u-he intros Modular Fantasy in 3D: Bazille

u-he has posted a 3D wallpaper of Bazille, the upcoming virtual modular synthesizer plug-in.

u-he Bazille wallpaper
Enjoy the looks of Bazille while you patiently wait for it to be ready.

In an attempt to lighten the mood of those waiting impatiently for Bazille to finally arrive, we have prepared a collection of frivolously alluring wallpapers – an enticing peek into what the final GUI will look like…

Bazille development was put on hold around the time of the Frankfurt Musikmesse, because we realized that other features deserved more attention for the time being:

  • Supporting Pro Tools AAX
  • Completing Satin
  • Releasing the long-awaited Diva upgrade

However, now that we have Rob Clifton-Harvey on the team, Urs and Clem can get through those chores much faster and will soon be able to focus on finishing Bazille very soon.

The wallpaper is available to download in 15 common screen resolutions.

More information: u-he / Bazille wallpaper


Short links for February 12th, 2008

Some interesting things I bookmarked on del.icio.us on February 12th, 2008:

  • Piniature Kalimba – Needle tines on a small chip of chrome plastic from a car accident. Approaching the smallest playable with the fingers thumb piano.
Piniature Kalimba
yapruder (RP Collier) says it makes sound but is very difficult to hold.

Vintage synth desktop wallpapers

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Matrixsynth has a few cool vintage synth desktop wallpapers available for download.

detail from KORG MS20 desktop wallpaper
detail from KORG MS20 desktop wallpaper

The wallpapers were created by Matrixsynth reader Vitor from Brazil. Featured models are the ARP 2600, KORG MS20 and MOOG Minimoog.

More information: Matrixsynth