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Sample Logic announces WaterHarp

Sample Logic

Sample Logic has announced WaterHarp, a comprehensive waterphone sample library for Kontakt.

For years, the waterphone has been heard throughout film and telivision, and is regarded as the “Matrix-Effect” by many. Not only does this library contain traditional samples of the waterphone instrument, but goes way beyond, by morphing the signature Waterphone sound, creating new organic instruments.

The WaterHarp library delivers mind-bending ambiences, suspenseful tension building sting beds, tempo-synced percussive rhythms, and explosive score effectual impact textures. This library is a must have addition for all film, TV, and game composers. WaterHarp is designed to streamline your work flow with its well organized genre specific instruments and performance ready interface. With WaterHarp you will spend less time searching and more time creating.

WaterHarp will be available for purchase on April 1st, 2009, as a direct download priced at $49.95 USD.

Visit Sample Logic for more information.

Tonehammer releases Waterphone

Tonehammer Waterphone

Tonehammer has released Waterphone, a water phone sample library for Kontakt.

We decided to sample this instrument deeper and more creatively then ever before in the history of samples. The best current water phone libraries contains approx. 180-200 samples, which is less then 1/15 of the Tonehammer Waterphone, which contains a mighty 2.903 samples recorded with a variety of bows, a huge set of mallets, metal devices, hands and other contraptions. The library also contains a variety of more experimental patches, including boiled water at four different temperature levels, hydrophone recordings (underwater microphones in the waterphone), magnets on waterphone tines and filling waterphone with metal nails and other goodies.

Waterphone features

  • 57 instrument patches, 2.903 samples, 4.3 GB installed, 1.25 GB .rar download.
  • 22 Ambient Patches by Steven Tavaglione (Ambient music on Wall-E, American Beauty etc).
  • Recorded with custom Neumann in studio (excluding wild FX).
  • 44.1Khz/16Bit stereo .wav format, Kontakt 2 and .wav (note: Kontakt 3 requirement for bonus content).

Waterphone is available for the introductory price of $89 USD until 3 March, 2009 (regular price is $99 USD).

Visit Tonehammer for more information and audio demos.

Digital Sound Works releases Dramatic Percussion

Digital Sound Works Dramatic Percussion (cover)

Digital Sound Works has released Dramatic Percussion, a 6.5 GB virtual instrument (powered by TASCAM’s GVI streaming sample playback engine) which contains unusual or rarely recorded instruments.

Some of these instruments include, Boo Bams, Puili, Octabans, Large Taos drum, Anklung, a full range of bowed and scraped gongs, Crotales bowed and struck, Vietnamese split bamboo, Concert Toms, Waterphone, just to name a few.

Dramatic Percussion also contains traditional Orchestral Percussion instruments that are played in an untraditional way, such as thumb rolls and super balls on a Concert Bass drum! The uniqueness of this sample library comes from its unusual blend of instruments and how they were recorded.

Dramatic Percussion is available for a special introductory price of $199, in PC format (VSTi, RTAS, stand-alone) with a Mac version expected later this year.

Visit Digital Sound Works for more information and sound demos.