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Seelake intros AudioStation X64 & 3D AudioStation

Seelake has announced its AudioStation X64 and 3D AudioStation workstations.

AudioStation X64 is a powerful hardware workstation for live shows, designed as a player for VST plug-ins with a fully-featured mixer, multitrack audio player with Audio/MIDI click, advanced MIDI patchbay, several audio and MIDI inputs and outputs, and is fully manageable from a dedicated remote controller or from an iPad.

Seelake AudioStation

AudioStation X64 features

  • 64-bit embedded-type OS based on the Microsoft Windows 7 kernel, specifically built and optimized for audio signal processing.
  • Intel i5 and i7 quad-core CPUs.
  • Up to 32GB memory.
  • 64-bit VST host-mixer with 32-bit bridge, 100% compatible with any 64-bit and 32-bit VST plugins on the market.
  • Support for any MIDI-USB and Ethernet controllers.
  • Remotely controlled and programmed also from iPad via WiFi (the WiFi signal is generated from AudioStation – no Internet connection or extra hardware needed).
  • Even more functions to control the parameters of the plugins.
  • Compatible with any DAW and music software for Windows 7.

The 3D AudioStation is a workstation for 3D multichannel audio.

It meets requirements for multi-channel production from 5.1 to 3D spatialization for live. A suite of proprietary plug-ins provides all the most important techniques of spatial 3D, including the latest Auto Depth Spherical Surround of 3D AudioStation.

This workstation allows you to use these technologies in critical contexts, such as live concerts, theatrical performances and live electronics, in addition to audio post-production studio.

Seelake will showcase its products at Winter NAMM 2014, booth #7410, Hall A & Arena.

More information: Seelake


Alesis intros DM Dock Kit & DM7X Kit drum sets

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Alesis has announced the DM Dock Kit and the DM7X Kit, two innovative new electronic drum sets.

Alesis DM Dock Pro Kit
The Alesis DM Dock Pro Kit iPad-integrated premium electronic drumset.

The DM Dock Kit is a six-drum, four-cymbal drum set based around the DM Dock, a revolutionary drum module for iPad unveiled by Alesis in 2012. The set features four toms, a snare, the Alesis StealthKick drum trigger, a hi-hat, two crash cymbals with choke, and a three-zone ride cymbal with choke. The DM Dock Kit’s rugged steel rack is instantly adjustable with hinged quick-release clamps holding the drum pads and integrated cymbal arms that are easily converted in seconds from boom-style to straight.

Alesis DM Dock

Building upon the widely acclaimed design of the Alesis iO Dock, the DM Dock drum module harnesses the power of iPad for drummers, giving them a stage-ready device with 13 professional trigger inputs and balanced ¼” stereo main outputs. Thanks to the WiFi, Bluetooth®, AirPlay®, and 3G wireless connectivity of iPad, the DM Dock empowers drummers to change and enhance their sound library at a moment’s notice. With a compatible app, drummers can download new drums, cymbals, even a complete kit to suit any musical style or venue. Alesis will exhibit the DM Dock Kit along with DM Touch, a percussion app specifically designed by Alesis for the DM Dock. The app allows drummers to create new kits in seconds by simply dragging and dropping drum icons onto a virtual drum kit.

“The power and flexibility of the DM Dock Kit can hardly be overstated,” said David Gill, Alesis Engineering Manager. “We encourage any drummer to come by the booth and try it out; the DM Touch app is the easiest way to customize and experiment with different drum sounds and configurations. Drummers have never had this easy of a workflow, and the DM Dock Kit itself is bulletproof!”

Alesis will also exhibit the DM7X Kit, a premium six-piece electronic drum set. With its ultraquiet rubber drum and cymbal pads, the DM7X Kit is ideal for professional drummers who want an electronic kit for quiet practice or for electronic percussionists looking to upgrade to a higher-quality kit with a professional module. The DM7X Kit features four 8” dual-zone toms, an 8” dual-zone snare, the Alesis StealthKick 2 compact drum trigger, a 10” hi-hat, a 10” crash cymbal with choke, and a 10” ride cymbal. The DM7X module is the newest module from Alesis and comes with 385 drum and percussion sounds arranged into 40 vintage and modern kits.

