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Short links for May 26th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on May 26th, 2008:

# glitchDS – A free homebrew Cellular Automaton music sequencer for the Nintendo DS. Perfect for creating IDM and Glitch style loops.

glitchDS – a music sequencer driven by the “game of life”

glitchDS features include:

  • Customizable Cellular Automaton sequencer.
  • Create your own “trigger points”.
  • Load in your own sounds.
  • Save and load your work.
  • BPM settings, or “strum mode” for controlling tempo.
  • Up to 6 sounds can be loaded at once.
  • Each sound has its own 32 step frequency modulation sequencer.
  • Global Distortion setting.

Check this YouTube video to see glitchDS in action.


# Arduino library for Peggy 2.0 – This brings Peggy 2.0 up to the level of having useful compatibility with the Arduino software environment: you can use high-level commands to control what shows up on the Peggy display.

# Chris Graham’s MultiWind instruments – The Mini Instrument (payable in many styles including brass, harmonica and breath controller) and the Woodwind style instrument, which is convertible from the Mini Instrument by snapping on the Finger Unit.

# Beatesthesia – highly customizable WYSIWYG music visualizer – Inspired in motive and design by synesthesia. Synesthesia from the Ancient Greek (syn), meaning “with,” and (aisthesis), meaning “sensation” is the phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

# Noise Toy in a Tea Tin

Becky Stern writes:

I assembled my Noise Toy kit knowing that I wanted to put it in some kind of enclosure, so I made sure to break out all the switches with wires. I found an old tea tin in my father’s shop and he helped me mount the circuit inside. We used a piece of wood to mount the circuit board inside and space the audio jack nearer the center of the lid. The two screws mounting the wood piece sort of look like eyes, and the switches on either side sort of look like ears, if you imagine it as a robot.

Swar Systems releases Volume 4

Swar Volume 4

Swar Systems has released Volume 4, a sample collection of Indian instruments for use with Swar products.

Volume 4 is our latest addition of rare instruments from all regions of India. Some of them are very difficult to find nowadays.

Volume 4 adds 25 new instruments:

  • Strings: Rabab, Mandolin, Tenor Banjo, Ravanhattha, Surbahar, Violin, Ektara, Swarmandal.
  • Percussion: Khuang, Halgi, Pung, Manipuri Dhol, Nishan, Bihu Dhol, Daphli, Khartaal, Eddaka, Khol, Bells.
  • Wind: Surnaii, Tutari, Pepa, Been, Algozay, Harmonium 3.

Volume 4 brings the number of instruments included in the Swar Systems products to 74. This volume can also be purchased as an add-on for $40 USD.

Visit Swar Systems for more information and audio demos.

Westgate Studios releases Rare Winds and Harps

Westgate Studios Rare Winds

Westgate Studios releases Rare Winds and Harps, two titles in the Modular Series 24 bit sample libraries for Kontakt 2 and Gigastudio.

Rare Winds includes the following instruments:

  • Sopranino Recorder
  • Soprano Recorder
  • Alto Recorder
  • Tenor Recorder
  • Bass Recorder
  • Soprano Ocarina
  • Tenor Ocarina
  • Penny Whistle
  • Irish Whistle

You can check the various included playing styles here.

The Harps module features a Concert Harp and a Celtic Harp with single note samples and a large variety of glissando samples.

Rare Winds is available for $125 USD (DVD), while the Harps module costs $140 USD (DVD).
A download version of Rare Winds costs $70 USD (includes only Alto Recorder, Tenor Ocarina and Penny Whistle) and both the Concert Harp and Celtic Harp can be downloaded separately for $70 USD each.

Visit Westgate Studios for more information a

Venuc releases Wisine v1.0

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Venuc Wisine v1.0

Venuc has released version 1.0 of Wisine, a freeware woodwind/brass model VSTi plug-in for Windows.

Wisine does NOT use samples; its sound is generated from synthesis.

Wisine features

  • Woodwind Model synthesis
  • Brass Model synthesis
  • Great sound quality
  • Built-in reverb
  • Friendly graphical interface (knobs designed by Artvera)

Visit Venuc for more information, audio demos, and links to download Wisine v1.0.

Ableton announces Ableton Live 7, new instruments and Ableton Suite

Ableton has announced some new products, scheduled to be released before the end of 2007: Ableton 7, some new add-on instruments, and Ableton Suite.

Ableton Live 7

Ableton Live 7 renews the core of Live, with enhancements to the audio engine including 64-bit mix summing, new and improved devices with side-chaining capability, better MIDI timing and hardware integration.

