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Waveform Recordings releases Funk Tech

Waveform Recordings Funk Tech

Waveform Recordings has released Funk Tech, a collection of loops, hits and fills for the funkier reaches of deep and tech house.

Deep and dark with a hint of funk: Waveform seamlessly merge organic tribal grooves, dusty vintage workouts and deep tech beats with deep Chicago-inspired basslines, music loops, percs, tops, vox and more.

Bursting with organic warmth, fuelled by funk and driven jackin’ beats, Funk Tech sums up the ubiquitous sound of the hottest dancefloors worldwide.

Funk Tech features

  • Beat Loops – 81 track-starting beats, from classic house grooves and tribal rhythms to pumping pared-down tech.
  • Bass Loops – 46 sub-chuggers, Chicago bouncers and dark overdrivers for instant bottom-end power.
  • Music Loops – Jam-packed with re-sequenced funk guitars, quirky synths, deep chords, spacey pads, synth strings and vinyl-esque funk grooves.
  • Percussion Loops – Syncopated tribal and latin percussionisms, gritty analogue elements and circuit-bent tools for that tough tech edge.
  • Drum Fills – 21 precision programmed fills built to work with the beats straight out of the box.
  • Tops Loops – Shuffling and grainy hats and hi-end tops primed for layering.
  • Vox Loops – Warehouse wails laced in reverb and processed house vox for the 4am dancefloor.
  • FX – 55-strong archive of deep and dark beds, glitches, modulations and more.
  • Hits – Killer cut of claps, snares, kicks, hats and percussion hits for off-the-cuff beatmaking.
  • Each folder contains loops at 122, 124 and 125bpm. All samples are offered as industry-standard 24-bit Wavs.

Funk Tech is available to purchase from Sounds To Sample for 39.95 EUR.

More information: Waveform Recordings / Funk Tech


Waveform Recordings releases Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets

Waveform Recordings has released Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets, a soundset for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by LennarDigital.

Waveform Recordings Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets

Deep, dark and dirty Sylenth1 presets custom-built for house, techno and minimal productions, featuring 200 precision-programmed lead, bass, keys, pad, FX and arpeggios, plus Midi files for melodic inspiration.

After being inundated with requests Waveform deliver their first Sylenth preset collection: a finely-tuned collection of deep and tech synthery honed to capture the vibe of the tougher peak-time dancefloors as well as the deeper after-hours arenas.

Packed with 27 Arps/Seqs, 36 Bass, 31 FX, 24 Keys, 23 Leads, 20 Pads and 39 Synths all divided into 8 separate banks for easy navigation, the collection caters to all your Sylenth needs with fat, deep and detailed sounds to rival those in professional productions.

For added creative control there’s 93 customisable Midi files sud-divided into folders of Bass, Keys, Leads, Pads and Synths – just fire up the sound of your choice and roll.

Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets is available to purchase from Sounds To Sample for 30.95 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Sylenth1 Deep & Tech Presets


Waveform Recordings releases Classic House 2

Waveform Recordings Classic House 2

Waveform Recordings has released Classic House 2, a new sample library for house music production.

570MB of funky, tribal-infused drum workouts, deep music loops, slinky tops and organic percussion, crate-dug vox, FX beds rooted with classic house aesthetics and optimised for contemporary club systems.

Paying homage to the house originators and innovators of yesteryear, Waveform deliver a second volume of their chart- storming Classic House packed with intricate grooves, raw music loops, live percussion, glitched vox, stripped tops, hazy ambiences and a stunning one-shot selection bursting with kicks, hats, snares, claps, percussion, synth stabs and bass shots.

Using every ounce of their house music knowledge and experience the Waveform team have produced another authentic house odyssey of classic elements re-worked for the cutting-edge dancefloor.

Classic House 2 is available to purchase from Sounds To Sample for 26.49 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Classic House 2


Waveform Recordings releases Old Skool Tech sample library

Waveform Recordings Old Skool Tech

Waveform Recordings has released Old Skool Tech, a sample library featuring 530+ MB of gritty organic grooves, funk-bustin’ basslines, Detroit synths, vinyl-like music loops, screwed vox, FX and more for producers of retro-inspired house, tech-house and techno.

