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WhiteLABEL SimpleTON II plugin 33% off at VST Buzz


VST Buzz has launched a 1-week promotion on SimpleTON II, the dual filter distortion effect plug-in by WhiteLABEL.

What is SimpleTON II? Its an incredible dual filter distortion plugin can really scream – seriously this bad boy makes normal distortion plugins look like teddy bears!

SimpleTON II has a beautifully simple interface offering two filters along with drive and mixing controls. It allows you to create an obscenely hot signal that’s big, heavy and totally distorted (it also does mellow and pulled back too). With built in hints, high/low pass filters, frequency/resonance controls, pre-mix limiter, rectifier and much more, its got everything you need to have a lot of fun. If you want to make an instrument or track roar, buzz, growl or squeal, SimpleTON II is for you! (NB. Windows, 32bit plugin)

Simpleton is available to purchase for $16 USD until December 10th, 2013 (regular $25 USD).

More information: VST Buzz


whiteLABEL releases niceNwide stereo enhancer plugin

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whiteLABEL niceNwide

whiteLABEL has announced the release of niceNwide, a stereo enhancer effect plug-in for Windows.

Dragged kicking and screaming into the mid-90′s niceNwide is a digital post tool for making your mixes nice. And just that little bit wider.

niceNwide features seven switchable tweaks to offer a variety of manipulations to the stereo field (and post-process niceness) of your tracks – and a single knob to control the effect depth. Along with subtleties such as a binaural cues generator and an early-reflection simulator there’s a handful of gentle mid:side EQ touches to provide a little more lift, air or presence to your sounds and to round-off your mix there’s both loudness and side-channel boost buttons.

Despite its simple operation it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ device, so there’s also a set of 8 presets broadly tuned to suit different musical styles – from rock to dance, pop to classical.

Metering comes in a choice of Stereo or Mid:Side so you can get an visual indication of the impact on your mix whether subtle or more forceful, and for comparison purposes there’s also handy defeat and mono switches.

niceNwide for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for £10 GBP.

More information: whiteLABEL / niceNwide


whiteLABEL releases simpleTON II distortion plugin

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whiteLABEL has released simpleTON II, a dual filter distortion plug-in for Windows.

Basically, there’s more of it – lots more … with upto 8 poles per filter and huge amounts of resonance on-tap, simpleTON can really, *really* scream. Each filter is now switchable between HP and LP and the A / B mode switch can give each a different flavour. With more poles comes more resonance and simpleTON II has it by the ship-load, so for safety the full force is only available via a new ‘screaming’ mode.

whiteLABEL simpleTON II
simpleTON II’s brand new interface is bigger, clearer and easier to use with everything placed in logical positions.

simpleTON II features

  • Two filter units:
    • Switchable high pass / low pass.
    • Upto 48 dB/octave response.
    • Controls for frequency and resonance.
    • A / B operating mode.
    • Additional high resonance screaming mode.
  • Switchable routing to distortion, with:
    • Controls for Threshold and Drive.
    • 2 algorithms – overdrive or wave-shaping.
    • Bias control.
    • Rectifier.
  • Other features:
    • Pre-mix limiter.
    • Gain control.
    • Output wet / dry mix control.
    • VST automation parameters.
    • MiDI control with learn function.

simpleTON II is available to purchase at the introductory price of £10 GBP until March 31st, 2013 (regular £15 GBP). Existing users of the original simpleTON can upgrade for half-price. A free mono version is also available to download.

More information: whiteLABEL / simpleTON II


The Indie Dev Collective launches Winter Sale

Indie Dev Collective

The Indie Dev Collective has launched its Winter Sale, offering over 30 deals on its products.

The Indie Dev Collective 2011 Winter Sale brings you a diverse selection of top quality synths, effects, and soundware for Windows, Mac, and iOS from 11 developers. Over 30 deals with prices as low as $6.99 and discounts up to 65% off for this limited time sales event!

The Indie Dev Collective Winter Sale includes products by Dangerous Bear Underground, H.G. Fortune, Manytone, Mildon Studios, Nucleus Soundlab, Perimeter Sound Arts, Ugo, Westgate Sounds, whiteLABEL, White Noise Audio Software, xoxos.

The sale runs from November 25th – December 4th, 2011.

More information: Indie Dev Collective


Indie Dev Collective launches IDC Spring 2011 Sale

IDC Spring 2011 Sale

Indie Dev Collective has announced the IDC Spring 2011 Sale, a limited time collaborative sale featuring various synth & effect plugins and soundware products.

We’re back with our most diverse sale yet.

Featuring 14 developers, including four new IDC members, bring you some of their latest synths, effects, samples, loops, presets, and even a host – all on sale at the same time, direct to you, with prices cut up to 65% off for this limited time sales event.

IDC Spring 2011 Sale

  • 26 deals on over 55 products.
  • Participating developers: Dangerous Bear Underground, Dusted William Sounds, H.G. Fortune, Hardcore Harmonics | Supersynths, IMEA, Manytone, Mildon Studios, Nucleus Soundlab, Perimeter Sound Arts, Psychic Modulation, Ugo, Westgate Sounds, whiteLABEL, xoxos.

The IDC Spring 2011 Sale is available until May 23rd, 2011.

More information: Indie Dev Collective


whiteLABEL releases falseFI comb-filtering false stereo machine

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whiteLABEL falseFI

whiteLABEL has released falseFI, a virtual effect plug-in for Windows.

Dead Simple : Feed any mono sound into falseFI and you’ll get a stereo sound out. well … sort of …

falseFI’s tweakable feed-forward comb-filter splits the incoming audio into varying width frequency bands which are then panned left and right creating a false sense of stereo. As the filter’s offset time is changes, so the width (and therefore position) of the frequency bands is changed.

Featuring 2 main modes, ‘old-skool’ and ‘fresh’ tone settings, and a little m/s processing falseFI will have your mono tracks positively jumping out of your speakers in no time …

falseFI for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for £10 GBP.

More information: whiteLABEL / falseFI


whiteLABEL releases d:SHIFT + bolsterisers updated to v1.3

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whiteLABEL has released d:SHIFT, a “gnarly delay machine” effect plugin for Windows.

A stereo pitch-shifter piles head-long into an echo box with filters bit-crusher and waveshaper. To pour acid in the wounds : modulators attack both pitch and delay time.

“This oh-so desirable effect combines pitchshifting and delay to produce lush choruses, swirling echoes and some dynamite vocal doubling”

With delay times ranging from 2 milliseconds right the way up to five seconds, the feedback path is the most important part of this effect … that’s where you’ll find a pitch-shifter, a bit-crusher, a wave-shaper and a shelving filter. A wide variety of effects can be generated from subtle chorus-type sounds to nasty smashed-up swooping loops, clean slap-delays to evil bad-guy voice effects.

d:SHIFT for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for £15 GBP.

whiteLABEL has also released version 1.3 of the bolsterisers, a collection of dynamics processors. Version 1.3 provides smaller files for faster loading allowing more plugin instances in a project.

More information: whiteLABEL