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Wave Alchemy intros Digital Revolution for Kontakt

Wave Alchemy has introduced Digital Revolution, an upcoming drum machine instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Wave Alchemy Digital Revolution
An early screenshot of the instruments GUI of Digital Revoltion.

Since the release and subsequent update of Transistor Revolution MKII we have been busy behind the scenes working on a brand new instrument which is inspired by the classic digital drum machines of the past…

Powered by ‘Revolution Engine’ technology our forthcoming Digital Revolution virtual instrument puts vintage digital drum sounds from the 1980′s at your fingertips.

We have faithfully captured the unique sound of 9 iconic digital drum machines spanning from 1980 to 1989, including all sample variations of the original drum machines, tune, decay and various other settings. Each drum sound has also been re-sampled multiple times through an iconic ‘grey’ 12-bit sampler to allow for real-time re-sample/grit modes which can easily be selected from the instrument interface.

Digital Revolution features

  • 9 classic digital drum machines and 3 bonus analogue machines.
  • New ‘Character Mode’ allowing real-time selection of Lo-Fi (re-sampled), Hi-Fi and Original sound sources.
  • Sequence patterns quickly and easily using the ‘Revolution Engine’ step sequencer.
  • Mix and match drum sounds from 12 iconic drum machines in real-time and dynamically browse any available sound either by machine or drum voice.
  • Assign the same percussion sound to multiple voices to quickly play and sequence melodic patterns.
  • Easy synchronization with any host or DAW.

More information: Wave Alchemy


Wave Alchemy releases Modern Guitar Tools

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Wave Alchemy Modern Guitar Tools

Wave Alchemy has announced Modern Guitar Tools, a fresh and exciting collection of over 400 guitar performances, boasting a wide range of playing styles, musical genres and tempos.

Expect to find a versatile selection of unique guitar loops, all expertly played and recorded live with a stunning collection of acoustic, semi-acoustic and electric guitars and a multitude of high-end microphones and amp combinations.

All loops have been further edited by hand and individually processed (where beneficial) with high-end outboard gear such as an Eventide DSP-7000, Schippmann Ebbe und Flut, Culture Vulture, A-Designs EM-PEQ, EL Fatso and Distressor and more…

Modern Guitar Tools features

  • 405 24-bit, 100% royalty free wav guitar loops and performances. Tempos ranging 65-165 BPM.
  • Distorted Guitar – 30 overdriven guitar licks, French-house style chords and heavy musical Riffs.
  • Experimental & Percussion – 71 multi-layered ensembles, expressive percussive guitar, ethnic soundscapes, creative acoustic guitar layers and evolving melodic performances.
  • Funk & Dance – Acoustic – 25 acoustic guitar loops, funky disco licks, Latin chords and more.
  • Funk & Dance – Electric – 132 electric guitar loops, filthy disco house licks, funky filter-house stabs, jazzy chords and more.
  • Palm-Muted – 25 palm-muted electric guitar loops and summery melodic riffs.
  • Soundtrack & Acoustic – 98 guitar performances covering a wide range of styles including Jazz, Blues, soundtrack/film, pop, Latin, Spanish, classical guitar and more.
  • Wah-Wah Guitar – 24 funky wah-wah and funky disco house loops.
  • 254 REX2 loops.

The sample pack is available to purchase for £27.95 GBP.

More information: Wave Alchemy / Modern Guitar Tools


Wave Alchemy launches Winter Sale – Up to 50% off

Wave Alchemy Winter Sale

Wave Alchemy has launched its Winter Sale, offering up to 50% discount on its sound libraries.

It’s that time of year again… The time when we celebrate the season’s festivities and say a big thank you for your support throughout the year of 2013! We are extremely excited to launch our winter sale with up to 50% off selected titles. The sale runs from the 13th December 2013 through to 17th January 2014 and offers huge discounts across our entire product catalogue.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our customers and those who have supported us by purchasing our products throughout the year. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Bargains include a staggering 50% off our best-selling Synth Drums collection, 50% off our Bass Pedals Kontakt instrument and 25% off our award-winning Transistor Revolution MKII instrument!

The sale ends January 17th, 2014.

More information: Wave Alchemy


Wave Alchemy launches Black Friday Sale – 30% off

Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy has launched its Black Friday Sale, offering a 30% discount on all its packs and bundles.

We are happy to announce our Black Friday Sale with 30% Off all products for a limited time only…

Sale ends midnight, Saturday 30th November (GMT)

Coupon Code: WAD1B251AM

To claim your discount which is available on all products simply enter the above code into our shopping cart when at the checkout screen.

