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WOK launches SAM sequencer addon module pre-order

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WOK has announced a pre-order offer for SAM ( Sequencer Addon Module), a virtual clone of the Oberheim SEM synth module.

Our goal was to catch the typical analog sound of the original hardware emulating circuit instabilities, while leaving some limitations behind; so the plugin is polyphonic, allows more than one MIDI modulation source, has an extra LFO for pitch (reacting on the mod wheel) and a noise oscillator.

But besides this extensions, the plugin is following the simplicity and sound options of the original. Clear layout, easy to use, full sound.

SAM for Windows (VST) is now available to pre-order for 21 EUR until September 1st (regular 41 EUR).

More information: WOK / SAM


WOK announces SAM virtual Oberheim SEM module emulation

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WOK has announced SAM, a VST recreation of the famous Oberheim™ SEM module.

While the soundwise construction is similar to the hardware unit, some limitations have been eliminated in the software version; so there is polyphony, a second LFO, a noise source and PWM for the saw waveform.

Special attention was given to recreate the analog variably of seperate hardware circuits for the audio paths in polyphonic mode.

SAM will be available end of August as a VST plugin for Windows with an introductory offer.

More information: WOK


WOK releases Ghost, free drone synth plugin

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WOK Ghost

WOK has released Ghost, a freeware drone synthesizer instrument for Windows.

What is it? Something that makes a sound.

How to use? Adjust Attack/Release with the one knob and press + hold one or more keys on your keyboard.

Is it made with Synthedit? YES! So it’s big, a CPU hog, might crash your host, is NOT available for overpriced MAC computers and is responsible for all the evil in the world (incl. Rave and Facebook).

Drone for Windows (VST) is available as a free download here.

More information: WOK / KVR Audio


WOK releases Ratchit MIDI note gater plugin

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WOK Ratchit

WOK has released Ratchit, a MIDI plugin that automatically repeats incoming MIDI notes synced to the host clock.

This plugin is intended to be used together with the Clockwork step sequencer to generate the “Ratcheting effect”, when certain sequence steps are divided into smaller steps.

Of course it can be used with any step sequencer or other MIDI sources.

Ratchit for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 5 EUR.

For Clockwork customers there is a special offer until the end of May to get Ratchit at no cost by submitting one or more self made Clockwork presets to WOK.

More information: WOK / Ratchit


WOK releases Echo Freeze Unit EFU-1 delay plugin

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WOK has released Echo Freeze Unit EFU-1, a delay effect plug-in for Windows.

WOK Echo Freeze Unit EFU-1

EFU-1 is more than another delay plugin. Besides all the basic functions (host sync or milliseconds, digital/tape/analog sound, modulation) it features a distinctive freeze function; like some famous hardware delay units, the delay buffer can act like a sampler. Up to 4/1 bars of input signal can be recorded (or lets better say: frozen) and continously played back at a selectable speed – even reverse.

But EFU-1 is more flexible than hardware devices: while a frozen audio segment is played back, the delay unit remains useable – even at a different delay time / sync divider! Also to hold and freeze a signal it is possible to first choose “record” and then send audio to the plugin, or you continously play thru the delay and if the “last loop” was interesting, you hit “Record” to freeze it! And while the recorded phrase is played back – even reverse, you may continue to play along with it thru the delay at a different time setting. By the way: feedback can be cranked up until nearly endless, and in millisecond mode, the delay time can be changed smoothly from many seconds to very short – producing these famous dub sounds!

The ease of use, low CPU usage and musical functionality are making EFU-1 the perfect tool for live mangling your audio. Try the demo version and buy the full version via secure Paypal service with direct download afterwards!

EFU-1 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: WOK / EFU-1


WOK D-Arp, dual MIDI arpeggiator VST plugin

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WOK has announced the release of D-Arp, a dual MIDI arpeggiator VST plug-in for Windows.


D-Arp is a double power arpeggiator to trigger your plugins or external synths.

Two arps can run parallel or serial (the first triggers the second). Extras like a force2scale function and the ability to run by manual stepping triggered by incoming MIDI notes on a different channel make this plugin
stand out from other arpeggiators.

Special features: host-sync, shuffle, adjustable note length with overlap at max point (for mono glide sounds), velocity adjustable or input pass thru. Clock divider for speed control includes settings for dotted or triol – also there is a manual control for step thru by sending MIDI notes on channel 16 to the plugin (for example from a drum machine !).

D-Arp is available as a VST plug-in for Windows, priced at 11 EUR.

More information: WOK / D-Arp


WOK releases KICKWOrK, virtual bass drum synthesizer plugin

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WOK has announced the release of KICKWOrK, a virtual bass drum synthesizer instrument for Windows.

KICKWOrK is a kick drum synthesizer plugin. From deep hiphop basses to hard rave kicks – everything available with the turn of some knobs.

A clear and easy GUI helps you to find your bass drum sound quick. No samples inside – pure analogue emulation. A minimum of knobs for a maximum of variations. Kick sound can be triggered by any incoming MIDI note or by an audio input (bass drum of a drumloop).

KICKWOrK for Windows (VST) is now available to purchase at a “Pay What You Like” price for a limited time (regular price 19 EUR).

More information: WOK / KICKWOrK


WOK updates FlexFilterbank2 to v2.1

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WOK Flexfilterbank2

WOK has released version 2.1 of FlexFilterbank2, a filter effect plug-in for Windows.

There are 8 filter bands, each with a volume and frequency knob. The overall bandwidth of the filters can be adjusted too. Feed it with noise, strings, drums or voice to get vocoder-like effects, enhance or damp frequencies or get special effects. The emulation of electronic circuits also allows for overdrive the input or output section. 2x oversampling reduces digital artifacts.

Changes in FlexFilterbank2 v2.1

  • The output of the 8 filters can be controlled by incoming MIDI notes to “play” the filters with a keyboard.
  • The middle octave’s notes C – C’ trigger the envelopes for the output volume of the 8 filters (with fixed or variable velocity).

Flexfilterbank2 is available to download as a free VST effect plug-in for Windows. The free version only includes 1 preset and has a nagscreen. A version with more presets and no nagscreen is available upon donation.

More information: WOK / Flexfilterbank2