Ableton Live 7

New in Ableton Live 7

  • Enhanced Audio Engine – Live 7′s enhanced audio engine improves fidelity with precision 64-bit summing at all mix points throughout the program, POW-r dithering, optimized sample-rate conversion and other advances
  • New Compressor – The new compressor device integrates the compression models of Compressor I and II, and offers a new model based on a feedback design commonly found in the most praised vintage compressors
  • Sidechaining – Fully integrated side-chaining capability is available for the new Compressor as well as Gate and Auto Filter
  • Device High-Quality Modes – Operator, Dynamic Tube and Saturator now feature optional High-Quality modes for anti-aliased processing, reducing typical “digital” artifacts
  • EQ Eight—New and Improved – EQ Eight sports an improved user interface and a new 64-bit mode for increased accuracy and fidelity
  • Introducing Spectrum – The new Spectrum device is an analyzer that provides real-time visual feedback for any audio signals within Live (and it looks really cool!)
  • Improved MIDI Timing – The MIDI engine has been reworked and we were able to significantly reduce timing error (jitter) of recorded MIDI
  • Easy Hardware Integration – Hardware integration has been streamlined with the addition of two new devices—External Instrument and External Audio Effect—allowing hardware synthesizers and effects to be inserted into device chains just like software plug-ins
  • Other – Enhanced Memory Management, Audio Engine Fact Sheet, MIDI Engine Fact Sheet

Live 7 also brings some of the most requested features like Time Signature Changes, Video Export, Easier Automation, Tempo Nudge, and REX Support.

A new Drum Rack streamlines beat production via an easy drag-and-drop interface and offers native sliced audio and REX file support.

Ableton Live 7 is currently in beta stage. If you are a registered Live 6 user you can check to see if there are any beta serial numbers available to you here.

The download version of Ableton 7 will cost EUR 419/USD 499, and a boxed version (includes the Essential Instrument Collection 2) will be EUR 499/USD 599.

Note: All users who unlock their Live 6 or Live 6 Upgrade between October 1, 2007 and January 31, 2008 will get a free download upgrade to Ableton Live 7, plus attractive instrument bundle offers at release date.

New Ableton Instruments

The new add-on instruments are the result of Ableton’s collaboration with leading industry partners (AAS, SONiVOX and Chocolate Audio).

The palette covers physically modeled electric pianos, analog synthesizers and string instruments as well as multi-mic/multi-layer sampled acoustic drums, drum machines, orchestral strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion. The instruments integrate tightly with Live, both in terms of workflow and resource management.

New software instruments

Ableton Analog
Ableton Analog – one of the new software instruments
  1. Tension is a physical modeling string synthesizer that allows you to create incredibly accurate reproductions of real instruments or design otherworldly hybrids.
  2. Electric offers the sounds of classic electric pianos through physical modeling synthesis, allowing you to dive inside and play with the guts of the instrument.
  3. Analog emulates the unique circuitry and irresistible tweakability of vintage analog synthesizers. Able to produce everything from silky pad sweeps to earth-shaking bass.

Each of these software instruments will cost EUR 129/USD 159.

New sampled instruments

Ableton instruments

  • Session Drums, a meticulously multisampled library of acoustic drums that reproduces the nuances of a recording session and puts you in the engineer’s seat (price: EUR 149/USD 179)
  • Drum Machines, a choice selection of classic drum machines, meticulously sampled to faithfully reproduce the original sounds (price: EUR 69/USD 79)
  • Essential Instrument Collection 2, a choice selection of acoustic and electric pianos, guitars, bass, drums, orchestral instruments and more. Version 2 adds acoustic and electronic drums as well as presets optimized for better sound quality and faster loading (price: EUR 99/USD 119)
  • Orchestral Strings, a comprehensive selection of naturally rich and dynamic stringed instruments. Features solo and ensemble violin, viola, cello and double bass, all recorded in their natural positions within the orchestra, complete with a number of articulations (price: EUR 209/USD 249)
  • Orchestral Brass, a thorough set of vivid and colorful brass instruments. Features solo and ensemble French horn, trombone, trumpet and tuba, with a unique set of articulations in multiple section sizes (price: EUR 209/USD 249)
  • Orchestral Woodwinds, a variety of clear and vibrant wind instruments. Features solo and ensemble flute, clarinet, bassoon, oboe and English horn with a broad selection of articulations (price: EUR 209/USD 249)
  • Orchestral Percussion, captures the true essence of symphonic percussion instruments in pristine quality. Features vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, crotales, glockenspiel, tubular bells, cymbals and timpani with a variety of articulations (price: EUR 169/USD 199)

A bundle containing Orchestral Strings, Orchestral Brass, Orchestral Woodwinds and Orchestral Percussion will be available for EUR 669/USD 799

Ableton Suite

Ableton Suite combines Ableton Live 7 with Ableton instruments in a comprehensive bundle at a great discount.

