Xylote.com releases Spoken Words 2

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Xylote.com Spoken Words 2

Xylote.com has released Spoken Words 2, a sample library featuring over 4,000 sounds.

Comparing to the first edition, “Spoken Words 2″ is improved with 21 new Voice-FX Sets (robots, walky talky, telephone, psycho, monsters and more) for a total of 22 Voice-FX Sets to choose from, that definitely makes it more elastic to multimedia projects. Each Voice-FX Set is structured into 6 folders for easier use and includes 184 words, for a total of 4048 crystal clear sounds.

The freshly created Voice-FX Sets that you’ll find in the sample pack are an inspiring tool for music producers, game developers, web designer, film makers and general multimedia products.

Spoken Words 2 features

  • 22 Voice-FX Sets, total of 4,048 samples (623MB).
  • Voice-FX Sets: Central Station, Darth Voice, Dirty Talk, Electric Bose, Low Pitch, Machine Vox 1, Machine Vox 2, Monster Voice, Natural Voice, Psycho, Rabbit, Robomutant, Robot Alien, Robot Hybrid, Robot Sam, Robot Scott, Space Shuttle, Space Talk, Space Warriors, Telephone, Tube, Walky Talky.
  • Formats: WAV / AIF.

Spoken Words 2 is available to purchase as a download for 69 Xylote.com credits.

More information: Xylote.com / Spoken Words 2


Xylote.com launches Trance Techno Particles Remix Contest

Xylote Trance Techno Particles Remix Contest

Xylote.com has announced the launch of its Trance Techno Particles remix contest.

Trance Techno Particles Remix Contest details

  • Download the sample pack from the page “Remix Contest 2010″ by registering to “www.xylote.com”
  • Create your submission using any music creation software. You MUST USE at least TWO (2) samples/loops including ONE VOCAL loop from the sample pack provided. By entering the Contest, you represent and warrant that your Submission contains only sounds and samples licensed to you by third party companies, original audio material either created and recorded by you or a mix of the two options. You may enter as many Submissions as you want.
  • Send Your Contest Submission in MP3 format 192 kbps (max. 10 MB) to “info@xylote.com” including the following information: Name, Surname, City, Country, Age, Email Address, Website URL or social network profile (myspace, facebook, twitter, etc.)

The contest will end on July 18, 2010.

Various prizes are available, including a Lifetime Membership to Xylote.com for the 1st place winner.

More information: Xylote.com / Trance Techno Particles Remix Contest


Xylote.com releases Trance Techno Particles (+ Remix Contest)

Xylote Trance Techno Particles

Xylote.com has announced the release of Trance Techno Particles, a sample pack featuring trance and techno sounds of the ’90s and ’00s.

Taking the best and most-loved beats and effects from their vast library, Xylote.com has succeeded in offering a virtual “best-of” collection with this new sample pack. Trance Techno Particles is perfect for beginners who are still experimenting with style or professionals who need specific sounds at a moment’s notice.

Trance Techno Particles features

  • 13 construction kits structured into 5 folders (intro/outro, main kit, variation kit, single sounds, sfx)
  • more than 401 loops (basses, pads, synths, strings).
  • 120 kick-free loops (1 measure long).
  • 157 single sounds (kicks, snares and various percussion sounds), 32 crash cymbals.
  • 13 Logic Pro Projects included in the Aiff/Apple Loops package, 13 Acid Pro Projects included in the Wav/Acid package.
  • Total loops and single sounds: 710 (656 MB).
  • Formats: Wav/Acid; Aiff/Apple Loops.

Trance Techno Particles is available to purchase for 19.99 EUR.

Following the release of this brand new sample pack Xylote.com is also hosting a remix contest, starting from May 15, 2010.

The contest will enable djs, musicians and producers to create original mix using the samples, sound effects and loops found in the package. Contest rules and details will be announced in the coming weeks.

More information: Xylote.com / Trance Techno Particles


Xylote.com announces Sample Packs Bundle

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Xylote.com has announced its first Sample Packs Bundle, a 1.63 GB collection of samples.

The 10 sample packs included in the bundle (300 Euro value) are an unique resource with sounds, samples, construction kits, royalty-free music loops and sound effects for creative music producers, dj’s, web designers and film industry.

The Sample Packs Bundle is available for download for only 30 credits and features titles like Urbanstrasse, Modern Kits for PRH, Web Series, Crazy Humans, Nuclear Fx and more.

Sample Packs Bundle

  • Urbanstrasse (Hip Hop/RnB)
    8 professional construction kits ready to use from 85 to 120 BPM, over 75 new percussion sounds, 5 EXS Drum Kits and 30 drum loops for professional use.
  • Modern Kits for PRH (Pop/RnB/Hip Hop)
    6 professional construction kits ready to use from 115 to 130 bpm, over 70 sound effects.
  • Nuclear FX
    174 Special Effects, stops and transitions (electricity, power fx, impacts, signals, hits, reverse, feedback, transitions, lasers, explosions, noise fx).
  • X-Fx-S
    417 special effects and real effects (Cartoon Comedy, Drones Ambiances, Real Fx, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Alarms, Sirens, Signals, Electricity, Power, Extraterestrial, Robotik, Impact, Signals, Hits, Noise, Breath, Qes, Hi-fi, Reverse, Feedback, Synthetic Mixed, Crashes, Doors, Elevators, Nature Sounds, Office Sounds, Household, Human Effects).
  • Web Series: Vol. 1 – Beeps and Clicks
    142 professional beeps/clicks/button sounds (Sci-fi, Space, Buzzing, Disturbing, Robotic Fx, Noise, Misc), bonus sounds: 7 Real Fx + 7 Music Loops.
  • Web Series: Vol. 2 – Music Loops
    over 170 music loops ready to use from 5 to 57 seconds long; available genres: jazz, hip hop/rnb, techno, house, orchestral, pop, acoustic, eurodance, minimal, film/action, electronic, dnb, medieval, pop rap and more.
  • Web Series: Vol. 3 – Menus and Transitions
    185 menus/transitions (noises/hits, scifi/space, open/close, electric, lasers/power, noises/hits, scifi/space), bonus sounds: 7 Real Fx + 7 Music Loops.
  • Crazy Humans
    50 stereo effects of human sounds recorded stereo entirely with 24-bit technology.
  • Spoken Words
    160 sound effects like numbers, days of the week, surround speakers, the alphabet letters from A to Z, and more.
  • Producer Beats
    538 professional drum loops compatible with software like ACID Pro, Pro Tools, SONAR, GarageBand, Nuendo, Logic, Cubase, Reason, Digital Performer, Session, Sequel, Live, FL Studio.

The Sample Packs Bundle is available until November 10, 2009, priced at 30 EUR. All sample packs are in WAV format 44.1 Khz, 16-bit.

More information: Xylote.com / Sample Packs Bundle


Xylote.com releases Urbanstrasse

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Xylote.com Urbanstrasse

Xylote.com has announced the release of Urbanstrasse, an exclusive Hip Hop/RnB sample pack featuring 8 professional construction kits and lots of new sounds.

Xylote.com proudly presents “Urbanstrasse” – the ultimate tool for modern r&b and hip hop with an unique electro feel for today’s modern producers.

This amazing sample pack contains 8 professional construction kits ready to use from 85 to 120 BPM and over 75 new percussion sounds, 5 EXS Drum Kits and 30 drum loops for professional use.

Make your productions sound like a smash!

Urbanstrasse is available for purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: Xylote.com


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