Wusik updates Wusikstation to v4.2.0

Wusik has released version 4.2.0 of Wusikstation, the hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler for Windows PC. Changes in v4.2.0 Filter stabitliy. Audio Fade-In/Out during preset loading. Now this is also working for anything that stops … read more

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Dangerous Bear releases DroneWorx LE

Dangerous Bear has released DroneWorx LE, a limited edition sneak preview library. Based on the soundscaping experiments of John Gibson and Daniel Kemp, the 87 wav files in this mini-library are the tip of the … read more

Wusik releases Wusik VM (VST Manager/Organizer) V1.0

Wusik has released Wusik VM, a VST manager/organizer for Windows PC. Wusik VM – easily manage your patches for various VST plugins You load WVM and inside it, you load your VSTs. Once you extract … read more

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ArtVera Music releases Drumatoxin Drum and Percussion Collection

ArtVera Music has released Drumatoxin, a drum and percussion sound library for Wusikstation version 3.15 and higher. It is a sparkling collection of electronically processed drum and percussive sounds that can liven the most sagging … read more

Wusik updates Wusikstation to v4.1.8

Wusik has released version 4.1.8 of Wusikstation, a sampler/rompler VST instrument for Windows PC. Changes in v4.1.8 Unloading Effects (FX1/FX2) Mouse-Wheel x Windows VISTA Loading Song/Project with Multi-Core compatible Hosts Preset Browsing using the Host … read more

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Nucleus SoundLab releases VS Resurrection

Nucleus SoundLab has released VS Resurrection, the second volume in the Nucleus SoundLab Resurrection sample line, based on the vector synthesis of the Prophet VS. VS Resurrection includes all 94 classic waveforms from the VS … read more

Wusik releases Wusik Sample Editor and updates Wusikstation to v4.1.4

Wusik has released Wusik Sample Editor, a plug-in for editing Wav and wusikSND files (including the new V4 Stereo-Format). Sample Editor lets you create/delete/edit keyboard and velocity zones. Loop-Points can be edited with the Waveform … read more

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Wusik releases Wusik VST Tools

Wusik has released Wusik VST Tools, a set of tools for processing VSTs. Wusik VST Tools work just like a regular VST, but inside you have the option to load another VST and process it … read more

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Nucleus SoundLab releases OB Resurrection

Nucleus SoundLab has released OB Resurrection, a new sample library focused on evolving the classic Oberheim sound into the new millenium. This sample library is available for Wusikstation v3+, Reason 3, EVE2, and Soundfont/SFZ. OB … read more

Wusik updates Wusikstation to v4.0.6

Wusik has released a new update for V3 users, Wusikstation v4.0.6. Updated in v4.0.6 Added: all effects are now VSTs. (2.4 SDK) The internal code was also changed to load any VST effect. (with restrictions) … read more

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DASH Signature releases Twin Dash Player (TDP and TDP FREE)

DASH Signature has released Twin Dash Player (TDP), a sample player for the DASHsnd format (currently available as Windows VSTi only). Featuring a very low CPU overhead, high sound quality, and an intuitive interface, TDP … read more

Wusik releases Wusikstation V4 VSTi Player

Wusik has released Wusikstation V4 VSTi Player, a special version of Wusikstation, which comes free with Wusik Sound Magazine subscriptions. This is basically the full version of Wusikstation V4, but with 2 limitations: Limited to … read more

Back In Time Records releases Ethnotronic VST

Back In Time Records has released Ethnotronics, an acoustic, electric and electronic world instruments sample library plus percussion collection, powered by the Wusik engine. Ethnotronic features Acoustic instrument multisamples, in-depth (length, mapping), several tone colors … read more

Dangerous Bear free sounds: Alchemy Rhythm and Texture, FuellCell 2007 and Fuel 3, and Dangerous Grooves 2.0

Dangerous Bear has released a few free demo sounds from their latest commercial libraries, Alchemy Rhythm and Texture, FuelCell 2007 and Fuel 3, and Dangerous Grooves 2.0. Alchemy Rhythm and Texture is a multivolume library … read more

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Wusikstation V3 Combo Group-Buy Bonanza

Wusik’s WilliamK has come up with a new promotion for Wusikstation, a totally insane group-buy. The idea is to reach 150,000 users, at which point you get the following for just $1.95 USD: Full copy … read more

Wusikstation presets by Teksonik

Teksonik has created a bunch of presets for Wusikstation. One set (28 presets) is done using “only” the 2Gig collection included with the recent Wusikstation product. Another set (19 presets) uses soundsets from Teksonik’s collection … read more

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Renoise BeatBattle V: Underwater

Renoise has launched BeatBattle V: Underwater, the fifth edition of Renoise’s official music competition. Despite its name, the competition focuses on themes rather than on beats. The entries are made available in Renoise format to … read more

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Wusikstation updated to v3.1.4

Wusik‘s hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler/rompler Wusikstation has been updated to version 3.1.4. This release introduces a number of bugfixes. You can still get Wusikstation in the Ultimate Wusikstation VSTi Group-Buy promo untill the 31st … read more

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Babel Audio free samplesets: Russian Zither, Magnus Chord Organ and Street Tabla

Babel Audio produces high quality, focused samplesets for musicians and sound designers with wide musical tastes. Their current projects range from diverse ethnic instruments and percussions, through to quirky electronics and digitally prepared sounds. A … read more

Nucleus SoundLab releases Viral Free

Nucleus SoundLab has released Viral Free, a demo of the Viral Outbreak series of samples. Nucleus SoundLab gives these samples away, with the knowledge that after trying Viral Free, musicians will be infected with the … read more