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Wavelore Instruments updates American Zither to v2.0

Wavelore American Zither

Wavelore Instruments has released version 2.0 of American Zither, a unique and exotic sounding virtual instrument.

Changes in American Zither v2.0

  • Fixed a problem with CC triggered tremolos not activating when the note is struck while the controller’s value is zero. Now tremolos can be activated anytime.
  • Implemented portamento, detailed tremolo, panning controls, convolution options, expression, octave coupling and keyswitching of features.
  • Now compatible with Kontakt 3.5 public beta.

IMPORTANT: This update contains both K2 and K3 versions of the American Zither, in both 16 and 24 bits. The bit depth you use will be determined by that of the samples you already have. The K2 version will run in versions of K3 older than v.3.5, but if you are running version 3.5 or later, you’ll want to use the included K3 version of the American Zither to avoid a problem with the instrument not sounding.

Visit Wavelore Instruments for more information.


Wavelore Instruments updates Pedal Steel Guitar to v1.1 and American Zither to v1.2

Wavelore Pedal Steel Guitar

Wavelore Instruments has released version 1.1 of Pedal Steel Guitar, and version 1.2 of American Zither, two virtual instruments powered by the GVI engine.

The update for Pedal Steel Guitar (Full & Lite Editions) adds the free Wavelore Brush Kit —played with wire brushes — to the WLPS / WLPSLE soundset.

DEF dynamics and round-robin samples give the kit a great playability. Complete with kick, snare (including stirs) 2 toms, splash, crash, ride, and hi-hats in 5 gradations between open and closed, plus hi-hat pedal.

Wavelore American Zither is updated with Wavelore Slide Whistle, Hand Drums, and new free shaker instruments (shakerx2, rattle and cabasa) to the WLAZ soundset. The update also addresses the issue of running the patch installer on XP systems with Service Pack 3.

Visit Wavelore Instruments for more information.


Wavelore Instruments releases Pedal Steel Guitar

Wavelore Pedal Steel Guitar

Wavelore Instruments has released Pedal Steel Guitar, a pedal steel library which is fully playable in realtime.

Instead of relying on pre-recorded licks and loops, the Wavelore Pedal Steel Guitar uses single-note samples fused with GVI’s powerful filters and modelling tools to put all ten bendable strings of E9th tuning right under your fingers!

Pedal Steel Guitar features

  • 10 strings of E9th tuned Pedal Steel Guitar.
  • 1.3 GB of samples, based on over 4 GB of source material.
  • Runs on Windows XP as VSTi plugin or Standalone mode using your ASIO drivers
  • Includes 8-way round-robin samples per note; no false sounding repetions of notes or phrases.
  • No loops; Samples decay fully and naturally. No truncation or extraneous noise.
  • 2 types of optional release samples.
  • Natural Harmonics at the 12th, 7th, and 5th frets, using 4-way round-robin.
  • DEF and PRF filters offer expressive realtime dynamics and polyphonic string bends/slides on a single MIDI channel.
  • Full control over neck position/chord voicing.
  • Gigapulse amp modelling; flexible amp/mic and room simulation for a wide range of tonal colors.
  • Samples recorded direct. Use the included Gigapulse amp models or your favorite amp-sim plugins.

The Wavelore Pedal Steel Guitar is available in two versions:

  1. Full Edition – comes with 8-way round-robin samples for every note recorded, including the same number for each of the two included release sample variations (that’s 24 samples per note), as well as 18 amp simulation presets, created from three different amplifiers, and open (natural) harmonics at the 5th, 7th, and 12th frets above every string in 4-way round-robin. Its total size on disk is 2.7 Gigabytes.
  2. Lite Edition – includes 2-way round-robin, 6 amp sim presets, and no harmonics. Its total size is about 700 Megabytes. Both instruments are highly playable, containing the same innovative programming techniques to allow full realtime control over expressive factors like dynamics, neck position, chord voicing, bend direction/speed, bend type, and vibrato.

