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MaxSynths announces Special Halloween Discount

MaxSynths Halloween promo

MaxSynths has announced a Special Halloween Discount on its products.

Just like the last year a little gift to celebrate Halloween 3:)

Until October 31st the following products will be available at a special price:

  • Cryologic VSTi: 15€ (50% OFF)
  • aPiano for Wusikstation: 10€ (50% OFF)
  • Teutonic Tension for ReFX Vanguard: 5€ (65% OFF)

More information: MaxSynths


Wusik EVE, Electronic Vintage Ensemble updated to v3

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Wusik EVE V3

Wusik has announced the release of Wusik EVE 3, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

EVE stands for Electronic Vintage Ensemble, which suggests the design philosophy behind the instrument. EVE was made to recreate in the virtual world of softsynths the exciting and immediate experience of the early age of electronics in pop, rock and jazz music from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Changes in Wusik EVE v3

  • Added: Stereo and Mono WusikSND Support.
  • Added: 32 and 16 bits WusikSND Support. Plus, the 16 bit files will use 16 bit buffers but 32 bit processing, therefore, the same audio-quality but with half the memory usage.
  • Added: Quality option with up to 16 times Oversampling.
  • Added: Integrated ARP with several options.
  • Added: User-Skinable option via BMP files. (no resizing).
  • Added: One shot sounds: once a sample is done playing, it releases the voice (eg: drum sounds).
  • Added: The preset browser on the right now let you browse banks and sounds too, with no limitations of sub-folders and file-name lengths.
  • Added: The preset browser now has the following options for presets: copy, paste, move up, move down, init, remove and rename.
  • Added: Master Vibrato (“V” knob next to Fine-Tune – On by default) Assigned to both Mod-Wheel and Aftertouch, but Aftertouch has priority, so if your keyboard has this function, it disables the Mod-Wheel for the Master Vibrato.
  • Added: Option to Bypass all Effects. (global menu).
  • Updated: Midi-Learn now supports Aftertouch.
  • Updated: Improved Pitch-Bend. (Smooth).
  • Fixed: audio problem with short waveforms (eg: pure sine).
  • Fixed: ARP not working on some patches. (3.0.1)
  • Fixed: a few internal stability problems. (3.0.1)
  • Changed: no longer display the WusikSND picture file, but the waveform instead. (3.0.1)

Wusik EVE v3 is available to purchase for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) in the “Mid-2010 Group Buy” (including Wusik Station, Wusik Fuse Box, and more) for $59.95 USD. An upgrade is available to previous Wusik customers for $39.95 USD.

More information: Wusik


Producer Loops Symphonic Dub Step, construction kits sample pack

Bunker 8 Symphonic Dub Step

Producer Loops has announced the release of Symphonic Dub Step, a sample library featuring 12 construction kits by Bunker 8.

Each kit contains a full sample mix, plus all of the elements separated and set out for you to mix and match until the groove sits tight.

Having truly redefined what is possible within the hip hop genre, ‘Symphonic Hip Hop’ by Bunker 8 Digital Labs was truly a watershed product for the industry. Then came ‘Symphonic Intense’, a product which established ready to score action scene loop sequences. Then came the impossible ask, could Bunker 8 Digital Labs combine the incessant energy of Dub Step with the epic scope of true Symphonic Arrangements.

Symphonic Dub Step features

  • 192 Acid Loops, 192 Apple Loops.
  • 4 Single Hits and Samples.
  • 4 kits for Battery 2, Kontakt 2, DS404, EMU, Gigasampler, Halion, Sampletank, Soundfont, and Wusikstation.

Symphonic Dub Step is available to purchase as a download for £17.02 GBP / 20.50 EUR / $27.52 USD.

More information: Producer Loops / Symphonic Dub Step


MaxSynths aPiano for Wusikstation, acoustic piano emulation

MaxSynths aPiano

MaxSynths has released aPiano, a sound library for Wusikstation.

aPiano is an acoustic piano emulation with an “open, big and vibrant sound”. The goal was to create a good piano sound suitable for any style, with a realistic feeling, warm but incisive at the same time and very limited in size (in contraposition with the multi gigabytes piano libraries available on the market today).

A piano without piano samples. On the technical side what makes aPiano something unique is that each single sample in this piano library has been modeled in a dedicated software following mathematical calculations. Every single sound has been generated into a computer (no real piano recordings here!) but with the challenge to make it sound as something real. And according to what people says the goal has been succesfully reached!

If you are looking for a quality piano sound, lightweight, and with a reasonable price then aPiano is for you.

aPiano is currently available to purchase in Wusikstation format for 20 EUR. It will be available soon also in Kontakt3, Soundfont and Sfz format.

More information: MaxSynths


Back In Time Records releases SOLAR – Sonic Opulence of Life and Reality

Back In Time Records SOLAR

Back In Time Records has announced the release of SOLAR – Sonic Opulence of Life and Reality, the first volume of the SOLAR trilogy of samples libraries.

This is a completely new way of creative sampling in combination with synthesizer sounddesign. SOLAR offers a universe of incredible and never before heard sounds, atmospheres, scenes, beats, sound effects – perfect for movie soundtrack and ambient music productions. The smart mix of powerful instruments and life environment effects. Off the field recordings at unusual places, voice effects, acoustic instruments obuse – all this together makes this new library a totally stunning product that gives you the opportunity to spread your own creativity to new horizons.

SOLAR features

  • 500 MB sample library with fine arts 128 presets.
  • Format ws-engine (Wusikstation 5).

SOLAR is available to purchase as a download for 59 EUR.

More information: Back In Time Records / SOLAR


Producer Loops releases Symphonic Intense by Bunker 8

Bunker 8 Symphonic Intense

Producer Loops has announced the release of Symphonic Intense, a collection filled with powerful orchestral arrangements and articulations coupled with really intense percussion arrangements from their content partner Bunker 8.

‘Symphonic Intense’ brings to mind the smell of burning rubber, street fights car chases and giant explosions. This collection amps up the tempo and introduces positively ready for soundtrack, trailers, games and uptempo intensity and action available immediately in your DAW.

Symphonic Intense features

  • 1,054 Files, 4.7 GB of Content.
  • 157 Acid Loops, 157 Apple Loops, 157 Rex Files.
  • Reason Refill
  • 785 Single Hit Samples
  • 6 kits for Battery 2, Kontakt 2, DS404, EMU, Gigasampler, Halion, Sampletank, Soundfont, Wusikstation.

Symphonic Intense is available to purchase as a download for £25 GBP / 29 EUR / $33.51 USD.

Producer Loops has also announced it is currently offering a 30% and 50% sale on most Bunker 8 Digital Labs products until the end of April.

More information: Producer Loops / Symphonic Intense


Nucleus SoundLab sets Ambient Space I free

Nucleus SoundLab Ambient Space I

Nucleus SoundLab is now offering a free download of Ambient Space I, an innovative soundscape library for Reason, Viral Outbreak/Wusikstation, and SF2/SFZ.

Ambient Space I is focused on extremely long ambient samples. Sample lengths range from 30 seconds to over 2 minutes! Convolution, timestretching, FFT analysis, additive resynthesis and more were used in their creation. Armed with these samples, composing your next ambient opus or soundtrack will be simple.

Ambient Space I features

  • Over 800mb (32-bit format) of raw samples.
  • Consists of 50 different waveforms.
  • 32 custom Reason Combinator patches.
  • 50 NN19 patches.

“Ambient Space I” previously sold for $24.95 USD (multi-format download) but is now available to download at no cost for Newsletter subscribers (subscription is free).

More information: Nucleus SoundLab / Ambient Space I