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Wavelore Instruments updates GLIDE: Resonator Slide Guitar to v1.1 + 50% off

Wavelore Instruments Glide

Wavelore Instruments has updated its GLIDE: Resonator Slide Guitar sample library for Kontakt to version 1.1.

Now updated to version 1.1, the breakthrough virtual resonator slide guitar for Native Instruments’ Kontakt 4 and higher – GLIDE emulates all the subtle nuances of a real resonator guitar using advanced KSP scripting and Wavelore’s trademark round-robin sampling and impulse response recording.

Combining features like pitch and vibrato humanization, formant corrected portamento, pick noises, slide/vibrato scratches, true legato, release samples of multiple types, and an onboard phrase sequencer, Wavelore GLIDE conquers the task of easily and accurately playing convincing slide guitar phrases without sacrificing flexibility.

Changes in Glide v1.1

  • Added Nudge Feature: Selected notes are nudged left or right by holding CTL while clicking “terminates” (< -X), and "lasts forever" (X->), respectively. Nudging amount is set using the snap grid.
  • Added velocity controls page. Now you can click on the bridge of the guitar to specify the minimum and maximum volumes for each articulation as determined by velocity. There are also band-reject filters included that reduce the extra bass effect when playing closer to the bridge + buzzy samples. The result is a smoother velocity response across the range of the instruments’ articulations.
  • Added Sustain Pedal Behavior Page: Now you can set the sustain pedal (CC#64) to perform a variety of tasks.
  • Added new factory banks/presets: As before, bank presets ascend from F4 upward, and patch keyswitches descend from F#2 downward, both in a logical progression through various options.
  • Fixed IR loading issue caused by re-naming of IR directory in version 1.0
  • Fixed a problem where engaging a keyswitch while a note in the playing range was held would result in improperly triggered patterns.
  • Fixed problem where release samples triggered after a pull-off would trigger at inconsistent volumes.
  • Fixed a problem where playing the keyboard after stopping playback mid-note in MOTU Digital Performer would not trigger sequences correctly.
  • Updated documentation.

The Glide sample library is available to purchase for $149.99 USD until May 31st, 2012 (regular $299.99 USD).

More information: Wavelore Instruments / Glide


Wavelore Dobro library for Kontakt 4 announced + Spring Sale

Wavelore has announced the upcoming Wavelore Dobro library for Native Instruments Kontakt 4.

This new slide guitar library contains a million and one features, and is in keeping with our advanced modeling of instrument behavior.

It will retail for $299.99 (like our pedal steel guitar library), but there will be a release sale period of one month wherein the product will be available for 50% off. There will also be a non-expiring loyalty price for existing Wavelore customers 66% off ($99.99)!

More information: Wavelore


Wavelore Instruments announces No-Brainer Sale

Wavelore Instruments

Wavelore Instruments has announced a No-Brainer sale in support of the John Reid Liberation Fund.

We are currently having a no-brainer deal on our whole catalog for a very important cause. From now until Dec. 1 you can get the entire Wavelore catalog for just $50 USD!

The sale is in support of the John Reid Liberation Fund. John is a longtime Multiple Sclerosis sufferer, and a dear friend of Wavelore Instruments, who is trying to raise funds for a revolutionary new surgery that could alleviate or eliminate many of his MS symptoms. We are offering this unprecedented deal to you, in hopes of supporting John’s treatment.

The no-brainer deal includes the entire Wavelore catalog (over $700 worth of sample libraries) for only $50 USD. 75% of all proceeds will be donated to John’s cause.

You can find out more about John’s condition and treatment, or donate directly to the fund.

More information: Wavelore Instruments


Wavelore Instruments Slide Whistle, free instrument now for Kontakt

Wavelore has released an updated version of Slide Whistle, a virtual sampled whistle instrument previously released in GVI/GS3 format.

Wavelore Instruments Slide Whistle
Wavelore Instruments Slide Whistle for Kontakt

This instrument, (~30 megabytes zipped), uses extensive formant-corrected portamento scripting with 8-way round robin staccato samples, expression filters, and other controls to allow you unsurpassed expressive capabilities in a small, free instrument.

It also comes with a 5-page manual in .pdf format. Check it out!

Slide Whistle is now available as a free download for Kontakt 2 and higher and GVI/GS3.

More information: Wavelore Instruments / Slide Whistle


Wavelore releases Clavichord

Wavelore Clavichord

Wavelore has announced the release of Clavichord, a deeply sampled and programmed virtual clavichord for Kontakt.

This rare and beautiful keyboard instrument was a favorite of renaissance and barouque composers, as well as a popular practice instrument for organists (it’s extremely quiet!), though it fell into relative obscurity starting around the early nineteenth century. In the twentieth century, it’s best known, perhaps, in the form of its electronic offspring, the Hohner Clavinet, which we all know to be one the funkyiest sounding instruments on record. See Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” for a well known example.

The clavichord is often referred to as the most intimate of keyboard instruments, mostly due to the fact that the player’s fingers are more directly in contact with the strings; The most unique aspect of its construction is that it allows the player to rock his or her finger on a key, producing a vibrato effect, or “bebung”…poly aftertouch well before its time!

The Wavelore clavichord faithfully reproduces all the defining and unique capabilites of its acoustic namesake, while also adding certain capabilities.

