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Wusik updates Wusik Station to v6.0

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Wusik Station (limeflavour skin)

Wusik has released version 6.0 of Wusik Station, a virtual sampler/rompler instrument for Windows.

Since it started, it got more and more features asked for by users, a new interface, easier way to load presets and much more. Its been rated by users the number one choice when creating songs. It can cover pretty much any style of music. From NewAge to SoundTracks, from Dance to Techno.

Changes in Wusik Station v6.0

  • Added: New Multi Preset Layer. Now you can have 16 times more Layers, WaveSequencers and GrooveSequencers. Each Multi Preset Layer can load a full WusikPRST file.
  • Added: New TreeView File Browser which lets you browse not just the Wusik Station Data Folder, but your entire Drive(s) on your computer. With several options, like Drag-and-Drop to move files around, copy, paste, rename, move, new-folder, search and other options.
  • Added: Drawable Waveforms. We included a small set of waveforms in a WusikPACK file. You can also open regular sounds and convert to a Drawable WusikSND file. They work just like a regular WusikSND file, but when you open the Sample-Editor, it shows a different window where you can draw waveforms directly. There are several ways to draw and manipulate waveforms: free-draw, line-draw, zoom, phase-positioning, smooth, normalize, phase-invert and inverse. Drawable waveforms are saved in the preset/project file, so there’s no need to save to WusikSND files, unless you want to share your waveforms.
  • Added: Groove Sequencer Remote Pattern key zone start and end. The key just before the lowest zone key will stop the current groove.
  • Added: new Mod-Matrix Destination – Sticky Keys. When you play a key, it will sustain until you play another key, and the a certain time has passed. Or, if you play a near zero velocity key (velocity < 20, from 127) all keys will stop. The time is set with the Amnt option. It will use the BPM tempo to determinate the number of secods of each beat. So, if you set 1, it will stick all keys played during the period of 1 beat. This is better than latch, as you can play chords, and not even at the same time. Just raise Amnt to the number of beats you want notes to stick together.
  • Added: option to disable audio-input. (right click / context menu).
  • Fixed: mod-matrix problem with Midi-CCs as Source and Amplitude as destination. (and other destinations) This would cause a high-pitch sound in the Orchestral-Lite Wind sounds.
  • New Additions to Wusik Station V6 Full Version: The Sound Bank, Volumes 1, 2 and 3. Those are not new sounds, but previously released sounds, that are now part of the Wusik Station V6 New Sound Package. (plus the previous V5 Sounds Package).

Wusik Station is available to purchase as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC, priced at $99.95 USD. Various upgrades and bundle deals are available as well.

More information: Wusik


Design a Sound releases Digital Illusions

Design a Sound

Design a Sound has released Digital Illusions, a soundbank for Wusikstation 5.

Digital Illusions Soundbank – 63 dreamy, warm, soft (and sometimes with a touch of analogue feel) sounds with long releases for Wusikstation V5 virtual synth.

All presets are available as WusikPRST files – native Wusikstation’s preset format.

Digital Illusions is available to purchase at any amount you like (donationware).

More information: Design a Sound / Digital Illusions


Back In Time Records releases Fuel #1, FM Heritage and The Traumstadt

Back In Time Records has released three new sample libraries: Fuel #1, FM Heritage, and The Traumstadt.

New Back In Time Records libraries

Back In Time Records Fuel #1

UX3 VST Expansion: Fuel #1

Like the UX3 core content, the new Fuel #1 is a collection of powerful fat stacks with lead, pads, poly synths and percussives. The 4 layer ws5-engine VST allows to stack even them — for extremely fat synth parts. Everything is recorded in stereo.

  • 400MB sample library with 80 presets.
  • Format ws-engine (ws5).
  • Downloadable, 29 EUR.
Back In Time Records FM Heritage

Evalon II VST Expansion: FM Heritage

The very first generation of FM synthesizers were the milestones of 80′s music. They brought new sounds into an analog synth world, and they are still doing it today. The FM Heritage expansion is a comprehensive collection of really classic FM sounds taken from the legends and the rare ones: Synclavier, Yamaha GS1, Yamaha CE20, Yamaha DX7II Centennial, 2-OP Computer Soundcard, and Korg DS8. Over 100 multisamples and a few one shots, all of them carefully programmed by a skilled FM expert and decently sampled for your music. Typical FM basses, electric piano, bells, choir, pads, lead synths, organ, jazz guitar, harp, etc.

  • 400 MB sample library with over 150 presets.
  • Format ws-engine (ws5).
  • Downloadable, 39 EUR.
Back In Time Records The Traumstadt

Movie Sound Sample Library — The Traumstadt

Wide horizon soundscapes, technoid and industrial drum and percussion loops, reverse stinger effects, long evolving sonic scenes — this is The Traumstadt. It also includes mystic and weird atmospheres, hard-hitting beats, and pulsating rhythm effects. The Traumstadt includes scenes with lengths 30 seconds and longer. Usually the end is a smooth fade out or an ending. Also the loops are 8 or 16 bars, in some cases created as a construction kit and so-called build up versions and the sample name already provides the BPM for quick search and found.

  • 1.1GB sample library.
  • Format WAV, stereo.
  • Downloadable, 59 EUR.

