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Wusik EVE, Electronic Vintage Ensemble updated to v3

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Wusik EVE V3

Wusik has announced the release of Wusik EVE 3, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

EVE stands for Electronic Vintage Ensemble, which suggests the design philosophy behind the instrument. EVE was made to recreate in the virtual world of softsynths the exciting and immediate experience of the early age of electronics in pop, rock and jazz music from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Changes in Wusik EVE v3

  • Added: Stereo and Mono WusikSND Support.
  • Added: 32 and 16 bits WusikSND Support. Plus, the 16 bit files will use 16 bit buffers but 32 bit processing, therefore, the same audio-quality but with half the memory usage.
  • Added: Quality option with up to 16 times Oversampling.
  • Added: Integrated ARP with several options.
  • Added: User-Skinable option via BMP files. (no resizing).
  • Added: One shot sounds: once a sample is done playing, it releases the voice (eg: drum sounds).
  • Added: The preset browser on the right now let you browse banks and sounds too, with no limitations of sub-folders and file-name lengths.
  • Added: The preset browser now has the following options for presets: copy, paste, move up, move down, init, remove and rename.
  • Added: Master Vibrato (“V” knob next to Fine-Tune – On by default) Assigned to both Mod-Wheel and Aftertouch, but Aftertouch has priority, so if your keyboard has this function, it disables the Mod-Wheel for the Master Vibrato.
  • Added: Option to Bypass all Effects. (global menu).
  • Updated: Midi-Learn now supports Aftertouch.
  • Updated: Improved Pitch-Bend. (Smooth).
  • Fixed: audio problem with short waveforms (eg: pure sine).
  • Fixed: ARP not working on some patches. (3.0.1)
  • Fixed: a few internal stability problems. (3.0.1)
  • Changed: no longer display the WusikSND picture file, but the waveform instead. (3.0.1)

Wusik EVE v3 is available to purchase for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) in the “Mid-2010 Group Buy” (including Wusik Station, Wusik Fuse Box, and more) for $59.95 USD. An upgrade is available to previous Wusik customers for $39.95 USD.

More information: Wusik


Wusik updates Wusik Station to v6.0

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Wusik Station (limeflavour skin)

Wusik has released version 6.0 of Wusik Station, a virtual sampler/rompler instrument for Windows.

Since it started, it got more and more features asked for by users, a new interface, easier way to load presets and much more. Its been rated by users the number one choice when creating songs. It can cover pretty much any style of music. From NewAge to SoundTracks, from Dance to Techno.

Changes in Wusik Station v6.0

  • Added: New Multi Preset Layer. Now you can have 16 times more Layers, WaveSequencers and GrooveSequencers. Each Multi Preset Layer can load a full WusikPRST file.
  • Added: New TreeView File Browser which lets you browse not just the Wusik Station Data Folder, but your entire Drive(s) on your computer. With several options, like Drag-and-Drop to move files around, copy, paste, rename, move, new-folder, search and other options.
  • Added: Drawable Waveforms. We included a small set of waveforms in a WusikPACK file. You can also open regular sounds and convert to a Drawable WusikSND file. They work just like a regular WusikSND file, but when you open the Sample-Editor, it shows a different window where you can draw waveforms directly. There are several ways to draw and manipulate waveforms: free-draw, line-draw, zoom, phase-positioning, smooth, normalize, phase-invert and inverse. Drawable waveforms are saved in the preset/project file, so there’s no need to save to WusikSND files, unless you want to share your waveforms.
  • Added: Groove Sequencer Remote Pattern key zone start and end. The key just before the lowest zone key will stop the current groove.
  • Added: new Mod-Matrix Destination – Sticky Keys. When you play a key, it will sustain until you play another key, and the a certain time has passed. Or, if you play a near zero velocity key (velocity < 20, from 127) all keys will stop. The time is set with the Amnt option. It will use the BPM tempo to determinate the number of secods of each beat. So, if you set 1, it will stick all keys played during the period of 1 beat. This is better than latch, as you can play chords, and not even at the same time. Just raise Amnt to the number of beats you want notes to stick together.
  • Added: option to disable audio-input. (right click / context menu).
  • Fixed: mod-matrix problem with Midi-CCs as Source and Amplitude as destination. (and other destinations) This would cause a high-pitch sound in the Orchestral-Lite Wind sounds.
  • New Additions to Wusik Station V6 Full Version: The Sound Bank, Volumes 1, 2 and 3. Those are not new sounds, but previously released sounds, that are now part of the Wusik Station V6 New Sound Package. (plus the previous V5 Sounds Package).

