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FXpansion releases Geist Expander: Best of GURU

FXpansion Geist Expander: Best of GURU

FXpansion has announced the release of Best of GURU, a Geist Expander pack which brings together the highlights of the GURU factory sound library.

With 3GB of diverse kits, loops and single-hit sounds, Best of GURU offers a huge array of sounds pre-formatted for Geist to drop into your productions.

Some highlights of the pack include a wide variety of Goldbaby samples and loops, Yellow Tools acoustic kits and a comprehensive suite of classic vintage drum machine sounds, as well as a wealth of material from Wizoo Platinum, Groove Criminals, Gearshift and Biolabs, amongst others.

In total, Best of GURU contains over 350 kits, over 1500 loops and over 9500 single-hit sounds. The included samples and loops are all in .WAV, .AIF or .RX2 format, so can be used in any software or hardware instrument which can load these formats.

Geist Expander: Best of GURU is a download-only product and is available now from the FXpansion web shop, priced at £59 GBP/69 EUR/$99 USD for all registered Geist owners.

Special offer: Best of GURU is FREE with all new Geist purchases until 31 July 2011. Best of GURU is also FREE for all customers who crossgrade to Geist from GURU.

More information: FXpansion / Geist Expander: Best of GURU


Synapse Orion 8, music production software updated

Synapse Audio Software has announced the release of Orion 8, the latest version of its music production software for Windows.

After two years of development, Orion gets its most important update with Orion 8, taking its sound quality, workflow and possibilities to an entirely new level.

Synapse Orion 8

Changes in Orion 8

  • New Instruments
    • Pro-9 virtual-analog drum sound modelling generator(complete overhaul of the former XR-909 generator).
    • Acoustic Grand, a high-quality, sampled-based grand piano module.
  • New Effects
    • High-quality lookahead limiter and a new compressor, both meeting professional standards.
    • Vintage Chorus effect, a detailed recreation of the warm, analog stereo chorus effects manufactured in the 70s and 80s.
  • New Mixing Console
    • Revised mixing console doubles the number of parallel sub groups to eight and adds an extra insert slot, eliminating the need for clumsy workarounds.
    • Additional pan laws are available for the mixing desk, including Equal Power 0dB, Equal Power -3dB and Linear -6dB for broadcasting.
    • Ability to pattern-automate the mixer in the sequencer.
    • Both the mixing console and master section support automatic PDC (plugin delay compensation) and 64-bit double-precision mixing.
  • Templates and Song Merge
    • New, innovative Template system allows you to fully customize the plugins you work with.
    • Song Merge allows you to incorporate tracks into a new project easily, preserving its patterns, arrangement, Mixer/EQ settings, applied effects and so on.
  • Improved Workflow
    • New navigation bar in the arrangement window gives an overview of the entire project, and allows instant zooming or navigating to any bar with a single click.
    • Patterns can be resized and stretched with the mouse directly in the playlist.
    • Full mousewheel support has been added to all views, including the piano roll, mixer, instruments and effects.
  • DrumRack
    • Each sample or sample group can now be mapped to any MIDI key, and all new V8 drumkits are mapped according to the General MIDI (GM) drum map standard.
    • MIDI Grooves can be imported via Drag+Drop and will function instantly due to the GM compatibility.
    • The new 12-bit switch added allows for vintage, gritty MPC-type sounds.
  • New Sample Content
    • Provided by well-known sampling experts Yellow Tools.
    • Whether you’re looking for a high-quality acoustic drum set, percussion samples or an electric bass or acoustic guitar- the new content added to Orion consists exclusively of finest 24-bit quality multisamples, a huge improvement compared to the content that came with earlier versions of Orion.
    • Installing the Sample content is much easier than in previous editions, too, as it is performed by a dedicated Setup program.
  • Look+Feel
    • New skinning system introduced allows full custimization of not just all instruments and effects, but the window frames and buttons as well.
    • Two skins are provided, a new V8 skin as well as an adapted “Azura” skin from V7.

For the next two weeks Orion 8 for Windows is available to purchase for the introductory price of $199 USD (regular $249 USD). The upgrade price for Orion 7 owners is $69 USD (regular $99 USD). Prices exclude 19% VAT for customers within the EU.

More information: Synapse Audio / Orion


Yellow Tools updates Independence Pro Software Suite to v3.0 + Christmas Special

Yellow Tools Independence Pro Software Suite Christmas Special

Yellow Tools has released version 3.0 of the Independence Pro Software Suite, including the software sampler Independence 3.0, the virtual effect rack Independence FX 3.0 and the host application Independence Live 3.0.

The INDEPENDENCE PRO 3.0 Software Suite is the ultimate package for music creation in your studio and for live perfomances – now bundled with Independence Pro, Independence Basic and all Independence Instruments but also available separately!

New in Independence Pro Software Suite v3.0

  • Improved overall compatibility, performance and stability.
  • New application architecture and folder structure for more intuitive handling, activation and library usage.
  • Load audio files, instruments and sound libraries from ANY location – no Root Folder location required anymore.
  • New preferences page for custom setup and adjustment: user folder, quick links, library browser.
  • Improved Arranger: now supporting internal key switches including corresponding banks.
  • New license management including new E-License Manager application.
  • Automation curve now supports synchronous and asynchronous +/- curve progression.
  • Re-designed option menus and several bug fixes.

