Waveformless Soundware releases U-NO-LX Ultima

Waveformless Soundware U-NO-LX Ultima

Waveformless Soundware has released U-NO-LX Ultima, a new soundset for the U-NO-LX synthesizer instrument from Togu Audio Line.

Waveformless Soundware’s latest release tackles the TAL U-NO-LX with 128 brand spanking new patches pushing the synth to its limits. The Juno’s famously chunky basses, fat leads, lush synth strings and pads, and quirky synths are all here in abundance, while other patches have a more modern, current touch pushing the U-NO-LX into new territory.

Sounds perfect for classic house, techno, synth-pop, outrun electro, and any style that needs a touch of the 80’s or just a bunch of extremely useful, workhorse synth sounds. If you’re looking for the final word in patches for U-NO-LX, look no further.

The soundset is available for purchase for $9.99 USD.

More information: Waveformless Soundware / U-NO-LX Ultima


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