Ableton Suite

There will be 2 versions of Ableton Suite:

  1. Download version (price: EUR 649/USD 799) including: Ableton Live 7, Sampler, Operator, Tension, Electric, Analog, and Drum Machines
  2. Boxed version (price: EUR 799/USD 999), same as the download version, additionally including:
    • Session Drums
    • Essential Instrument Collection 2

Several upgrade offers are available as well.

Visit Ableton for more detailed information on all these new products.

Back In Time Records releases Ethnotronic VST

Back In Time Records Ethnotronic VST

Back In Time Records has released Ethnotronics, an acoustic, electric and electronic world instruments sample library plus percussion collection, powered by the Wusik engine.

Ethnotronic features

  • Acoustic instrument multisamples, in-depth (length, mapping), several tone colors
  • Dynamics and performance variations, various playing positions, overblow effects (wind instruments)
  • Separate instrument details: flageolet, slides, noise, tongue techniques (wind instruments), hit position (percussions) and special sound effects (rooms, hits, strums, plucks) and pure attack noise section (blow, pluck, etc.)
  • Electrified string instrument multisamples (w/Pickup System)
  • Physical Modeling and synthetic (analog, FM) instrument multisamples
  • Various Percussion instruments and hit variations (dynamics, position)
  • SynthPad and SynthLayer multisamples for acoustic/electronic instrument mix purposes

Ehtnotronic is available in 3 different versions: Ethnotronics (1.2GB), Ethnotronics Pro (2.5GB) and Ethnotronics Pro XL (4.9GB).

Ethnotronic (download version) costs 79 EUR, 129 EUR for the Pro (more instruments) and 198 EUR for the Pro XL version (with even more instruments). Optionally you can order Ethnotronic on DVD.

Visit Back In Time Records for more information. releases Miles’tone v1.0 virtual trumpet VSTi

Related: , , , Posted in news on Jun 27, 2007 - comment 0 comments Miles'tone v1.0 has released Miles’tone, a virtual trumpet VSTi plugin.

Miles’tone is based on a mixed use of traditional synthesis (oscillators, filters) and physical modeling synthesis (tuned delay lines, resonators), but more importantly it reflects the behaviour of a real trumpet, reacts to pitch changes and air pressure in a very natural way, and has a nice and warm timbre.

It has been conceived to work with a Wind Controller but it can also be played with a traditional MIDI keyboard thanks to the built-in dedicated envelope generator.

Miles’tone doesn’t use any samples.

You can buy Miles’tone for the introductory price of 29 Euros (offer valid until 31st August 2007, after which it will be 39 Euros) and a demo with the following limitations is available:

  • shows a nag screen
  • muted for the first 15 seconds
  • plays a white noise for 3 seconds every 30 seconds

Visit for more information and audio clips of Miles’tone.

Bela D Media releases Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02

Bela D Media Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02

Bela D Media has released Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02, a projected multi volume sample collection of authentic instruments from various countries and cultures.


  • 24-bit/44.1KHz instruments: Armenian Duduk, Bulgarian Kaval, Didgeridoo, Koncovka (High Overtone Flute), Fujara (Low Overtone Flute), Dizi, Low Bansuri, Shakuhachi, Turkish Clarinet
  • Multi Speed Legato Control
  • Male and Female Vocal Breath
  • FX: 24-bit Redeemer IRF
  • Auto Default / Manual Key Switching
  • Auto / Manual Drone Mode
  • Noises for true sounding performances
  • Speed mode, real time ornamentations and/or vibrato to tempo
  • Real Time Velocity and Vibrato Cross-Fade Control
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Auto Random or Selected Round Robin
  • Latch and Pan Tables
  • Volume Sens
  • Wind Controller Compatibility (i.e. Yamaha WX5)

As a bonus, Bela D Media has included the Giovani Edition’s 19th century church impulse response file.

Anthology: Spiritual Winds Vol. 02 is released in Native Instruments Kontakt 2 format and costs $199.99 USD.

Visit Bela D Media for more information and some demos of Anthology: Spiritual Wind Vol. 02.