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XILS-lab updates Le Masque: Delay to v1.5 + 25% off

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XILS-lab has released version 1.5 of Le Masque: Delay, a delay effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Le Masque: Delay is a revolutionary Time Line driven Delay Effect which can be used to perform unique and totally new Delay based effects in a fast and intuitive way.

To accomplish this task, Le Masque: Delay inherits the renowned XILS-lab filters and all the experience accumulated from the making of Virtual Analog synthesizers and audio effects.

XILS-lab Le Masque: Delay
XILS-lab Le Masque: Delay effect plugin for PC and Mac.

Changes in Le Masque Delay v1.5

  • New FREEZE/DUB button: When this function is engaged, it will read the “loop” of the delay until disengaged. It can be used to generate loops and textures, and allows the user to keep playing and improvising over the loop.
  • LOCK DRY/WET LEVEL Button: The user can now browse all presets while preserving the Dry/Wet level ratio.
  • There are now 16 Masks instead of 8.
  • MultiMasks selections: The user can now select several Masks with a combination of different techniques, and move their locations, or change all their locators with a single mouse drag. There are three buttons to select ALL MASKS, ODD MASKS, or EVEN MASKS. Or the combination CTRL + CLICK to select continuous or discontinuous Masks. Mousing over a mask will now select it automatically. Background color and shape changes will reflect the status of each Mask (Selected, Unselected).
  • Display of the incoming audio signal inside the Grid Area: This feature is designed to improve workflow, speed of use, and to help the user with positioning the Masks.
  • Revamped management of the Masks locators:
    • New Level Toggle for the Masks Level Parameter: When this button is on, the delay signal will only be heard if the incoming level is over the Mask Level. It acts like a threshold parameter for playing and experimenting Live, or to find the best Masks configuration while moving them on the grid.
    • New Zoom Function: Zoom x4 the grid area for accurate editing of the position and length of the masks.
    • New Presets & video tutorials (see below): around 50 new presets have been added for a total of over 120. Presets include Slap Back Delays, PingPong Delays, Resonators, Pseudo Spring Reverb delays, et etc.
  • Windows: With certain combinations of Daws/Systems, the GUI could become sluggish. Now fixed.
  • Windows 7 RTAS: now installing correctly.
  • RTAS version: now always in sync with all Pro Tools versions and decimal tempo is now working.

Le Masque: Delay is available at a 25% discount until February 20th, 2013, priced at 44 EUR / $58 USD (regular 59 EUR / $77 USD). The update is free for all previous owners.

More information: XILS-lab / Le Masque: Delay


Le Lotus Bleu releases PandemOxium for Oxium

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Le Lotus Bleu PandemOxium

Le Lotus Bleu has introduced PandemOxium, a soundset for the Oxium software synthesizer by XILS-lab.

PandemOxium includes around 270 presets at the moment. Its goal is to offer to all Oxium users some instruments that benefit of the incredible modulation possibilities, as well as its pristine analogue double filters, superfast envelopes, and in short all its wonderfull sound engine machinery.

All instruments are properly tagged, and offer Mod Wheel, Aftertouch, Pitch bend + and – modulations for expressive and organic presets.

The soundset is available for the introductory price of 21 EUR (regular 29.90 EUR).

More information: Le Lotus Bleu / PandemOxium


XILS-lab updates XILS 3 & XILS 3 LE modular synth

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XILS-lab has updated its XILS 3 and XILS 3 LE matrix-based modular synthesizer to version 1.5.3 and 1.0.83.

The XILS 3 is a virtual instrument based on the of the architecture of a classic matrix based modular synthesizer.

Easy to connect, easy to modify, easy to see, the matrix is far and away the easiest way to connect modules to each other.

Changes in XILS 3 v1.5.3 / XILS 3 LE v1.0.83 features

  • Presets wasn’t launched correctly (1.5.0 to 1.5.1 ONLY) : The Keyboard Playing mode setting wasn’t correctly taken into account (it was always in “Circular Poly” what ever the choice).
  • Filter level knob is now working properly.
  • Sequencer and matrix preset management improved (no more crashes).
  • Sequencer: After releasing the keyboard, the oscillators keep their pitch.
  • Sequencer one shot: now works correctly.
  • Envelope level modulation: now correctly modulated when connected to the velocity.
  • Matrix: GUI mouse click fixed (double click issue).
  • Import/export banks: no more crashes when the file name is very long.
  • RTAS Windows: Correctly launched in Pro Tools.

XILS 3 for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for 149 EUR. XILS 3 LE is 30 EUR.

More information: XILS-lab


XILS-lab intros LX122 rotating speaker cabinet plugin

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XILS-lab has introduced LX122, an emulation of the the Leslie rotating speaker.

XILS-lab LX122
XILS-lab’s LX122 offers a rotating speaker emulation with treble output in a rotating horn, and bass output in a rotating drum.

