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The Bass Egg Project—Small, portable, sleek, wireless, and easy to use speaker

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The Bass Egg

The Bass Egg Project at Kickstarter has launched to make everything in your world a speaker.

The Bass Egg project began over a year ago when one team member was given a reverberation loudspeaker by his father. While the use of this technology in loudspeakers existed, there was much left to be desired. The only products available were either high in sound quality but not portable, or a novelty product encased in cheap plastic – not durable and lacking in sound quality. In addition, no versions were easy to use or appealing in their design.

Driven by the desire to design and manufacture the “best in class” reverberation speaker, our goal was to develop a product with the following attributes: Small and Portable, Sleek, Wireless and Easy to Use, and Durable. Of course, big, Quality Sound was a must.

After many long nights, much frustration and several trips to potential manufacturers – the Bass Egg was hatched.

The Bass Egg Project is looking for backers to pledge $150,000 USD by Friday Dec 14, 2012.

More information: The Bass Egg Project

Shure announces new rechargeable battery accessories—Intelligent power management & increased efficiency

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Shure has announced new rechargeable accessories: the SBC210 Portable Charger and SBC-DC Bodypack Power Insert.

Coupling the rock-solid reliability Shure products are known for with improved efficiency, the new solutions offer customers intelligent power management for extended usage times and battery life.

Shure SBC210

The SBC210 has a compact, rugged design and is available in a convenient desktop unit. Built with a rapid charging function, the portable accessory can charge two SB900 batteries to 50 percent capacity within one hour.

A full charge for both batteries can be achieved within three hours. SB900 batteries are compatible with the Shure P9RA and P10R Wireless Bodypack Receivers, the ULX-D™ Digital Wireless Handheld Transmitters, and the UR5 Portable Diversity Receiver.

Shure SBC-DC

Compatible with SB900-powered devices, the SBC-DC Bodypack Power Insert connects to a PS41 power supply for consistent and continuous operation without batteries.

The SBC-DC can be used with P9RA and P10R Wireless Bodypack Receivers, the ULXD1 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter, and the UR5 Portable Diversity Receiver.

In designing the SBC210 and SBC-DC, Shure kept the everyday challenges audio professionals face top-of-mind, enabling the accessories to build on the benefits of the Company’s existing rechargeable products. All Shure rechargeable products have precision metering, enabling users to track remaining battery life on the transmitter and receiver displays in hours and minutes—accurate within 15 minutes—for increased reliability and more definitive monitoring. Additionally, Shure’s rechargeables combine Lithium-ion chemistry with Shure battery circuitry, resulting in zero memory effect. Batteries can be recharged at any time, and a complete discharge is never necessary.

The SBC210 Portable Charger, SBC-DC Bodypack Power Insert, and other rechargeable battery products are available in a variety of configurations:

Model Description MSRP
SBC-DC DC Power Insert for SB900-compatible Bodypack $118
SBC210-US Dual Portable Rechargeable Battery Charger $289
SBC200-US Dual Docking Charger with Power Supply $274
SBC200 Dual Docking Charger (power supply not included) $200
SBC800-US Eight-bay Battery Charger $548
SB900 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery $118
SB900-8 Eight Pack of Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries $820

More information: Shure

Blue Aura intros v30 Blackline Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier + WSTxR Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit

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Blue Aura has announced the availability of the vv30 Blackline retro-elegant hybrid vacuum tube amplifier with an integrated DAC.

The wireless-ready two-channel audio system uses valve technology to replace the full spectrum of sound lost through the digital conversion process, bringing music back to its original velvety warmth and exacting detail for retail, office or home environments.

“The striking beauty and engineering of the v30 is revealed throughout the product. We put our craftsmen to work and they created a retro-designer amplifier complete with vacuum tubes and a stunning black and chrome exterior that Buck Rogers would yearn for,” commented Alex Chiou, president of Blue Aura North America.

Blue Aura v30 Blackline
The front features large chrome knobs, allowing user volume control and switching between sound sources.

v30 Blackline features

  • 2 x 20W hybrid vacuum tube amplifier.
  • Frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz +/- 1.5dB.
  • RCA, USB mini B, and 3.5mm mini jack for connecting digital sound sources, or analog stereo input, plus a headphone output.
  • 2 two-way bass reflex speakers are comprised of a low frequency 3.5 inch paper cone and high frequency 3/4 inch soft dome tweeter, with a frequency response of 55Hz – 20kHz.
  • Includes rubber stands, remote control and quality cabling.

The v30 Blackline is available to purchase from retailers for MSRP $549 USD. The WSTxR Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit, which will turn any powered speaker into a wireless speaker, is available now priced at $149 USD.