Wusik Station is available to purchase as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC, priced at $99.95 USD. Various upgrades and bundle deals are available as well.

More information: Wusik


Design a Sound releases Digital Illusions

Design a Sound

Design a Sound has released Digital Illusions, a soundbank for Wusikstation 5.

Digital Illusions Soundbank – 63 dreamy, warm, soft (and sometimes with a touch of analogue feel) sounds with long releases for Wusikstation V5 virtual synth.

All presets are available as WusikPRST files – native Wusikstation’s preset format.

Digital Illusions is available to purchase at any amount you like (donationware).

More information: Design a Sound / Digital Illusions


Ametrine Audio releases Fire and Ice

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Ametrine Audio Fire and Ice

Ametrine Audio has released Fire and Ice, a virtual synthesizer plug-in using the Wusik Engine.

The Main Idea behind Fire and Ice was to create a synth with 2 different personalities. The Fire section covers the Bass, Stab and Synth side of things, while the Ice Section brings you Pads, Wave sequences, Keys, Organs and BellTones.

Fire and Ice features

  • Powered by the Wusik-Engine (Version 5.8.4).
  • 160 main presets with 250 variations.
  • Custom made sounds: Bass and Stabs 44, Synth and Leads 23, Arps and Wave-Sequences 20, Pads and Strings 30, BellTones 21, Keys and Organs 22.

Fire and Ice is available to purchase as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC, priced at £14.95 GBP.

More information: Ametrine Audio / Fire and Ice


Producer Loops releases Accelerator 2

Producer Loops Accelerator 2

Producer Loops has announced the release of Accelerator 2, the improved sequel of Bunker 8 Accelerator.

This 3 GB collection features construction kits with elements of Metalcore, Industrial, Techno, Nu Metal and Hard Rock anthemics.

The kits are presented in ACID/WAV and Apple Loops formats and each kit contains a full sample mix, plus all of the elements separated.

This collection also includes single hit samples in Batttery 2, Kontakt 2, DS404, EMU, GigaSampler, HALion, SampleTank, SoundFonts and Wusikstation formats.

Accelerator 2 is available to purchase as an instant download for £15 GBP / 17.33 EUR / $22.36 USD.

More information: Producer Loops / Accelerator 2


Wusik announces Wusik Fuse Box

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Wusik has announced Wusik Fuse Box, a multi VSTi manager / chainer for Windows PC.

The idea behind Wusik Fuse Box, is to be able to work with multiple instances of any VSTi in the same location. This tool adds the option to have multiple Wusik Station and Wusik EVE instances, which can be played with one keyboard. You can also divide VSTs by Key-Zone, Velocity-Zone or Midi-Channels.

Wusik Fuse Box is based on the same idea of Wusik VM, but with the ability to work with multiple VSTs, a new interface, Tree-View of your computer files and an Effect-Rack with Sends and Inserts.

With time, the product can grow with its own Sequencer option, making this an alternative to your current Sequencer. Something we wanted to do with the previous Wusik Red Fuse idea, but here, we are taking it to a new direction; something several users already asked a while ago.