Although there is a lot a various models, the classic Leslie speaker consists of two driver units – a stationary treble unit with spinning horns (called Horn here), and a stationary woofer and spinning rotor (called Drum here), with two filters, which divide the frequency spectrum between the horn and the woofer.

Both the horns and a sound baffle for the bass are rotated to create Doppler effect based vibrato, tremolo and chorus effects. The rotating elements can be stopped, switched between slow (chorale) and fast (tremolo), or transitioned between the two settings. Not only the unit gives this particular effect, but also the ensemble it creates with the room where it is located.

The LX122 emulates the Horn and the Drum, as well as the room where various coherent reflections are occurring when they are rotating. It also emulates the tube base amplifier as well as the intrinsic characteristics of the Drum (woofer response and drum size) or the Horn (Tweeter response, horn size and diffusers).

The internal cabinet refexions, which give this known mellow specific sound, are also taken into account but with the never done possibility to increase or decrease their effects, going from a standard closed cabinet to a opened air rotating speakers.

The LX122 is the indipensable companion for your keyboards and organ , but if you like to tweak parameters, if you want to build your own cabinet, change its characteristics, if you want to experiment further in recording this device, using two independant microphones in various rooms, then go to the LX122 Premium, you won’t be despointed. A wide range of stereo effects, space feeling, pitch modifications are straight to your hands.

LX122 and LX122 Premium are available to purchase for the introductory price of 29 EUR / $37 USD (LX122) and 45 EUR / $58 USD (LX122 Premium) until December 5th, 2012. The plug-ins are serial number-protected products — no iLok required.

More information: XILS-lab / LX122


Soundsdivine Event Horizon for Oxium released

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Soundsdivine has announced its Event Horizon soundset for the Oxium software synthesizer by XILS-lab.

This bank contains 108 sounds for Xils-Lab’s Oxium synthesizer, and features psychedelic arpeggios, big phaser pads, dreamy chillwave synth sounds, polyrhythmic tremolo pads and dark soundscapes.

The soundset is available for the introductory price of 17.50 EUR until October 20th, 2012 (regular 25 EUR). Price excl. VAT for EU customers.

More information: Soundsdivine / Event Horizon


Le Lotus Bleu releases Big Sounds for the XXIth Century for Synthix

Le Lotus Bleu Big Sounds for the XXIth Century

Le Lotus Bleu has announced the release of Big Sounds for the XXIth Century, a soundset by Nori Ubukata for the Synthix software synthesizer by XILS-lab.

“Big Sounds for the XXIth century” offers 128 new instruments for the Xils-Lab Synthix synthesizer, taking full advantage of its multilayer architecture and flexible modulations.

Huge 8 layers Unisson leads, Deep everevolving textured pads, smashing FX, Fat keys and Synths, stunning chords and Sequences : Everything is there for the modern composers/producers who wants to add instant impact and depth to their tracks, regardless of the style.

With this soundset, Nori pushed the Synthix to the extreme, and created instruments that are impossible to make with any other synth : MultiLayers huge instruments, complex sequences you can play along with a synth lead, splendid splits for instant inspiration, wide classic brass and strings.

Big Sounds for the XXIth Century features

  • 128 instruments, clearly organised and tagged for a perfect integration into Synthix database engine.
  • Includes Brass, Strings, Plucked strings, Woodwinds(60), Pads and Atmos(13),Keys, Organs, Clavinets (49), Basses and Guitars (27), Leads and synths (29) Arps, Fx (27) Percs tuned + untuned (34) Vocal (4).
  • Highly expressive instruments, with many real time expression features.
  • Pdf manual including preset list, and installation procedure.

The soundset is available to purchase for the introductory price of 14.50 EUR until August 14th, 2012 (regular price 21 EUR).

More information: Le Lotus Bleu / Big Sounds for the XXIth Century


XILS-lab releases Oxium synthesizer plug-in

XILS-lab Oxium

XILS-lab has announced version 1.0 of Oxium, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Oxium is a unique, yet cost-conscious (€99.00 EURO/$129.00 USD) Mac-compatible (OS X 10.5 — 32-bit PowerPC and Intel; Mac OS X 10.6 or later — 32- and 64-bit Intel; Audio Unit, VST, RTAS — Pro Tools 7.0 and later) and PC-compatible (Windows XP, Vista, and 7 — 32- and 64-bit; VST, RTAS — Pro Tools 7.0 and later) performance-orientated soft synth plug-in, adept at giving equal billing to still-sought-after classic analogue sounds and more adventurous modernistic tones.

Oxium is coming with more than 250 carefully chosen performance-showcasing presets from XILS-lab’s talented team of well-known, world-class sound designers including Laurent Bourgeon (Lotuzia), Simon Ball (Soundsdivine), Nori Ubukata, Pascal Laigle (Tzadi), Kelvin Ford, Ingo Weidner, Stephen Wey, Sami Rabia (Aiyn Zahev), Michael Cavallo.

Oxium is available to purchase for the introductory price of 69 EUR until August 15th, 2012 (regular 99 EUR).

More information: XILS-lab / Oxium