Alesis will exhibit the DM Dock Kit and the DM7X Kit at Booth 6700 at the 2013 NAMM show, January 24-27 in Anaheim, California.

More information: Alesis


Crossfire Designs MidiPads MIDI Controller for iPad updated to v1.5

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Crossfire Designs has updated its MidiPads universal drumpad controller for the iPad to version 1.5.

Crossfire Designs MidiPads

MidiPads is a drum pad controller for the iPad and sports 64 drum pads, which can be resized in both size and area. The bottom part is fully configurable by the user with resizable touchpads, sliders and buttons. Both sliders and touchpads support snapping to a value, fading to the touch position (duration user-configurable) and bouncing. One very unique feature is the drumpad-integrated X/Y-controller: Change your instruments’ or your effects’ sound just by moving your finger while still triggering – very useful also for DJ software like Traktor Pro (see video in App description to see how it works).

Changes in MidiPads v1.5

  • Presets (interchangable with other users).
  • Virtual MIDI: Trigger other iOS apps capable of virtual MIDI.
  • Bouncing mode for touch pads and sliders.
  • Multiple senders for each axis and knob.
  • Buttons in bottom view.
  • Resizable pads and resizable pad area (4 to 64 drum pads per page).
  • MIDI connection overview (tap on midi section).
  • Finger up / down message for touch pad and sliders.
  • Settings reset feature.
  • White color for sliders and drum pads.

MidPads is available to purchase on the iTunes App Store for 4 EUR / $5 USD.

MidiPads Lite was also updated to version 1.5, now including settings reset, and Midi connection overview (tap on midi section). An iPhone version is under development, which will be first released as MidiPads Lite for iPhone in a few weeks.

More information: Crossfire Designs / MidiPads


Burger Kone MidiMe, controller app for iPad

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Burger Kone MidiMe

Burger Kone has released MidiMe, a controller app for the iPad.

MidiMe is a novel midi control application designed specifically for the iPad.

MidiMe not only gives you direct, simultaneous hands-on control of up to eight different midi parameters but also provides unique midi automation features. Record and playback midi gestures on any of its four high resolution X/Y pads or send your instruments bouncing with MidiMe’s bouncing ball mode.

MidiMe connects to your computer via WiFi so no cables are required.

MidiMe is available to purchase from the iTunes App Store for $4.99 USD.

More information: Burger Kone


Crossfire Designs MidiPads, MIDI Controller for iPad

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Crossfire Designs MidiPads

Crossfire Designs has released MidiPads, a simple and easy to use drumpad controller for your iPad.

It sports 16 drumpads on four pages. The bottom part is fully configurable by the user with resizable touchpads and sliders. Both sliders and touchpads support snapping to a value and fading to the touch position (duration user-configurable). One very unique feature is the drumpad-integrated X/Y-controller: Change your instruments’ or your effects’ sound just by moving your finger while still triggering – very useful also for DJ software like Traktor Pro (see video in App description to see how it works).

All elements can be edited by the user: Color, label, Midi channel, Midi CC can be changed for each element individually. Both sliders and drumpads can receive incoming Midi values: Sliders act as VU meters, drumpads glow depending on the incoming value.

MidiPads supports USB Midi over the iPad camera connection kit and network Midi – take your iPad on stage and trigger your music wirelessly! Included is also an extensive manual which helps you to set up all connections and configure MidiPads.

