Propellerhead Software releases Radical Keys for Reason

Propellerhead has announced the release of Radical Keys, a Rack Extension featuring three classic electric pianos. The Radical Engine lets you blend signals and modeling from different signal chains—clean line recording, amplifier and ambient room … read more

Applied Acoustics Systems launches Lounge Lizard EP-4 Pre-release Promotion

Applied Acoustics Systems has announced a pre-release promotion for its upcoming Lounge Lizard EP-4 virtual electric piano instrument for Windows and Mac. The promotion brings the price of Lounge Lizard EP-3 down to $149 (a … read more

Rhythmic Robot WurliBeat sample library for NI Kontakt

Rhythmic Robot has released WurliBeat, a Kontakt sound library featuring the smooth groove and mellow chilledfulness of the Wurlitzer Swingin’ Rhythm. WurliBeat is a Kontakt recreation of the rare Wurlitzer Electronic Swingin’ Rhythm preset rhythm … read more

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Gospel Musicians releases Neo-Soul Keys 3X for Kontakt 5 FREE Player

Gospel Musicians has announced the release of its Neo-Soul Keys 3X sample library for the Kontakt 5 Free Player by Native Instruments. Neo-Soul Keys 3X is an upgrade to the original Neo-Soul Keys. Unlike the … read more

Future Loops releases Club House Keys

Future Loops has announced the release of its Club House Keys, a collection of live keys loops specially recorded for dance productions. Club House Keys features live recordings of Hammond, Rhodes, Piano and Wurlitzer at … read more

Arturia launches V Collection 3.0

Arturia has announced version 3.0 of its V Collection bundle of ten award-winning software instruments for Windows and Mac. V Collection 3.0 is the ultimate reference solution for demanding musicians seeking the legendary analogue synthesizer … read more

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Arturia launches ‘Next Generation’ instruments: 64-bit compatibility, improved MIDI assignment & better performance

Arturia has announced the release of ‘Next Generation’ versions of its Analog Classic software instruments as of July 6. Ten of Arturia’s most popular Mac (OS X 10.5 or higher) and Windows (7/Vista/XP) software instruments … read more

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Soniccouture updates Broken Wurli to v1.1

Soniccouture has updated its Broken Wurli sound library to version 1.1. When developing EP73 Deconstructed, our new Rhodes instrument, we took the functionality of Broken Wurli and built upon it, adding some features and refining … read more

Sound Magic releases GrandEpiano virtual electric piano instrument

Sound Magic has announced GrandEpiano, a virtual instrument featuring the sounds from a classic Rhodes Electric Piano. By using our Sound Magic Award-Winning Hybrid Modeling Technology, GrandEpiano not only provides an accurate copy of the … read more

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Ableton releases new Partner Instrument: Electric Pianos by Soniccouture

Ableton has announced Electric Pianos, a software instrument by Soniccouture, consisting of two carefully sampled classic electric pianos – the Rhodes Stage 73 and the Wurlitzer 200A. The nuanced sound and dynamics of these legendary … read more

Arturia releases Wurlitzer V electric piano software

Arturia has announced the availability of Wurlitzer V, a high-end software recreation of the classic Wurlitzer EP 200A electric piano. Think electric piano, and many musicians still think Wurlitzer or ‘Wurly’ — one of a … read more

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Acousticsamples releases Wurlie – Wurlitzer Student Electronic Piano sound library

Acousticsamples has released Wurlie, a sampled 64 keys Wurlitzer 206A piano. The 206A is a student model, and is very similar to a 200A except for its beige color and built in amp/speaker (it also … read more

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Native Instruments updates George Duke Soul Treasures + 50% off limited time deal

Native Instruments has announced the release of an update to the Kontakt-based instrument George Duke Soul Treasures. The update focuses on enhanced time-stretching, made possible by recent updates to the KONTAKT 5 engine. The new … read more

Hollow Sun releases Tubelitzer for Kontakt

Hollow Sun has released Tubelitzer, an electric piano sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. We are extremely pleased to announce a new library – ‘Tubelitzer’, a valve/tube-based Wurlitzer 120 electric piano from the late 50s/early … read more

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Goldbaby releases free Wurlitzer Side Man sample pack + SP1200 Vol 2 Maschine support

Goldbaby Productions has released Wurlitzer Side Man, a free sample pack featuring drum samples and Rex loops. This is possibly the first ever commercially-produced drum machine! Manufactured in 1959. Has valve drum sounds with a … read more

Sound Magic releases GrandEpiano

Sound Magic has released GrandEpiano, a hybrid modeling electric piano. By utilizing Sound Magic Award-Winning Hybrid Modeling Technology, GrandEpiano can simulate several acclaimed vintage epianos such as Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Horner. The most important feature … read more

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Soniccouture opens The Attic: Broken Wurli, Philicorda & Omnichord (re-issue)

Soniccouture has announced the release of its Broken Wurli, Philicorda, and Omnichord (re-issue) sample libraries. Soniccouture open The Attic – and find 2 new products. (and re-issue Omnichord). It’s all up there – Old keyboards. … read more

UVI Wurli, electric piano for Mac has released UVI Wurli, a virtual electric piano instrument for Mac. UVI Wurli is the easiest way to turn your Mac into a mythical electric piano : simply plug a MIDI keyboard in your … read more

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Prime Loops releases Smooth Keys, electric piano sample pack

Prime Loops has released Smooth Keys, a sample library featuring electric piano loops. Spanning the full range of rhodes, wurlitzers and clavichords, this pack brings hybrid electro-mechanical warmth to your studio and ensures the maximum … read more

Sampletekk announces Winter Sale, 50% off sample libraries

Sampletekk has announced a Winter Sale, offering 50% discount on its entire collection of sample libraries for a limited time. Merry Christmas, a bit in advance, from a VERY snowy and VERY cold Sweden! Between … read more