Weldroid releases Synesthesia beta, effect plug-in for Windows

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Weldroid has released a beta of Synesthesia, an effect plug-in for Windows.

Synesthesia is a combined waveshaper / EQ / dynamics processor that is designed to be very light on the CPU, but sounds hi-fi enough to be put on the master buss without hesitation. A special combination of frequency-dependent harmonics generation and oversampling reduces aliasing way below audible levels, allowing smooth coloration of input material free of unwanted artifacts.

Synesthesia features highly flexible – per harmonic definition of distortion / waveshaping characteristics, opening up possibilities to emulate static distortion of many nonlinear devices. It is also possible to use it as a dynamics processor by setting up the dynamic waveshaper curve with respective attack and release time constants.

Weldroid Synesthesia
Weldroid Synesthesia

Synesthesia features

  • VST 2.4 effect plugin for Windows (32-bit).
  • 2 channels in / 2 channels out.
  • All parameters subject to automation except for the distortion characteristics graphs.
  • Demo is fully functional but injects some white noise every 40 seconds.

Synesthesia for Windows (VST) is available to purchase at the introductory price of 30 EUR. All “beta” licenses are full licenses (available for reduced price until the product reaches revision A).

More information: Weldroid / Synesthesia


Weldroid releases Courvoisier

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Weldroid Courvoisier

Weldroid has released Courvoisier, a free dynamics processor effect plug-in for Windows.

Courvoisier is a single-band universal dynamics processor with adaptive attack and release algorithms optimized for complex program material (mixes and submixes). Courvoisier uses free-form curves drawn over the histogram of incoming audio material (as opposed to traditional ratio and threshold parameters) to determine the transfer function of the processing.

Courvoisier features

  • Histogram representation (sliding-window statistics) of incoming program material and the resulting gain change on which the transfer function can be drawn.
  • Free-form upward and downward compression and/or expansion.
  • Spline interpolated control curves.
  • All performance-critical code optimized in assembly (utilizing SSE2 flow instructions).
  • Two different adaptive attack algorithms (program dependent).
  • Adaptive release algorithm (program dependent, scalable).
  • Additional user defined adaptive release behavior.
  • Side chain filtering (low and high pass).
  • MS operation (with support for different transfer curves for Mid and Side channels).
  • Stereo operation (adjustable stereo link).
  • Dry mix option for parallel processing.
  • Peak, RMS and Hybrid level detection.
  • Very low harmonic distortion (THD during normal operation is below -105 dB FS).
  • Lookahead processing for minimizing distortion with extremely fast attack settings.
  • Complex mode (oversampling with a twist)

Courvoisier is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Weldroid / Courvoisier


Weldroid releases ambio.one

Weldroid ambio.one

Weldroid has released ambio.one, a free crosstalk-cancellation effect plug-in for Windows, based on the RACE algorythm developed by the Ambiophonic Institute.

The plugin can be used to process regular 2-channel stereo material for ambiophonic presentation. This is basically a 2-speaker setup where the speakers themselves are placed close to each other, but still, due to the crosstalk cancellation, the achieved soundstage can be (almost) up-to 180 degrees.

ambio.one features

  • Highly customizeable crosstalk-cancellation solution based on the RACE algorythm developed by the Ambiophonic Institute.
  • Compatibility with Winamp (and any other software capable of loading Winamp DSP plugins, like the great FFDshow codec), and foobar2000 is provided via wrappers (Winamp VST Bridge, foobar2000 VST wrapper).
  • The plug-in has a detailed on-line help.

More information on how to set up an ambiophonic system can be found on the ambiophonics.org website.

ambio.one is available to download as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Weldroid / ambio.one