controls the room character of the reverb. Higher settings produce a feeling of being surrounded by the sound, and low settings produce a more distinct stereo placement. The feature is used to control the stereo width of instruments, without affecting panning.
  • The preset environment library has been reworked to take full advantage of the new reverb engine. All preset environments have been re-designed from scratch, modelled from some of the world’s most popular soundtrack and classical recordings. This includes two new theatre presets with soundstage acoustics.
  • The instruments have been updated with some minor changes to take advantage of the new reverb system. Timing randomization, which by design adds instrument latency, is now off by default. Detuning of instruments has been slightly reworked, as has the vibrato.
  • Some minor bugfixes, improved host compatibility on Mac such as Novation’s Automap.

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Wallander Instruments updates WIVI v2

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Wallander Instruments WIVI

Wallander Instruments has released an update for WIVI v2.

Updated in WIVI v2

  • Multi-processor bug fixed.
  • Key-switches does not break playing notes.
  • New modes for key-switching: Up & Down.
  • New tuning mode: Smart intonation. This mode uses chord-analysis to do intonation more accurately than equal-tempered (only effective when three or more keys are pressed).

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Wallander Instruments releases WIVI v2

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Wallander Instruments WIVI

Wallander Instruments has released WIVI v2, introducing Smart Sequences, WIVI Templates, RTAS support, key-switching and much, much more.

One of the most important new features of WIVI v2 is the Sequence Editor, a groundbreaking new system for modelling articulations, phrases and orchestral loops layer-by-layer.

Changes in WIVI v2

  • RTAS support on Windows and OS X.
  • Sequence Editor.
  • WIVI Templates, for exporting/importing parameters and randomization.
  • Breath envelope for instruments.
  • Instant help system. Double-click any item in WIVI to learn more about that feature.
  • New graphical environments: Symphony Hall, Church, Recording Studio, Theatre and Anechoic Chamber.
  • New visual themes: Retro, Blueprint, Crystal, Socket, Office, Assimilated, 1987, Oxygen, Fungus and iWIVI.
  • Resizable interface (through WIVI settings).
  • Select and edit multiple instruments simultaneously.
  • Significant improvements in sound and behavior for all instruments, with randomization and envelopes configured out-of-the-box.
  • The out-of-the-box vibrato has been significantly improved for all instruments.
  • WIVI Trial Edition now has much less restrictions, and can be used to preview Smart Sequences, Polyphonic Mode, multiple environments and more, but with saving disabled.
  • Instrument tuning on per-key basis + import of Scala files for microtuning.
  • Key switching & CC switching.
  • MIDI learning for CCs, MIDI channels, instrument range, and more.
  • New mode for the Polyphonic Mode/Always Play feature: “Double 1st Voice”.
  • Multiple MIDI channels for all instruments, for accessing the separate instruments of a polyphonic section separately trough other MIDI channels.
  • 8 graphical layers to put instruments on.
  • Sustain pedal support, activated by default.
  • Performance Shimmer & Performance Jitter, for creating low-frequency fluctuations of breath & pitch.
  • Renaming of instruments, environments, groups and tunings.
  • Permanent grouping of instruments.
  • Special mode for vibrato where an external CC can replace the internal LFO, for Wind Controller players who want to control the internal vibrato using the Wind Controller’s mouthpiece (set “Vibrato Speed” to “Off” to activate).
  • CC controllers can now also be set to a fixed constant value, and remain unaffected by CC changes.
  • The “Time” randomizer now also affects tounged notes and other CC changes.
  • Documentation in PDF format included.
  • Some bug fixes.

The update is free for registered users. The WIVI Trial Edition can be downloaded here.

Visit Wallander Instruments for more information.

Wallander Instruments releases WIVI Woodwinds

Wallander Instruments has released WIVI Woodwinds, a new instrument collection in the WIVI series, containing a large array of the traditional instruments included in an orchestral woodwind section.


WIVI Woodwinds Flutes
  • Concert Flutes – The Western Concert Flute (C-Flute) is the common Flute of the modern orchestra.
  • Piccolo Flutes – The Piccolo is pitched one octave higher than the Concert Flute, and is the highest pitched instrument in the modern orchestra.
  • Alto Flutes – The Alto Flute is pitched a 4th below the Concert Flute.
  • Bass Flutes – The Bass Flute is pitched a full octave below the Concert Flute.


WIVI Woodwinds Oboes
  • Modern Oboes – The Modern Oboe is the common Oboe of the modern orchestra.
  • Oboe d’Amore – The Oboe d’Amore is pitched a 3rd below the Modern Oboe, and has a darker tone. It is relatively uncommon, and not as well-represented in the orchestral literature as the Oboe or the English Horn.
  • English Horns – The English Horn (Cor Anglais) is pitched a 5th below the Modern Oboe. Its tone is closer to the Oboe d’Amore, but even darker.


WIVI Woodwinds Clarinets
  • A- and Bb-Clarinets – The A-Clarinets and the Bb-Clarinets (standard Clarinets) are pitched only a semitone apart, and are practically treated as interchangeable in the Modern orchestra.
  • Eb-Clarinets – The Eb Sopranino Clarinet is tuned higher than the more common A- and Bb-Clarinet. The Eb-Clarinet is a common member of military bands and Clarinet choirs, but many large modern orchestras also have access to an Eb-Clarinet.
  • Bass Clarinets – The Bass Clarinet is tuned one octave below the Bb-Clarinet.
  • Contrabass Clarinets – The Contrabass Clarinet is tuned two octaves below the Bb-Clarinet. The Contrabass Clarinet is one of the deepest voices of the modern orchestra, but not as common as the Bass Clarinet or the A-/Bb-Clarinet.


WIVI Woodwinds Bassoons
  • Modern Bassoons – The Modern Bassoon is the common Bassoon of the modern orchestra.
  • Contrabassoons – The Contrabassoon is tuned one octave below the Modern Bassoon. Most modern orchestras include a Contrabasson, and it is the deepest (pitched) voice of the modern orchestra.

The price of individual WIVI Woodwinds instruments (Windows VST and Mac AU/VST) ranges between $79 and $129.

Visit Wallander Instruments for more information and audio demos.

Wallander Instruments releases Brass 1 – Professional Edition

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Wallander Instruments WIVI - Visual player/universal player software

Wallander Instruments has released the first instrument collection in the WIVI series, Brass 1 – Professional Edition.

Brass 1 – Professional Edition features

  • Universal player,
  • Full set of instruments: Trumpets, Tenor Trombones, French Horns and Tubas
  • Unlimited number of instruments per instance
  • Customizable instrument parameters
  • Customizable reverb
  • Easy integration with external reverbs
  • Sample rates: 6 – 384 kHz
  • Multiple environments
  • Multiple visual themes
  • Subscription to the update delivery service
  • For commercial use

Brass 1 - Professional Edition

Brass available for Windows VST, Mac AU and Mac VST and costs $599 US.

A trial version with a set of instruments and options is available for download.

Visit Wallander Instruments for more information.