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Learn from the best: 35 designers answer 5 questions

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Smashing Magazine - 35 designers x 5 questions

Smashing Magazine asked 35 designers, 5 questions each.

  • 1 aspect of design you give the highest priority to
  • 1 most useful CSS-technique you use very often
  • 1 font you use in your projects very often
  • 1 design-related book you highly recommend to read
  • 1 design magazine you read on a daily/weekly basis (online or offline)

Result: 175 professional suggestions, tips and ideas from some of the best web-developers all around the world.

In the end we’ve received more answers than we expected. The results – over 80 CSS-based tips, design ideas, suggestions, fonts, design-related books and online-magazines – are listed below. It’s interesting to know, how designers work their magic. It’s interesting to know what you can actually learn from them.

Check the article here.


Microsoft Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image (free)

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Microsoft has released two new Virtual PC images featuring Windows XP SP 2. One includes Internet Explorer 7, the other Internet Explorer 6.

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007
Screenshot of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007

The images should come in handy for anyone running Windows Vista who wants to see how their web page look in Internet Explorer under Windows XP. Of course, you could also run the disc image inside of Virtual PC if you want to try installing new software without risking any damage to your host operating system.

Both disc images will expire on August 17th, 2007. The images are pre-activated so no hassle running them (Windows only). Download the disc images here.


Color Palette Generator – create palettes from images

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DeGraeve has a nifty tool called the Color Palette Generator.

DeGraeve Color Palette Generator
DeGraeve Color Palette Generator – example of a palette generated from an image

You simply feed the generator an image and it will create a suiting color palette.

Enter the URL of an image to get a color palette that matches the image. This is useful for coming up with a website color palette that matches a key image a client wants to work with.

FeaturePics did some testing, so check this editorial for cool examples.


ColorJack – Color Scheme Generator

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ColorJack is an online Color Scheme Generator. The author of ColorJack created it as a way to learn color theory & Javascript simultaneously. The result is a refreshing set of color tools.

ColorJack Sphere provides an easy way to create color palettes.

ColorJack Sphere
ColorJack Sphere

You simply select the type of color scheme you’re looking to create (i.e. Six-Tone, Complementary or Triadic) and move the little dots in the color wheel to get the color palette of your liking. You can select a level of color blindness and set the color spectrum (websafe, websmart). You can even export the palettes to Illustrator or Photoshop.

If you’re looking for more control over the palettes, check out ColorJack Studio (screenshot).

A minuratuarized version of Sphere, ColorJack Sphere Widget is available for all major operating systems.

ColorJack Sphere Widget
ColorJack Sphere Widget

There’s also a little DHTML color picker available for download so you can use it in your own website/application.

Visit ColorJack to check out all of these tools.


New design, yes or no?

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I generally get bored with website designs quite fast, but I have to admit the current blue/red design already lost it’s appeal after a few weeks.

I think the colors scream too much, so I’m trying to tone things down a bit. redesign 2007 screenshot
screenshot of redesign (click for larger image)

This design has more grey tone colors and the logo is much less adventurous (boring?). It also halves the amount of Google Adsense ads in the top of the page (which might cost me some revenue, but I don’t really like the current wide Adsense format, and it’s not like the ads generate much anyway).

So what do you think, is the new design better: yes, no or fish?


53 CSS-Techniques You Couldn’t Live Without

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Smashing Magazine has a great round-up of CSS techniques to enhance and spice up your website.

Screenshot of Smashing Magazine article on CSS Techniques
#1 spot for CSS Navigation

Nothing new really, but a very nice compilation of 53 tips and tricks to use CSS to your advantage. Each technique is illustrated with a screenshot, so it’s easy spotting something that might be interesting to you.

Go check it out here.


New design

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Well, it’s cost me the better part of the evening and unfortunately it’s still not quite done yet. I’m sure there’s lots that still needs fixing, so if you see some funny stuff with the new design be sure to let me know so I can repair it.

I’m also still struggling to get PNG transparency working for the logo (silly IE6 argh!) and I’d appreciate any tips on that matter, because the way I’ve done it now doesn’t scale terribly well in Firefox…