Frap Tools intros UNO Eurorack foldable case

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Frap Tools has announced the UNO, a foldable case for Eurorack modules.

Frap Tools UNO

Designed and crafted in Italy, by passionate designers and synthesizer lovers, the UNO will redefine the quality of this products category. The mix of wonderful materials, simple shapes and highly engineered solutions results in a durable product that ages beautifully.

The UNO is a premium product designed to be the flagship in the Eurorack Case universe. The simple, yet highly functional design has been developed by musicians for musicians, to guarantee the best experience ever. All screws and folding mechanics are hidden within an extremely well-constructed case, with an elegant form and beautiful lines.

With the UNO, the user can use its current (or favorite) power supply system — each row comes with a support plate which hosts his preferred power board. The UNO supports eurorack modules up to 55mm deep in the upper and lower row, and up to 70mm deep in the middle row (depending on the main power board installed).

The elegant high-quality wood, looks and feels like no other: it will be available in different flavors, so the user can choose the one that best fits with his style. All woods are hand finished with clear boiled linseed oil, in order to emphasize the warmth and feeling of the material — no colors are applied.

When needed, user can instantly fold the UNO —without any need to unplug the patch cables — and take it with him on the road. It also meets the current airline carry-on luggage dimension requirements — an optional bag built with waterproof fabric and foam will be also available.

The UNO will be available from Summer 2015.

More information: Frap Tools / UNO


HISS and a ROAR releases Tortured Wood sound library

HISS and a ROAR has released Tortured Wood, a unique 7GB sound library featuring the sounds of breaking wood.

HISS and a ROAR Tortured Wood

Tortured Wood? Hell yes! We’ve spent the last month breaking wood, slamming 40kg poles into stacks of debris, throwing pallets, planks and furniture around as loudly as possible! We also tortured wood in our quiet foley room, rendering half a dozen baskets into kindling & capturing some truly nasty crunches, creaks and breaks.

Primarily captured with Sennheiser MKH8040 ORTF microphones, we also used contact mics at times (although its very difficult to keep them attached to disintegrating wood!) We also captured some of the louder moments to Nagra 4.2 which will be released as a free update to this library, once final demonising is complete.

The library is available for the introductory price of $79 USD until August 9th, 2014 (regular $99 USD).

More information: HISS and a ROAR / Tortured Wood


LSTN Headphones launches Troubadours headphones

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LSTN Headphones Troubadours

LSTN Headphones has recently launched the Troubadours series of handcrafted over-ear headphones.

Guitars, pianos and violins are made from wood – why not headphones? Wood has acoustic properties that outperform synthetics.

Each pair is handcrafted from reclaimed wood – no two sets are exactly the same. Eco-friendly meets fashion-friendly.

For every pair sold, we help restore hearing to a child in a deaf school. We strive to make philanthropy the coolest thing, ever.

Troubadours features

  • Reclaimed beechwood/cherry/ebony wood casing.
  • Plush earcups for long term use.
  • Unpluggable, wood enclosed, gold plated plugs.
  • In-line microphone.
  • Durable, nylon wrapped cables.
  • Adjustable metal band.
  • Works with iPhone®, iPod®, Android®, Blackberry®, CD, DVD, spaceships etc.
  • Frequency response: 18Hz – 22KHz.
  • Sensitivity: 101+/-3dB At 1KHz1mW.
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm.
  • R&L balance< < 3dB(50Hz-6KHz 1mW).
  • Rated input power: 30mW.
  • Maximum input power: 50mW.
  • Cable: length 1.2m.
  • Plug: 3.5mm gold plated.

The Troubadours are available to purchase for $150 USD.

More information: LSTN Headphones / Troubadours


S&V Studio releases Wooden Horn Tenor for Kontakt

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S&V Studio has released Wooden Horn Tenor, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Wooden Horn Tenor (vladimirsky rozhok) for NI Kontakt 5. Details sampled version of Russian folk instruments.

S&V Studio Wooden Horn Tenor
The Wooden Horn Tenor in Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

Wooden Horn Tenor features

  • 603 samples, 281 MB. wav, aif. 44.1kHz Hz, 24 bit, Stereo.
  • 1-3 Round-Robins.
  • 1- 4 velocity layers for each note.
  • Natural release noises.
  • Strokes: Sustain 1, Sustain 2, Sustain slow attack, Staccato 1 and 2, Frullato, Loop Staccato (Full MIDI automation), Doits, Falls.
  • CC 64 (Damper Pedal) launches the different Release groups.

Wooden Horn Tenor for Kontakt 5 (full version required) is available to purchase for $33 USD.

More information: S&V Studio / Wooden Horn Tenor


UNTERLASS Studio Furniture opens for business with DUODESK 60

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All-new high-end studio furniture-maker UNTERLASS Studio Furniture has opened its doors for business throughout the European Union, offering a flexible range of quality professional products proudly manufactured in Austria.

Unterlass Studio Furniture Duodesk 60
Unterlass Studio Furniture’s Duodesk 60 in various configurations.

Today’s budget-conscious climate has resulted in many musicians choosing to record in their own highly- personalised workspaces, often at home. Design consciousness is arguably at an all-time high, but what do you do when what you want does not exist? Why, design and build it yourself, of course! Which is exactly what Austrian Arno Unterlass did: UNTERLASS Studio Furniture by name, studio furniture by nature.

So who better, then, to take up the UNTERLASS Studio Furniture story than the namesake company founder himself: “In 2009 I wanted to buy a desk for my own recording studio, but there was nothing on the market that fitted my needs, in terms of ergonomics, design, and materials. As a musician and producer myself, I knew exactly what I wanted: the look and feel of a studio — without having to buy a big analogue mixing console. I rendered the first prototype of the DUODESK 60 in 3D, then built it for real. This was exactly what I wanted — lacquered finish, open backs, and lots of space for rack units. The reason why I formed the company was that I got so many requests from people who wanted exactly the same desk.”

Billed as being a one-man media production workspace for recording, mastering, and mixing, today the DUODESK 60 is available as standard in a silk matt black lacquered finish for €1,780.00 EURO (excluding VAT). Featuring a cleverly-concealed cable management system, its two 10-degree-angled desktop-mounted side racks (10HE each), two front-facing floor-level vertical side racks (16HE each), and two rear-mounted horizontal racks (4HE each) all amount to a lot of rack space — surely enough to satisfy most recording requirements, while its ergonomic shape, look, and feel simplifies workflow, creating the impression of being in a professional studio environment — perfect for impressing clients, whether working in a fully professionally-designed studio or otherwise.

Various configuration options enhance the look, feel, and functionality of the DUODESK 60: deluxe (alternative ‘Zebrano’ wooden finish); flexi (extends the desk width by 20cm or 50cm); master (adds another angled 10HE rack space within the desk’s ‘sweet spot’); white (alternative colour finish). Pricing upon request.

Production time is approximately four weeks from order placement, and shipping is available from 100 EUR (excluding VAT), depending on destination. All desks are securely supplied flat-packed in a wooden crate with instructions for relatively simple self assembly. No need to widen any doors!

More information: UNTERLASS Studio Furniture / Duodesk 60


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