MidiPads features

  • Supports USB MIDI over iPad Camera Adapter.
  • Supports network MIDI over WiFi.
  • All elements customizable (color, label, Midi channel, CC/key, range…).
  • Bottom part fully customizable with resizable touch pads and sliders.
  • Four pages with 16 touch sensitive drum pads each.
  • Several modes to influence velocity: Two-finger-tap, vertical pad position, rand ndom velocity, and min and max velocity always definable.
  • Touch pads and sliders support snapping and fading.
  • Use drum pads as tap or toggle buttons, either in key or CC mode.
  • Drum pads can act as X/Y controller and pad at the same time.
  • Sliders can act as VU meter and slider at the same time.
  • Drum pads can show incoming values (e.g. that a sample is on that pad).
  • Gravity controller (use iPad’s rotation axis as controller).
  • Lock mode hides all elements that would hinder your performance.
  • Supports all 16 midi channels (for each element separately!)
  • Drum pads can blink on incoming midi sync and hence support you with the beat.
  • Extensive help covering connection, editing the user interface and troubleshooting (tap i-symbol).

MidPads is available to purchase on the iTunes App Store for the introductory price of 4 EUR / $5 USD.

More information: Crossfire Designs / MidiPads


iControlMIDI, iPad editors for vintage & software synths

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iControlMIDI iMinimoogV

iControlMIDIDesign has released iControlMIDI, a controller app for the iPad.

ControlMIDI is a UI friendly and workflow efficient solution that let you control your MIDI machines and software, simply from your iPad.

iControlMIDI features

  • User Friendly Synth Parameters – Rather than having a DCO wave-shape displayed as 1, 2, 3 or 4; it is now displayed as Tri, Saw, Sqr or Pulse.
  • Correct Mapping of Synth Values – MIDI works from 0 to 127, but the Detune is from -63 to +64.
  • Workflow Efficient Solution – GUI Consistent Synth Functions, for example, the VCF functions are grouped on the same iControlMIDI Page making it easy to trim on the same Page filter cutoff frequency, filter envelop modulation, filter resonance, filter envelop ADSR, etc… Each Page offers up to 32 parameters. There are several Pages per synth.
  • Same Values Displayed on iControlMIDI and Synth – Whatever value is displayed on iControlMIDI will be transmitted to the synth and is exactly the value you will see on your synth if you were to program it with its control panel, so it makes it easy to precisely adjust a Detune between DCOs, etc…
  • Parameter Name and Value Displayed on iControlMIDI – Each parameter “block” has is own:
    • Name (ex: O2Wav): as displayed on the synth LCD, UI or User Manual
    • Value (ex: Saw): as displayed on the synth LCD, UI or User Manual, dynamically changes when you use one of the 3 controls (slider, + button, – button)
  • 3-Controls per Parameter on iControlMIDI – Each parameter “block” has is own:
    • + button: precise +1 parameter value adjustment
    • - button: precise -1 parameter value adjustment
    • Slider: full range parameter value adjustment
  • Exhaustive Of All Synth Parameters – All synth parameters controllable via MIDI are implemented in iControlMIDI so you can adjust them all.
  • Straightforward 3-Functions Settings Page – On iControlMIDI Settings Page you can:
    • Check your WiFi connectivity: iControlMIDI tells you if you have WiFi connectivity or not
    • Set your MIDI Channel: select the MIDI channel you wish to use
    • Test your MIDI and Studio setup: send a C3 MIDI note, on that MIDI channel
  • DAW Integration – Any CoreMIDI [MAC] or rtpMIDI [PC] compatible DAW can benefit from iControlMIDI; a MacOS MIDI Network Session or PC rtpMIDI MIDI Session is seen as another IN and OUT MIDI logical port by your DAW. Real-time parameters adjustments triggered on iControlMIDI can be recorded and playback on your DAW.
  • Mackie Control C4 TrueLayouts Compatible – iControlMIDI Page organization and MIDI CC assignment is the same as what we have done on Mackie Control C4, so you won’t have to re-do a “MIDI learn” and learn a new UI on iControlMIDI. We can easily leverage for iControlMIDI the +25 instruments portfolio for have developed on Mackie Control C4… Stay tuned…
  • Bug Free Solution – iControlMIDI editors have tested with the real physical instrument or software instrument and are guaranteed bug-free.

iControlMIDI iMinimoogV for iOS 4.2 or later is now available to purchase for $29.99 USD.