More information: Blue Aura / v30 Blackline

Propellerhead Figure music app updated to v1.2 incl. AudioCopy and WIST support

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Propellerhead Figure

Propellerhead Software has updated its Figure music app for iPhone and iPod touch to version 1.2, including support for AudioCopy and WIST.

Users can paste their Figure tracks into other iOS Apps with AudioCopy. WIST lets two people jam together by syncing apps running on different iOS devices. Available immediately as a free update, Figure 1.2 also adds several other user requested features as well as language localization in Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Using AudioCopy, Figure 1.2 users can take their music further by pasting their Figure audio as a perfect loop into any AudioPaste or iOS Pasteboard compatible application. Additional musical performing, looping, arranging, editing and other possibilities open up to Figure users in such apps as Apple’s GarageBand, Intua’s Beatmaker, Sonoma Wire Works’ StudioTrack, Retronyms‘ Synth, Wizdom Music’s MorphWiz, Sound Trends’ Looptastic and over 100 other applications from more than 50 companies. More info on AudioCopy/AudioPaste can be found here.

Developed by Korg, WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology) uses a Bluetooth signal to synchronize, stop and start apps on separate devices. With WIST Figure 1.2 users can perform with a friend or expand their iPad/iPhone ensemble—broadening the ways they can create and perform music on their mobile devices. Mix and match Figure with ReBirth, iMS20, iElectribe, Beatmaker and many other compatible apps in new dynamic ways. More info on WIST can be found here.

Changes in Figure v1.2

  • AudioCopy—enabling pasting of Figure audio directly into AudioPaste or Pasteboard compatible apps on iOS.
  • WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology)—simultaneously start two iOS devices with compatible apps.
  • Additional new atonal / chromatic scale mode.
  • Performance pads now have a grid.
  • Localized into Simplified Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian & Spanish languages.

Figure for iOS costs 0.79 EUR / $0.99 USD.

More information: Propellerhead / Figure

MOTU audio interfaces gain wireless iPad control of CueMix

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MOTU has released a driver update for all MOTU audio interfaces that enables wireless control of their on-board CueMix mixing features using an iPad.

Now available as a free download, the latest CueMix FX software includes TouchOSC templates for Apple’s iPad that give users complete control over the CueMix mixing and effects processing in their MOTU audio interface from anywhere in their home or studio Wi-Fi network.

All CueMix-equipped MOTU interfaces are supported, including current and legacy models.

The CueMix mixer in MOTU audio interfaces can be controlled from an iPad using an app called TouchOSC. Users can perform all CueMix mixing functions using on-screen faders, knobs, and buttons in TouchOSC. Communication is bi-directional, so any changes made on the computer screen will also be reflected on the iPad.

iPad control of CueMix FX is supported on both Mac OS X and Windows 7/Vista.

The TouchOSC layouts, along with a required CueMix FX software update, are included in a new MOTU universal audio installer now available to all MOTU audio interface users as a free download.

More information: MOTU / TouchOSC for CueMix

Shure adds ULXD4D & ULXD4Q multi-channel receivers to ULX-D Series

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Shure has announced it is extending its ULX-D™ Digital Wireless Microphone System with new multi-channel receivers, a High Density mode that enables 47 systems to operate in just six MHz of spectrum, and integrated Dante™ digital audio networking.

New Dual and Quad channel digital receivers coming late Summer 2012.

The new ULXD4D dual channel digital receiver and ULXD4Q quad channel digital receiver pack two or four channels of wireless into one rack space, with individual gain controls, LED meters, and XLR outputs for each channel. Like the single-channel, half-rack ULXD4 digital receiver, the new dual and quad receivers feature fully digital audio processing and RF transmission as well as AES 256-bit encryption.

“ULX-D has already set a new bar for audio quality, spectral efficiency, and features with its intelligent rechargeable batteries and AES256 encryption,” said Erik Vaveris, Category Director for Wireless products at Shure. “The addition of full-rack dual and space-saving quad-channel receivers provides customers with professional form factors and an amazing list of new features and enhancements.”

The dual and quad receivers add two new features that make using a large number of systems not only possible, but simple. Selecting High Density mode enables up to 47 ULX-D systems to operate in just six MHz of spectrum (equal to one U.S. television channel), with a working range up to 30 meters. High Density mode optimizes the system’s output power and digital RF filtering to reduce its spectral footprint from 350 kHz to 125 kHz, with no loss of sound quality. This lets ULX-D systems be tuned to frequencies that are much closer together without interfering with each other. Even in Standard mode, up to 17 ULX-D systems can operate in six MHz.

