Sound Pack Flyer announces sale on Xclusive-Audio Drum Bundle TRIO

Sound Pack Flyer has announced a sale on the Drum Bundle TRIO by Xclusive-Audio, offering an additional 25% discount on the sample pack bundle.

Xclusive-Audio Drum Bundle TRIO deal

Ever make a beat and your drums just aren’t getting the job done? The sounds aren’t creative, and just overall, leave you feeling uninspired? As producers, this is a HUGE PROBLEM that we face all the time! Having professionally designed drums are a producer’s foundation to creating next level productions! Every successful producer knows the importance of powerful, quality drum sounds.

Drum Bundle TRIO features

  • Over 1.9GB of SOUNDS with those amazing 24-Bit .WAV sounds!
  • A Supreme Bundle – (Remember — that comes Maschine Patched ready!)

Until July 31st, 2014, the bundle is available for purchase for $54.48 USD (regular $135 USD).

During the sale, a purchase also includes a free copy of Elite Sounds, a soundset featuring 100 presets for the Massive synthesizer instrument by Native Instruments ($35 USD value).

More information: Sound Pack Flyer / Drum Bundle TRIO


Xclusive-Audio releases Massive Preset Bank: Elite Sounds

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Xclusive-Audio Elite Sounds

Xclusive-Audio has announced Elite Sounds, a new soundset for the Massive synthesizer instrument by Native Instruments.

Having trouble finding usable professionally designed sounds for your production? Tired of the same old stock sounds everyone else is using? The new “Elite Sounds” preset bank has everything you need to produce amazing music.

This bank includes everything from lush pads, epic synths, leads, big brass, bad ass bass sounds and much much more! Every sound was designed from the ground up with high attention to detail, providing you with only the best top-notch sounds. Our aim was to create a diverse sound set that any producer could use in there production.

Elite Sounds features

  • Over 100 premium sounds in .NSMV format.
  • Includes: Pianos, keys, organs, synths, 808s, bass, subs, wobbles, leads, brass, strings, pads, sound fxs & more.
  • Requires Native Instruments Massive 1.3+

The soundset is available to purchase for $34.99 USD.

More information: Xclusive-Audio / Elite Sounds


Sound Pack Flyer launches Drum Bundle Trio – 60% off 3 packs from Xclusive-Audio

Xclusive-Audio Drum Bundle Trio

Sound Pack Flyer has announced Drum Bundle Trio, a limited time bundle deal featuring three sample packs from Xclusive-Audio.

Welcome to Xclusive-Audio’s Drum Bundle TRIO — Xclusive-Audio is known for HUGE amount of selection, Maschine Ready Kits, and high quality 24-Bit .WAV sounds.

Now, giving you 60% off on their three kits only until November 28!

Drum Bundle Trio

  • Survival Drum Kit:
    • 140 Slamming Kicks, 87 Cracking Snares, 95 Smacking Claps, 52 Open & Closed Hi-hats, 47 Cymbals & Toms, 135 Percussion Samples.
    • 131 REX Loops, 131 Original Drum Loops.
    • 22 Ready-to-Go Maschine Kits, 22 Reason Kong Drum Kits.
  • Urban Heat Drum Kit:
    • 129 Kicks + 32 BONUS 808’s, 77 Snappy Snares, 65 Crispy Claps, 62 Open & Closed Hi-hats, 52 Cymbals & Toms, 74 Sound FXS & VOX, 157 Percussion Samples.
    • 37 Original Drum Loops.
    • 20 Ready to go Maschine Kits.
  • Organic Drum Kit:
    • 150 Pounding Kicks, 115 Creative Snares, 80 Authentic Claps, 90 Open & Closed Hi-hats, 570 Organic Percussion Section, 90 Cymbals & Toms.
    • 100 Original Drum Loops.
    • 30 Bonus Transition FXS.
    • 22 Ready to go Maschine Kits.
  • Over 1.9 GB of sounds in total (24-bit/WAV).

The bundle (includes Survival, Urban Heat, and Organic Drum Kits) is available to purchase for $54 USD until November 28th, 2013.

More information: Sound Pack Flyer / Drum Bundle Trio


Xclusive-Audio releases Organic Drum Kit sample pack

Xclusive Audio Organic Drum Kit

Xclusive-Audio has announced the release of its Organic Drum Kit sample pack.

The ‘Organic Drum Kit’ is packed with hard hitting Kicks, creative snares, authentic claps and everything in between!

This kit also come with a HUGE percussion section, ranging from: shakers, congas, bongos, tambourines, frame drums, goblets and various percussion sounds. To top it off we also included 100 original drum loops that you can draw inspiration from.

Organic Drum Kit features

  • Includes 150 kicks, 115 snares, 80 claps, 90 open & closed hi-hats, 570 organic percussion, 90 cymbals & toms.
  • 100 original drum loops.
  • 30 bonus transition FXS.
  • 22 ready to go Maschine Kits.
  • Total content 602MB.

The sample pack costs $49.99 USD.

More information: Xclusive-Audio / Organic Drum Kit


Xclusive-Audio launches Summer Sale

Xclusive Audio Summer Sale

Xclusive-Audio has announced its Summer Sale, offering 50% off its drum kits and bundles for a limited time.

Looking for premium drum samples to fuel your creativity?

From July 3rd – 10th you can take advantage of this insane discount! All drum kits & the Drum Bundle Duo pack will be 50% OFF for 1 week only.

Invest in your craft, start using sounds to improve your production!

The sale ends July 10th, 2013.

More information: Xclusive-Audio


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