Wusik Fuse Box features

  • Up to 16 VSTi slots. Each slot shows the VST name and the loaded preset. Slots are divided into a 2 x 8 VSTi page.
  • Tree-View which can be used to browse for VSTs, FXP, FXB, SFZ, WAV, WusikSND, DASHsnd and WusikPRST files.
  • Tree View Favorites Locations. Let you select a directory and save to a Favorites list. Making it easier to locate files in your computer.
  • Each VSTi slot has the following options: Mute, Volume, Pad, FX1/FX2/FX3/FX4 Sends, FX Inserts (x 4), Key-Zone, Velocity-Zone, Midi-Channel, Output and Open VST Editor. (GUI – Opens in a new Window)
  • Mixer Page, where you can adjust most of the parameters listed above.
  • 8 Parameter Macros: each VST can have its own selection of parameters at the bottom of the screen. Making it easier to adjust Envelope and Filter settings, or anything you want, as its user-defined. EG: for Wusik Station, you assign the ADSR to the first 4 parameters. So when you load a preset, you can see what’s the ADSR values are and change right on the screen, without having to open the VST Editor. (GUI) Plus, you can also automate the Parameter Macros via Midi or with your Sequencer Automation options.
  • Everything is saved with your project file, or can also be saved as a Wusik Fuse Box .WusikFBox file. When loading a .WusikFBox file from the Tree-View, all settings and loaded VSTs will be restored.
  • Multiple Outputs. Two files are provided, Single Stereo Out or Multi 8 Stereo Outputs.
  • Midi-VSTs. Each Slot can load up to 4 Midi-VSTs.
  • Over-Sampling option for each VST. (just like Wusik VM does now) Over-Sampling helps some VSTs producing a better sound, removing aliasing problems, but consumes extra CPU usage. This is handy when streaming the final project to disk. (rendering all tracks)
  • FXP and FXB extracting from VSTs. A FXP is a single preset file, while FXB is a bank of presets file. Not every VST allows you to extract preset/bank files.
  • VST registering. So when you load a FXP/FXB file, Wusik Fuse Box knows which VST to load.
  • Copy protection method: Serial-Number. (nothing else)

Wusik Fuse Box for Windows PC is available for pre-order for $49.95 USD.

More information: Wusik / Wusik Fuse Box


Wusik updates Wusikstation to v5.8.6

Wusikstation (Limeflavour skin)

Wusik has released version 5.8.6 of Wusikstation, a hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler/rompler instrument for Windows PC.

This updater now features 3 skins: New White, Limeflavour and Old Blue. It will show a preview of all 3 skins and ask which one should be the Default skin. (it installs all 3 skin files)

Changes in Wusikstation v5.8.6

  • Added: new Mod-Matrix Sources: Alternate First, Mono and Poly. The value alternates from Min to Max in a Ping-Pong way.
  • Added: click once in any Pitch-Bend parameter, a new Global Off option can be found. This will turn all layers Bend to off and also any patch you load after that. This is saved in the wINI file, so any new instance loaded after that is also affected.
  • Changed: how the Groove Sequencer page selector works with the new skin type 3. (White-Skin) Now it will just scroll the sequences, instead of changing the pages.
  • Changed: now you can use the Stereo Pan Polyphonic Destination in the Mod-Matrix, even for Mono Sounds. It will force it to Stereo-Mode.
  • Changed: tweaking the Wavesequencer slot, goes back to page 1, instead of page 2.
  • Changed: In the Groove Sequencer, the Current Step Beat and Current Step Edit images are now draw on Top of the Step image.
  • Changed: in the FX version, the FX Name was not centered like the FX Preset.
  • Changed: Groove Sequencer Remote-Edit Ctrl+Up/Down now changes the Sequence-Lane Page/Offset.
  • Fixed: when using multiple filters for the same layer, changing frequency would tweak resonance too.
  • Fixed: white-skin file search color problem and other skin typos. Also fixed a problem during install that would merge the old Default skin file with the new one.
  • Fixed: groove sequencer remote pattern wrong tool-tip information.
  • Fixed: Wavesequencer Sample Start Lane wouldn’t work with Speed=Off for any other step when modulating the sequence start with the modulation matrix.
  • Fixed: when Groove Sequencer is playing, changing SEQ page doesn’t update seq lanes.
  • Fixed: Groove Sequencer Remote-Edit Ctrl+Up/Down wouldn’t work correctly.
  • Fixed: Groove Sequencer – duplicating a pattern with Midi CC information (some other random problems related to Midi CC lanes).
  • Fixed: automated-load crash problem when starting from layer O1 in some situations.
  • Fixed: problems with Insert effects not loading presets or/and redrawing the screen.
  • Fixed: clicks when streaming from disk in certain situations.

Wusikstation is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC for $99.95 USD.

More information: Wusik / Wusikstation