More information: Back In Time Records / Fuel #1 / FM Heritage / The Traumstadt


Wusik updates Wusikstation to v5.8.6

Wusikstation (Limeflavour skin)

Wusik has released version 5.8.6 of Wusikstation, a hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler/rompler instrument for Windows PC.

This updater now features 3 skins: New White, Limeflavour and Old Blue. It will show a preview of all 3 skins and ask which one should be the Default skin. (it installs all 3 skin files)

Changes in Wusikstation v5.8.6

  • Added: new Mod-Matrix Sources: Alternate First, Mono and Poly. The value alternates from Min to Max in a Ping-Pong way.
  • Added: click once in any Pitch-Bend parameter, a new Global Off option can be found. This will turn all layers Bend to off and also any patch you load after that. This is saved in the wINI file, so any new instance loaded after that is also affected.
  • Changed: how the Groove Sequencer page selector works with the new skin type 3. (White-Skin) Now it will just scroll the sequences, instead of changing the pages.
  • Changed: now you can use the Stereo Pan Polyphonic Destination in the Mod-Matrix, even for Mono Sounds. It will force it to Stereo-Mode.
  • Changed: tweaking the Wavesequencer slot, goes back to page 1, instead of page 2.
  • Changed: In the Groove Sequencer, the Current Step Beat and Current Step Edit images are now draw on Top of the Step image.
  • Changed: in the FX version, the FX Name was not centered like the FX Preset.
  • Changed: Groove Sequencer Remote-Edit Ctrl+Up/Down now changes the Sequence-Lane Page/Offset.
  • Fixed: when using multiple filters for the same layer, changing frequency would tweak resonance too.
  • Fixed: white-skin file search color problem and other skin typos. Also fixed a problem during install that would merge the old Default skin file with the new one.
  • Fixed: groove sequencer remote pattern wrong tool-tip information.
  • Fixed: Wavesequencer Sample Start Lane wouldn’t work with Speed=Off for any other step when modulating the sequence start with the modulation matrix.
  • Fixed: when Groove Sequencer is playing, changing SEQ page doesn’t update seq lanes.
  • Fixed: Groove Sequencer Remote-Edit Ctrl+Up/Down wouldn’t work correctly.
  • Fixed: Groove Sequencer – duplicating a pattern with Midi CC information (some other random problems related to Midi CC lanes).
  • Fixed: automated-load crash problem when starting from layer O1 in some situations.
  • Fixed: problems with Insert effects not loading presets or/and redrawing the screen.
  • Fixed: clicks when streaming from disk in certain situations.

Wusikstation is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC for $99.95 USD.

More information: Wusik / Wusikstation


Loopmasters announces Production Surgery Competition

Loopmasters Production Surgery

Loopmasters has announced the Production Surgery competition, a chance to win Artist Series DVDs and a collection of top software.

Leading sample boutique Loopmasters are proud to announce a very exciting competition for all you beat-makers and producers out there!

Make a track from the free loops available from the widget on the Loopmasters blog – the widget makes it easy to preview the loops before you download them. Once you have made your track submit it back to Loopmasters via the dropbox:

Be sure to include your name and your email address when you upload, otherwise the Loopmasters judging panel can’t check out your submission.

The lucky winner will receive:

  • 5 Loopmasters Artists Series DVDs.
  • A copy of Wusikstation and Wusik EVE (courtesy of Wusik).
  • A copy of Slix, Erratic, and Dirtbox (courtesy of Delamancha).
  • A copy of Mixed In Key’s highly rated Harmonic Mixing software.

The runner up will get 1 Artist Series DVD and both the winner and runner up will be publicised across the Loopmasters networks, being announced through the Facebook Production Surgery Group.

Submissions will be accepted until September 30, 2009.

More information: Loopmasters


Producer Loops releases Dirty Sexy South 2

Producer Loops Dirty Sexy South 2

Producer Loops has announced the release of Dirty Sexy South 2, a 3.6 GB collection of construction kits for RnB and Hip Hop producers by Bunker 8.

‘Dirty Sexy South 2′ is the sequel to the best selling RNB Dirty South Library. A 3.6GB collection of pure to the chronic, devastatingly hypnotic dirty south vibes with that oh so soul rnb vibe construction kits. Each construction kit clocks in with Apple loops and Acid loops, the whole cross platform package.

Bunker 8 have taken the best elements of the first release and then pumped it through the floor! There are over 1,350 pieces of audio content. Big sharp snares, boomy tight kicks, knockin’ side sticks, blister sharp synths, blastin’ powerkeg sub basses, uber power string lines. These joints are guaranteed floor fillas.

Dirty Sexy South 2 is available for download for £20 GBP.

More information: Producer Loops


Ametrine Audio releases Ravernator

Ametrine Audio Ravernator

Ametrine Audio has announced the release of Ravernator, a Bass and Stab Synthesizer powered by the Wusik-Engine.

Ravernator features

  • 440 main presets with 6,377 variations.
  • Custom made Synth Bass, Rave, Chords and stab sounds.
    • Stabs 183
    • Synth 109
    • Chords 41
    • Arp 20
    • Kick Drums 85
    • Trance Gate 2
  • Powered by the Wusik-Engine (version 5.8.4)

Ravernator is available as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC for £34.95 GBP.

Wusikstation users can get the sounds from Ravernator in the Ravernator Sound Patches for Wusik Station, available for purchase for £24.95 GBP.

More information: Ametrine Audio