More information: iControlMIDIDesign / iMinimoogV


Crossfire Designs MidiPadz Lite, free MIDI drumpad controller app

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Crossfire Designs MidiPadz Lite

Crossfire Designs has released MidiPadz Lite, a free MIDI drumpad controller for Network MIDI and USB MIDI.

It offers 16 drum pads on four pages, an X/Y-pad and a gravity controller, which makes the whole iPad’s rotation a controller.

MidiPadz is one of the first iOS programs that don’t require any 3rd party software or proprietary hardware for MIDI connection! With Network MIDI, you can take your iPad on stage and trigger your music wirelessly!

MidiPadz Lite features

  • Supports USB MIDI over iPad Camera Adapter.
  • Supports Network MIDI over WiFi.
  • Touch sensitive drum pads (depends on vertical position and two-finger tap for full velocity, user-changeable).
  • Four pages with 16 drum pads each.
  • Drum pad notes adjustable (tap on pad note symbol on bottom left, after that drag finger on pad up/down to change its note).
  • One X/Y controller (big pad on bottom).
  • Gravity controller (rotational axis of the iPad; Tap on rotation symbol on bottom left to activate, MIDI send light blinks every time you change the iPad’s rotation).
  • All controllers can change their MIDI controller number.
  • Rotational- and scroll-lock for drumpads (tap lock symbol).

MidiPadz Lite for iOS 4.2 is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.

More information: MidiPadz Lite


MOTU DP Control, free iPhone/iPad/iPod touch App for Digital Performer

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MOTU DP Control App

MOTU has announced the release of DP Control, a free app that allows Digital Performer users to control DP over a WiFi network using their iPhone, iPad or third-generation iPod Touch.

Built specifically for use with Digital Performer (Version 7.2 or later), DP Control gives users easy access to the most important transport and mixer functions for tracking, mixing, and live performance.

Designed with large, touch-friendly buttons and other UI elements, DP Control works in both landscape and portrait orientations. In portait mode, users can hold their iPhone or iPod in one hand, and comfortably operate DP Control by pressing buttons and swiping to new pages with their thumb.

Wireless, multi-touch mixing with Digital Performer is now a reality. Users can operate multiple on-screen Mixing Board faders simultaneously with several fingers. For two-handed mixing, users can turn their iPad sideways and mix with fingers from both hands at once. Faders and other controls are large and easy to grab. Users can quickly swipe left and right to access more faders as they mix.

If users make a change from DP Control on their remote device, such as renaming a take or adding a marker, the corresponding DP project on the host Mac is immediately updated, and vice versa. This two-way communication makes DP Control a seamless extension of DP.

DP Control features

  • Real two-way communication: changes made in DP Control are immediately reflected in DP, and vice versa.
  • Editable time counter with selectable format (including real-time, SMPTE time, samples, and marker names).
  • Main transport control and many other transport-related Control Panel functions (click, countoff, memory-cycle, etc.)
  • Page-controlled, scrollable mixer with animated, recordable pan knobs and volume sliders, plus level meters and peak indicators.
  • Solo, Mute, Record-enable, Play automation, Record automation and automation mode settings for each track.
  • Track list for the host DP project, complete with collapsable nested track folders and dynamically linked track organization that matches the currently open DP project on the host Mac.
  • Infinite undo, with the ability to step through the next and previous tasks in the host DP project undo history.
  • Marker creation and naming.
  • New Take, Previous Take, and Next Take functions that operate on all of the record-enabled tracks at once (essential for tracking drums).
  • Take selection, by name, for individual tracks. Also New Take, Delete Take, and Rename Take for the current take on any individual track.
  • Save function for saving changes made to the DP document.

DP Control is now available as a free download from the Apple App store. It is compatible with any iPhone, iPad, and third-generation iPod Touch, and it requires Digital Performer 7.2 or later running on a Mac on the same WiFi network as DP Control.

More information: MOTU / DP Control