Clavichord features

  • 6 velocity layers, with 8-way polyphonic (true) round robin programming for all notes and release samples, allowing convincing performance of any passage…trills are especially fun.
  • Intimate malleable sound, close mic’ed samples and stereo impulse reponses for enhanced cabinet resonance.
  • Characteristic release samples, accurately reflecting tangent buzz – adjustable in volume with carefully programmed decay-matching (so release samples don’t “pop”).
  • Configurable Keynoise samples for all notes, including a wide array of control options for performance detection. Of course, you can also just shut ‘em off!
  • A dozen temperaments suitable for modern and period music: Equal, Pythagorean, and a variety of meantone and circulating temperaments.
  • Optional octave/unison string coupling with fine de-tuning control over each string of each key. This feature also allows the use and adjustment of “tangent slope”, or the tendency of either member of a string pair to sound later than the other, based on the angle or “slope” of the tangent’s edge. Together these controls can greatly enrich the instrument’s sound, or even be used to simulate an instrument in varying stages of disrepair!
  • Ability to apply vibrato to only the last note played using an assignable MIDI controller, and including optional randomization of vibrato width and speed for a more “human” effect than typical LFO-based vibratos. Also includes an optional multiscript that allows the use of polyphonic aftertouch for true “bebung” technique.
  • “Electric” or “Acoustic” mode: Apply a variety of cabinet or amp resonances, as well as optional, keyswitchable wah, distortion, compression, and reverb.
  • MIDI Learn mode for all assignable controls.
  • A feature-rich, dynamic performance view with nine pages of clearly organized and intuitive controls for tweaking the instrument to your taste and style.
  • Carefully chosen factory settings to allow unsurpassed out-of-the-box playability.
  • A detailed 22-page user guide .pdf including a quick start guide and detailed info on operation.

The Wavelore Clavichord is available to purchase in the Wavelore Group Buy for $89.99 USD (maximum group buy 50% discount already reached) until June 15, 2010. A free one-octave demo version is available to download from the product page.

More information: Wavelore / Clavichord


Wavelore Instruments updates Pedal Steel Guitar to v2.5

Wavelore Instruments Pedal Steel Guitar for Kontakt

Wavelore Instruments has released version 2.5 of Pedal Steel Guitar, a pedal steel guitar sample library for Kontakt.

The new Kontakt version of the Wavelore Pedal Steel Guitar is the world’s first pedal steel library to date that is fully playable in realtime. Instead of relying on pre-recorded licks and loops, the Wavelore Pedal Steel Guitar uses single-note samples with advanced KSP scripting to put all ten bendable strings of E9th tuning right under your fingers! Programmed with 8-way round-robin samples per note, the full version of the Wavelore pedal steel is rounded out with amp simulation, full neck position control, and two types of release samples.

Changes in Pedal Steel Guitar v2.5

  • Position control via keyswitch or “Auto-Position Mode”.
  • User-definable/switchable amp tremolo.
  • User-definable per-string pitch-wheel ranges – even define differing ranges for the upward and downward directions. Includes two factory presets and several batch editing tools.
  • Traditional sustain pedal operation for easier access to portamento-based pitch bending.
  • Temperament control for de-tuning the instrument, or allowing use of un-equal temperaments.
  • A 70 page interactive manual featuring over 20 video examples and a new neck-position appendix including over 75 color coded diagrams of neck position/keyboard split layouts.

Pedal Steel Guitar for Kontakt is available to purchase for $299.99 USD.

Note: From now until December 25, 2009, you can get any Wavelore product for 20% off, any two products for 30% off, or buy all three for 40% off.

More information: Wavelore Instruments / Pedal Steel Guitar


Wavelore Instruments Pedal Steel Guitar Group Buy

Wavelore Instruments Pedal Steel Guitar for Kontakt

Wavelore Instruments is running a group buy for Pedal Steel Guitar, a pedal steel sample library for Kontakt.

From now until August 6th 2009, we will be offering new customers of the Pedal Steel Guitar library the opportunity to save up to 50% off the price of the library.

By particapating in this Group Buy, you will be nudging the price of the library during the group buy period lower and lower, until eveyone who particaptes gets a discount on the full price based on the number of participants!

Pedal Steel Guitar features

  • Ten strings of E9th-tuned pedal steel guitar, totalling 1.9 Gigabytes of 24-bit samples for Native Instruments Kontakt 2 or 3.
  • Allows independent pitch bending of all strings in nearly endless combinations, all on a single Kontakt 2 or 3 MIDI channel.
  • 8-Way Round-Robin sampling for natural sounding repetitions of notes and phrases.
  • Gives access to 24 neck positions via assignable MIDI CC#.
  • Seperately assignable controls for vibrato speed and depth.
  • Convolution Amp Modeling: 3 Amps with up to four reverb settings and multiple stereo/mono mic configurations.
  • Realtime release sample control (pick damping and palm damping).
  • MIDI Learn mode for all assignable controls and keyswitches.
  • A feature-rich, dynamic performance view with three pages of clearly organized and intuitive controls for tweaking the instrument to your taste and style.
  • Carefully chosen factory settings to allow unsurpassed out-of-the-box playability.
  • A detailed user guide .pdf including a quick start guide and detailed info on operation.

Pedal Steel Guitar is normally available for purchase for $299.99 USD. If the group buy reaches the maximum level of 100 or more participants by August 6th 2009, the price will drop to $149.99 USD.

More information: Wavelore Instruments