The v3.0 update is available to registered Yellow Tools users as an upgrade for 29 EUR incl. VAT. The Independence Pro Software Suite 3.0 is free for all users who registered Independence Pro, Independence Basic, Candy, Culture, or Majestic after July 1, 2010.

With immediate effect the Independence Pro Software Suite 3.0 will be also be included in the following products: Independence Pro, Independence Basic, Candy, Culture & Majestic. If you purchase any yellow tools download instrument you can add the Independence Pro Software Suite 3.0 to your order for only 29.00 EUR.

Yellow Tools has also announced a Christmas Special, available until December 31st.

You can purchase Independence Pro with its premium 70GB sound library for ONLY 99.00 EUR incl. VAT – including the brand new Independence Pro Software Suite 3.0! With this amazing special we want to say a big, big “Thank You” to all our users for such a great year 2010.

More information: Yellow Tools


Yellow Tools August Summer Special, Culture and Instrument Collection

Yellow Tools August Special

Yellow Tools has announced the August Summer Special, offering discounts on Culture and the Instrument Collection.

After the very successful Independence „Fire Sale“ special yellow tools now offers a new Summer Special with great content for an amazing price

August Summer Special

  • Culture, internationally multi-awarded Independence Instrument for 49 EUR instead of 99 EUR
    • 9 GB premium percussion sound library
    • Independence Pro Software Suite 2.5.4 included
    • E-License version – NO USB dongle required
    • Available as download version for immediate access
  • Instrument Collection, a new Download Package Special available for 49 EUR (regular price of these instruments is more than 180 EUR)
    • Acoustic & Electric Pianos
    • Electric Basses 1
    • Acoustic Drums
    • Ethno Percussion
    • Pop Brass & Trumpet Section

This special is only available until September 15, 2010.

More information: Yellow Tools


Yellow Tools announces Fire Sale

Yellow Tools Fire Sale

Yellow Tools has announced the Independence Pro Fire Sale, a limited product special.

Only 999 units are available for the phenomenal price of only 149 € (instead of 399 €) and the Independece Pro Crossgrade even for just 99 €. Every package of Independence Pro comes with its own number – from 001 to 999.

During the period of this special also the prices for other yellow tools products get lowered drastically. Candy, Culture, Majestic and Independence Basic are available for just 99 € (instead of 199 €). The Crossgrade is available for all users who own a registered version of Candy, Culture, Majestic and Independence Basic – software samplers of other manufactures do not qualify for this Crossgrade.

This special offer comes with some other basic changes of the yellow tools product range. From May 1st 2010 all yellow tools products do NOT require the Authorization Key (USB dongle) anymore. Only the E-License system is supported. Furthermore all products beside Independence Pro are only available as download product – these products are available at several locations, such as the yellow tools Online Shop or the Best Service platform “Sounds On Demand”.

Yellow Tools Fire Sale

  • Special offer limited to 999 units.
  • 70 GB premium sound library included.
  • Independence Pro Software Suite 2.5.4 included.
  • E-License version – NO USB dongle required.
  • Available as BOX or Download version.
  • Crossgrade offer (only 99 EUR) for yellow tools users.

More information: Yellow Tools / Fire Sale


Yellow Tools updates Independence to v2.5.3

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Yellow Tools Independence

Yellow Tools has released version 2.5.3 of the Independence Pro Software Suite and Independence Free.

The versions 2.5.3 of the Independence Pro Software Suite and Independence Free come with major performance and stability improvements for all platforms, operating systems and interfaces. These updates are free for all registered users and are available for download in the yellow tools User Area. Free updates to the versions 2.5.3 of Freedom and Origami will follow in the first week of April.

Changes in Independence v2.5.3

  • Extended automation option “no scaling”; very useful to assign several parameters to the same Custom Knob (volume, Panorama and Reverb Wet, for example).
  • 2 additional Key Switch modes: “next note” and “hold” for intuitive live performances.
  • New “Repetition Key” mode: the last played note gets repeated automatically (hot key).
  • User interfaces of ENGINE powered products can get activated on the Independence Quick Edit page.

The updates to the Independence Pro 2.5.3 Software Suite and Independence Free are recommended to all users.

More information: Yellow Tools


SoundsOnDemand releases Free Halls of Fame: Origami Edition

Best Service Halls of Fame: Origami Edition

SoundsOnDemand has released a free version of Halls of Fame: Origami Edition, a real-time impulse response processor for Windows and Mac featuring 41 selected presets of the best studio reverb hardware units ever.

Never before have impulse responses been achieved so faithfully from vintage and digital reverb classics in one convenient and easy to use convolution reverb processor plug-in with all the original presets and more!

Halls of Fame: Origami Edition Free features

  • Includes IR presets from the following 13 legends: AKG BX20, EMT 240/250, LEX 224XL/480L/300/960L/PCM 96, Reverb 6000, Bric M7, RO R-880, QRS 2496, Even T 2016.
  • This edition – based on yellow tools ORIGAMI – enters a totally new dimension in real-time IR processing with great presets of reverb units each in stereo and true stereo format.
  • Interfaces: VST/AU/RTAS, Mac & PC format includes all operating systems.

Halls of Fame: Origami Edition Free is available to download from SoundsOnDemand.

More information: SoundsOnDemand / Halls of Fame: Origami Edition Free