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Sonokinetic releases Shahrazad Middle Eastern clarinet performances for Kontakt

Sonokinetic Shahrazad

Sonokinetic has announced Shahrazad, a collection of Middle Eastern clarinet performances and legato patches for Native Instruments Kontakt.

We set a goal to capture the same mystic musical quality from the middle eastern musical heritage as represented in ‘Voices of Israel’ and ‘Desert Voice’. The Turkish clarinet is the ideal supplement to the aforementioned; a very versatile and vocalic melody instrument that reflects the microtonal system. The beautiful and mystic character of this sound will capture the imagination of your audience and take them on a 1001 nights journey or fly them through a land of fables and myths in a way that is unmatched in any other woodwind performance sample collection.

Shahrazad features

  • Base samples: 1 instrument patch containing the following styles:
    • 5 makam phrase articulations.
    • One sustain patch.
    • One authentic legato instrument with recorded intervals.
  • Single instrument for Kontakt 4.2.3 and higher with 4 panels – Main, IR, EQ & Credits.
  • Convolution reverb applied to the multi instrument to represent the original acoustic space.
  • Sonokinetic IR space design knob to allow dynamic assignment and configuration of the convolution effects.
  • Dynamic sample loading & purging for efficient memory usage.
  • Customisable keyswitching system to allow command of articulations in your compositions.
  • Visual representation of current key when playing phrases.
  • Shahrazad Reference manual (pdf).
  • Artwork : “Shahrazad” dvd cover. Designed by Pavel Fuksa.
  • Artwork : “Shahrazad” UI art designed by Tomek Maronski.
  • Programming : “Shahrazad” Kontakt script and instruments by Blake Robinson.
  • Video tutorials. Hosted by Blake Robinson
    • Patch auditing. Each patch briefly reviewed.
    • Technical tour of the interface.
  • Format: All files in 48 kHz, 24bit mono aif format.
  • Total size 6.44GB, total amount of samples: 4901 samples.

Shahrazad for Kontakt 4.2.3 is available to purchase for 49.90 EUR.

More information: Sonokinetic / Shahrazad


EarthMoments World Woodwind Series – Oriental Ney Bundle

EarthMoments Oriental Ney Bundle

Loopmasters has released Oriental Ney Bundle, a collection of World Woodwind Series sample packs by EarthMoments.

The Oriental Ney Bundle is a hard-to-resist library of 246 organic and husky ethnic Ney flute loops played by exceptional musicians with unmistakable Turkish emotions, and definitive Middle Eastern colours, with signatures ranging from the down tempo to the upbeat.

Ney is a Persian word meaning reed, as the instrument is made from a piece of hollow cane or reed, dating dates back 4,500–5,000 years, making it one of the oldest musical instruments. Ney is often the only wind instrument used in some Middle Eastern musical traditions.

Oriental Ney Bundle features

  • Includes 246 loops and samples.
  • Optimised with the closest attention to detail, the Oriental Ney Bundle samples have been recorded using tube Pre-Amps and Mics on 96kHz.
  • Available Formats: 24 Bit, 44.1kHz Wav files, Ableton Live Pack.
  • Suitable for World, Ethnic, Cinematic genres.

The Oriental Ney Bundle is available to purchase from Loopmasters for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Oriental Ney Bundle


Syntheway updates DAL Flute to v2.1, virtual woodwind instrument

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Syntheway DAL Flute

Syntheway has released version 2.1 of DAL Flute, a virtual flute instrument plug-in for Windows.

DAL Flute is a virtual woodwind instrument combining multi-samples of real flutes with a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine. Offers control over several parameters allowing you to sculpt new and interesting sounds.

Changes in DAL Flute v2.1

  • Added the Shakuhachi, a Japanese end-blown flute with 8 presets including natural and synthetic sounds.
  • Some changes in the graphical interface.
  • Minor adjustments have been made to the default settings.
  • Added link to website in company logo and updated help/info CHM file by clicking on “question mark” (?) icon.
  • Small bug fixes.

DAL Flute for Windows PC (VST) is available to purchase for $29 USD.

More information: Syntheway


Fable Sounds releases Broadway Lites, contemporary winds virtual instrument

Fable Sounds Broadway Lites

SONiVOX on behalf of Fable Sounds has announced the release of Broadway Lites, a value priced selection of instruments articulations from the critically acclaimed Broadway Big Band virtual instrument for Mac and PC.

Fable Sounds’ Broadway Big Band™ Virtual Instrument upon its original release was widely hailed as the first and only virtual instrument to accurately portray contemporary jazz, blues, pop, and r’n’b woodwind, brass, and rhythm instrument’s playing techniques in a playable virtual instrument plugin, and since has been used in countless high-profile film, tv, album, multimedia, theater, and live concert applications.

Broadway Lites™ is designed to carry on this tradition. It features one mic position, and most of the core articulations of a select set of saxophones, trumpets, trombone and clarinet taken from Broadway Big Band™ – Kontakt Edition, as well as being powered by the Kontakt 4 player, incorporating the same integrated advanced articulation scripting found in its bigger counterpart.

Broadway Lites is available to purchase for an MSRP and estimated street price of $499.99 USD. Fable Sounds will also be offering a special upgrade price for registered Broadway Lites users who wish to upgrade from Broadway Lites to Broadway Big Band. This upgrade is available directly through SONiVOX as well as SONiVOX’s international distribution partners.

More information: Fable Sounds / Broadway Lites


Zero-G releases Animato – String & Flute FX for Cinema

Zero-G and Xfonic have released Animato – String & Flute FX for Cinema, a 4.5Gb collection of 24bit cinematic audio inspiration.