Waveform have made a name for themselves delivering staggeringly authentic straight-from-vinyl-sounding loops and hits from the golden era of house and techno – and this latest offering is no exception. The drums are dripping with layers of analogue warmth, the synths are raw and the music loops are bursting with energy.

An enduring ode to the origins of house and techno, from New York to Detroit via Chicago, totalling 441 loops, Waveform use every ounce of experience to deliver this timeless toolkit.

Old Skool Tech is available from Sounds To Sample for 26.49 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Old Skool Tech


Waveform Recordings releases House Guitars

Waveform Recordings House Guitars

Waveform Recordings has released House Guitars, a zeitgeist-surfing collection of 150 disco, R&B and funk-inspired guitar licks, riffs and loops optimised, reworked and resampled for the new-wave of house, deep house and nu-disco productions.

Taking influence from some of hottest underground house labels and artists such as Crosstown Rebels, Hot Creations, Maceo Plex, Lee Foss, Soul Clap and Russ Yallop, House Guitars is a sexed-up and funked-out collection of floor-ready guitar licks that ooze classic disco vibes, 80s pop and 90s R&B energy.

House Guitars features

  • Clean Loops – 43 live and direct 4-bar loops left 100% clean – chop, re-arrange and process in limitless ways.
  • Re-Sampled Loops – 22 heavily re-worked loops packed with tripped-out sonics, glitched-out rhythmatics and maxxed-out ‘verbs and delays.
  • Riffs – 45 funktastic flows and fret-busting rhythms bursting with classic funk timbres.
  • Short Licks – from jangling 80s licks to classic 70s disco rhythms: 31 melodic idea-sparkers.
  • Wah-Wah Loops – 9 wonky wah-wah riffs perfect for that filtered nu-house sound.
  • All loops are tempo-labeled at 125bpm and offered as industry-standard 24-bit Wavs.

House Guitars is available to purchase from Sounds To Sample for 16.95 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Waveform Recordings House Guitars


Waveform Recordings releases Drum Hits sample library

Waveform Recordings Drum Hits

Waveform Recordings has released Drum Hits, a collection of drum samples.

Bowing to popular demand Waveform deliver their first drum hits collection, packed with 1,000+ kicks, claps, snares, hats, percussion hits and cymbals in the trademark Waveform style: thick, warm and wide – with a sprinkling of vintage fuzz.

Crunchy, warm and detailed beats have been at the core of all the best-selling Waveform releases. Now for the first time the Waveform guys put an abundance of raw beatmkaing tools at your fingertips so you can make your own jackin’ house and techno grooves in minutes.

Drum Hits features

  • 1,075 one-shot drum samples (24-bit .wav).
  • 70 club-ready kicks, from pure sub-smackers to discofied rarities, to suit everything from deep house to mainroom techno.
  • 331 snares in an array of flavours: live, drum machine, layered, vinyl-infused.
  • 99 assorted percussion hits, from classic drum machine toms and live African percussion to slinky shakers and miscellaneous hits for quirky beat programming.
  • 338 closed and 103 open hi-hats from both live and machine sources.
  • 98 crunchy claps, from uber-wide multi-claps and tight single claps through to layered, drum machine and processed claps.
  • 36 shimmering splashes, cacophonous crashes, gigantic gongs and reversed cymbals – all live-derived for that human feel.

Drum Hits is available to purchase from Sounds To Sample for €16.95 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Drum Hits


Sounds To Sample releases Deep Tech by Waveform Recordings

Waveform Recordings Deep Tech

Sounds To Sample has released Deep Tech, a sample library by Waveform Recordings.

Deep and dirty house from the unstoppable Waveform team, featuring subby analogue basslines, jackin’ beatdowns, classic chords, tribal percussion, sexed-up vox, ambience beds and more.

Totalling 401 loops, Deep Tech is a cutting-edge foray into the deeper and more organic shades of tech house, packed with tracky tribal workouts, chunky sub basslines, quirky syncopated tops, deep all-analogue synths, gritty ambiences and techy FX shots.

Deep Tech is available to purchase from Waveform Recordings for €26.49 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Deep Tech