More information: Wave Alchemy


Wave Alchemy releases Transistor Revolution MKII for Kontakt

Wave Alchemy Transistor Revolution MKII

Wave Alchemy has launched Transistor Revolution MKII, a virtual drum machine instrument library for Kontakt Player.

Since its conception, Transistor Revolution has remained close to our hearts. So much so that shortly after its initial release we set about making plans for an extensive update…

Transistor Revolution MKII has been fully redesigned and re-scripted from the ground up; now featuring a vastly improved workflow and new intuitive graphical interface, a ‘TR style’ 16-track step sequencer, unified instruments for both the 808 and 909, a dedicated 10-track mixer with individual processing, reverb/delay sends, volume control and pan for each drum sound, a master tape section boasting individual tape saturation per sound, and much more!

Behind the scenes, the Transistor Revolution engine has been significantly enhanced to offer a wealth of additional control parameters including; extensive sequencer options and live mode, individual tune control and processing per drum sound, swing/shuffle control, host tempo sync, a unique range of impressive RAM saving options and more…

Transistor Revolution MKII features

  • 6GB core sound library for Kontakt 5 Player.
  • Includes 25000+ multi-layered 24-bit, 96KHz WAV Files.
  • Heavily scripted unified instrument and intuitive graphical interface.
  • 7x round robin sample playback.

Transistor Revolution MKII is available to purchase for £84.95 GBP. The update is free for existing Transistor Revolution customers.

Transistor Revolution MKII free

A free demo version of Transistor Revolution MKII is also available (requires Kontakt 5 full version).

We are pleased to announce a completely free ‘slimmed down’ demo version of our Transistor Revolution MKII instrument. Users of Kontakt 5 are able to demo a small range of what is possible with our powerful Transistor Revolution MKII instrument.

Transistor Revolution MKII demo features

  • 2 restricted unified instruments:
    • Revolution-808 – Only the Snare Drum and Low Tom drum sounds are available. The Snare Drum ‘Tone’ knob has no effect. The Low Conga / Low Tom switch has no effects. Only 227 samples used.
    • Revolution-909 – All analog knobs are set to their default values. All tune, decay, release and other drum editing parameters are disabled. The controls are fixed. Only 97 samples used.

More information: Wave Alchemy / Transistor Revolution MKII


Wave Alchemy announces Transistor Revolution MKII

Wave Alchemy has announced the upcoming Transistor Revolution MKII, an updated version of the virtual drum machine libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt & Kontakt Player.

Developer Matt Fudge runs through some of the new features of the soon to be released Transistor Revolution Mk11 instrument for NI Kontakt Player.

Our brand new Transistor Revolution MKII update is nearly here!

We have given Transistor Revolution a complete overhaul resulting in a brand new user interface, intuitive step-sequencer, and a wealth of new features, many of which born from the feedback we have received from TRMKI users.

More information: Wave Alchemy


Wave Alchemy releases Afro-Latin Percussion Vol 2

Wave Alchemy Afro-Latin Percussion Vol 2

Wave Alchemy has launched Afro-Latin Percussion Volume 2, a collection of authentic Afro-Latin percussion ensembles, powerful tribal rhythms, expressive fills and intricate solo percussion performances.

Afro-Latin percussion Volume 2 offers an exciting collection of acoustic percussion loops, drum hits and mixed percussive ensembles, perfect for adding excitement and energy to pre-programmed drum tracks or layering with one-shot drums to create unique and organic percussion grooves.

Whilst Volume 1 focused on ‘light’ percussion instruments, Volume 2 focuses on ‘drum heavy’ Afro- Caribbean and Latin American percussion instruments including; multiple congas, quinto and tumba drums, djembe, bongos, cajon, mini-timbales and timbales.

Afro-Latin Percussion Vol 2 features

  • 516 acoustic percussion loops and single hits (24bit)
    • 380 raw authentic Afro-Latin percussion loops and fills, carefully recorded at 126 BPM using a well thought-out selection of high-end microphones and pre-amps.
    • 316 time-corrected percussion loops – carefully created by editing the ‘raw’ percussion loops and performances.
    • 136 one-shot percussion hits and FX samples, recorded completely dry, leaving adequate headroom for post processing.
  • 316 REX2 loops.
  • 5 sampler patches/kits for Battery, Kontakt, NN-XT and SFZ.
  • 100% royalty-free.

The sample library is available to purchase for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Wave Alchemy / Afro-Latin Percussion Vol 2