Zero-G Animato - String & Flute FX for Cinema

Animato contains 3000 samples and 139 separate Kontakt instruments each with its own custom GUI created especially for this project.

Featuring world-class instrumentalists from the renowned Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Animato is a uniquely realistic, expressive and playable Orchestral Effects library. With a wide sonic range from chaotic, tense effects to beautiful undulating pads. Distant pianissimo sirens can shift seamlessly to fortissimo ungodly screeches all at the simple command of your Mod Wheel.

The 20th century saw the extreme sonic possibilities and expressive potential of classical instruments gradually become standard compositional tools of pioneering concert and film composers. Now at last, many of the best and most exciting possibilities are presented here in an easy to control format utilising the massive sonic capabilities of Kontakt enabling you to change microphone positions or ensemble size at the turn of a knob.

The unique depth and complexity of sound presented here is the product of many instrumentalists playing complex, changing parts together – a quality heard in full live orchestral performances but impossible to re-create using standard orchestral sample libraries, where stacking up many straight-played notes in a sequencer only results in a flat, straight-played sound.

This library is perfect for adding realistic strings and woodwind effects to soundtracks, TV programmes and games but it is also ideal for contemporary commercial producers looking for authentic live sounds that give their productions a leading edge.

Animato – String & Flute FX for Cinema is available to purchase on DVD (Acid™WAV/Kontakt) from Time+Space for £89.95 GBP / 109 EUR.

More information: Time+Space / Animato


EarthMoments Indian Emotions, Indian Strings and Woodwinds sample library

EarthMoments Indian Emotions

Loopmasters has released Indian Emotions, a sample pack featuring Indian strings and woodwinds by EarthMoments.

The essential strings and woodwinds package has been optimised with the closest attention to detail, staying true to the sound with authentic royalty free samples. The vocals samples were recorded using tube Pre-Amps and Mics on 96kHz in studios across India.

This unique sample pack has been created and maximised to the highest standards, exclusively delivered by top Indian vocalists in the Indian music scene today, and can be used to create a variety of styles with Indian vocals signatures.

India Emtions features

  • 785MB content, Wav 24 bit / 44.1khz quality.
  • 567 samples of a range of known and unknown Indian instruments: Bhapang, Ektara, Dotara, Dilruba, Esraj, Santoor, Sarangi, Sarod, Sitar, Slide Guitar, Veena, Vichitra Veena, Violin, Bansuri flute, Flute and Harmonium.
  • Recorded on 96kHz using Class A preamps and Tube mics at Clementine studios in Chennai.

Indian Emotions is available to purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / EarthMoments Indian Emotions


Dan Dean Productions announces Sample Library Sale

Dan Dean Productions Sample Library Sale

Dan Dean Productions has launched a time limited promotion, offering various sample libraries at discounted prices.

Founded in 1979, Dan Dean Productions, Inc. is primarily involved in music production for the broadcast media and sample library design and development. Broadcast media clients include: the Boeing Company, Nike, Soloflex, Haggar Sportswear, Coke, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, Microsoft, MSN, Hewlett Packard and many others.

Since its inception, Dan Dean Productions has created truly cutting edge sample libraries, receiving numerous awards such as Keyboard Magazine’s “Key Buy” awards, Sound on Sound Magazine’s “5 star” designations, Electronic Musician’s “Hot Pix” award and others.

Dan Dean Productions Sample Library Sale

  • Brass Ensemble for GigaSampler/Akai – $199 USD (regular $699/$599)
  • Solo Brass for GigaSampler/Akai – $199 USD (regular $649/$549)
  • Solo Brass – Lite for GigaSampler – $99 USD (regular $199)
  • Solo Woodwinds for GigaSampler/Akai – $199 USD (regular $$549/$549)
  • Solo Woodwinds Lite for GigaSampler – $99 USD (regular $199)
  • Bass Collection, Vol 1 – $99 USD (regular $129)
  • Bass Collection, Vol. 2 – $99 USD (regular $129)
  • Giga Bass Collection for GigaSampler – $99 USD (regular $199)
  • Solo Strings for GigaSampler/Akai – $99 USD (regular $199)
  • Solo Strings Advanced for Kontakt – $99 USD (regular $199)

This time-limited sale ends 8 June, 2010.

More information: Dan Dean Productions


Kong Audio releases ChineeSuona

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Kong Audio ChineeSuona

Kong Audio has announced the release of ChineeSuona, a virtual hybrid crossover of a brass and woodwind instrument.

The sound of Suona is energetic, unapologetically harsh, abrasively brash, and proud-to-be-so-loud, blasting out everythings in sight. It is wild.

Suona is believed to be derived from the Persian Zurna and slowly adopted by the Chinese in the course of history. By the time of the Ming Dynasty (14th – 17th century), Suona is documented as a prevalent instrument in China.

Today, Suona is still widely used in the local (especially the rural areas) Chinese activities such as weddings or religious festivals. Some modified versions of Suona are now the official instruments of large traditional Chinese orchestras.

ChineeSuona features

  • 380 MB meticulously produced sample sets, all samples are recorded in 24 bit 96 kHz.
  • Two different Suonas: a Big Suona in G (note range: D4-E6), a Small Suona in D (note range: A3-B5), with various types of legato, tremolo, trills and staccato, rolls and vibes playing styles.
  • Like all other Chinee Series plugins, the live playability of ChineeSuona is unmatched.

ChineeSuona is available to purchase as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC, priced at $68 USD.

More information: Kong Audio / ChineeSuona