Pedal Steel Guitar is available for $269.99 USD, while the Lite version costs $179.99 USD.

Visit Wavelore Instruments for more information and audio demos.


TASCAM releases GigaStudio 4

TASCAM GigaStudio 4

TASCAM has released GigaStudio 4, a high-end sampling workstation for Windows PC.

Hundreds of enhancements have been made from GigaStudio 3, TASCAM’s previous TEC Award-Winning sampling workstation, such as an all-new QuickSound database tool, additions to the QuickEdit interface and many user interface improvements.

GigaStudio 4 features

  • Supports 64-bit operating systems like XP64 and Windows Vista 64 (32-bit version also available).
  • Unlimited polyphony.
  • 96kHz/24-bit sample support.
  • 128 MIDI channel playback.
  • embedded GigaPulse convolution reverb.
  • iMIDI rule programming includes legato mode, round-robin, alternation, portamento, dynamic expression filters and more to add realism to sampled performances.
  • Sound Libraries from SONiVOX, Larry Seyer Digital, Project SAM, Wavelore.

GigaStudio 4 is available now with an MSRP of $599 USD. The GigaStudio 3 Orchestra to GigaStudio 4 Upgrade is $199 USD.

Visit TASCAM for more information.


TASCAM announces GVI 4


TASCAM has announced GVI 4 (Giga Virtual Instrument), a powerful sampler instrument.

One instance supports 16 channels of MIDI playback. Add as many instances of GVI as your computer can handle for 16 more MIDI channels each. Browse your sample library and load sounds from the GVI interface, or use the new standalone QuickSound database to quickly search all your hard drives (Windows version only). Like GVI 3, GVI 4 makes it easy to stack multiple instruments on a MIDI channel for even bigger sounds.

GVI 4 will include sound libraries from SONiVOX, Larry Seyer Digital, Project SAM, and Wavelore.

With GVI 4, the Giga sampling platform will be available on the Mac for the first time.

GVI 4 has a MSRP of $399 USD (upgrades are available as well), and will be available in fall 2007.


Wavelore Instruments updates American Zither to v1.10

Wavelore American Zither

Wavelore has updated American Zither to version 1.10.

American Zither is a 24-bit virtual instrument powered by TASCAM’s GVI engine.

A Zither is a stringed instrument having usually 30 to 40 strings over a shallow horizontal soundboard and played with pick and fingers. The samples in The American Zither library were performed not with pick or fingers, but with wooden mallets. More details about the American Zither can be found here.

Updated in v1.10

  • GVI engine update to v. 3.63
  • Four additional versatile small hand drum instruments: Small Darbuka, Smaller Darbuka, Small Bongo, Smaller Bongo. (These instruments use 8-16 way round robin for repetitions, and the DEF filter in velocity-sensitive mode for morphing of the round robin samples through a continuous range of dynamics)
  • Inclusion of the Free Wavelore Slide Whistle (hitherto available only as a GS3/GVI instrument) in the WLAZ interface

American Zither costs USD 79.95 (or 59.95 if you already own a Synchrosoft license) + shipping. A one-octave demo is available for download.

Visit Wavelore for more information and a link to download the demo of American Zither.


Wavelore Instruments releases free Slide Whistle for GVI/GS3

Wavelore logo

Wavelore has released a free Slide Whistle instrument for GVI/GS3.

This instrument demonstrates just what expressive possiblities are available when TASCAM’s morphing filter technology is applied to even a small collection of samples. Even on such a small instrument, the Giga engine provides equal opportunity for stunning realism and bold new sounds.

The Slide Whistle instrument comes with two carefully configured .gsi stacks and a readme explaining its realtime expressive capabilities.

You can download the free Slide Whistle (21 megabytes) here.

Visit Wavelore for more instruments, such as the commercial product Wavelore American Zither.