“High Density mode provides a unique option for getting an unprecedented number of microphones on the air,” added Vaveris. “As spectrum challenges continue to increase, High Density mode is a key tool for systems integrators who need to maximize the amount of microphones that can reliably operate in less spectrum.”

The ULXD4D and ULXD4Q receivers are also equipped with integrated Dante digital audio networking, which enables multiple channels of audio to be distributed to a variety of devices over a single Ethernet cable, including Yamaha’s new CL Series consoles. Dante networking provides reliable, low latency audio transport, and can coexist safely on the same network as IT and control data. Shure has executed a licensing agreement with Sydney, Australia-based Audinate for the Dante digital audio networking technology.

Launching the dual and quad receivers at InfoComm makes perfect sense because their feature set is so well suited to the needs of systems integrators. Starting with ULX-D’s remarkable audio and RF performance, adding Dante Digital audio networking provides a great way to simplify set up while also increasing flexibility in installed sound systems. Include features like bodypack frequency diversity, a reliable and intelligent rechargeable battery system, and digital encryption, and you have a wireless microphone system that can meet the needs of just about any sound reinforcement application.

The new ULXD4D and ULXD4Q receivers will be available in late summer 2012 through authorized Shure resellers in numerous configurations with a wide range of Shure microphone options.

More information: Shure / ULX-D Series

Maago intros 4×4 controller family for Traktor

Maago 4x4 Virtual App

Maago has released the Maago 4×4 Virtual App, the first product in a new controller family for the Traktor DJ software platform by Native Instruments.

The 4×4 Virtual App has been designed to wirelessly control Native Instruments TRAKTOR PRO or any other application or device that supports the MIDI protocol through a wireless connection directly from your iPad or iPhone.

The App lets you control the four decks of TRAKTOR PRO, the Effects and all the Browsing features of the software.

The 4×4 Virtual App is available to purchase for $16.99 USD (iPad) / $2.99 USD (iPhone/iPod touch).

Maago is also developing the Maago 4×4 hardware unit, a 4-decks USB/MIDI DJ controller.

Maago 4x4
Maago’s 4×4 new generation hardware midi controller unit for Traktor Pro.

Maago 4×4 features

  • Buttons and knobs:
    • 40 high quality back lit buttons
    • 71 high quality buttons
    • 42 high quality small buttons
    • 11 high quality rotary enconders
    • 8 high quality knobs
    • 4 LEDs
  • Connections: 2 USB ports / 1 Midi out + 1 Midi in
  • Dimensions: 120 mm (4.7″) x 52 mm (2″) x 294mm (11.5″)
  • Weight: 691 grams (1.5 lb)
  • Power Supply: bus power via USB 2.0 interface and/or external power supply (not included)
  • Note: specifications subject to change.

The hardware unit will be demonstrated at the East Ender Festival (Sonar Off 2012) on June 14th. The controller is expected to ship late 2012/early 2013.

More information: Maago

PreSonus announces iPad Control for AudioBox 1818VSL

PreSonus has announced StudioLive Remote 1818VSL software, a free, dedicated wireless-control app for the PreSonus AudioBox™ 1818VSL audio/MIDI interface.

PreSonus StudioLive Remote 1818VSL
PreSonus StudioLive Remote 1818VSL app for iPad

The AudioBox 1818VSL USB 2.0 interface’s 26 x 18 mixing and processing features are controlled by AudioBox VSL software for Mac® and Windows®. It provides a computer-based ultra-low-latency mixer with two stereo effects buses for reverb and delay plus theFat Channel processing from the StudioLive 16.0.2. The Fat Channel includes a compressor, limiter, downward expander, high-pass filter, and 3-band semi-parametric EQ that are available on every input, DAW return, and bus.

Now, with StudioLive Remote 1818VSL, you can control all features of AudioBox VSL software (except Solo and Channel Link) wirelessly from an iPad. The new app provides multiple views of the key AudioBox VSL mixer and processing controls. The Overview displays the most-used parameters, such as channel levels, mutes, panning, EQ curves, and more for multiple channels at once. Tap a microview to zoom in on the Fat Channel processing, then navigate between the processors with the flick of a fingertip.

“Because the AudioBox 1818VSL has a built-in 26 x 18 mixer, it can be seriously considered as a live mixer for small groups,” notes PreSonus CEO Jim Mack. “StudioLive Remote 1818VSL iPad control makes this even more convenient.”

An AudioBox 1818VSL firmware update will be required in order to use StudioLive Remote 1818VSL. Registered owners will be able to download this update at

StudioLive Remote 1818VSL is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2012 and will be a free download from the Apple App Store.

More information: PreSonus