LinPlug releases Transformer for Spectral

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Yemski Transformer

LinPlug has announced the release of Transformer by Yemski, the second LinPlug-exclusive soundset for the Spectral synthesizer instrument.

A very special set of 100 sounds supporting transformation of the sound, morphing into something quite different by using MIDI controllers.

Yemski has been working as a sound designer for more than 10 years and created remarkably well accepted sounds for several of the finest instruments on the market, including the Albino, our MorphoX, CrX4 and Spectral synthesizers.

The soundset is available for purchase for $24.90 USD / 18.90 EUR.

More information: LinPlug / Transformer


LinPlug releases Sonic Geometry for CrX4

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LinPlug Sonic Geometry

LinPlug has announced the release of Sonic Geometry, a refill library for CrX4 by Yemski.

Yemski did it again: After crafting presets for Albino and our new Spectral he now made an exceptional and comprehensive refill for CrX4: More than 550 sounds invite you to a journey into his Sonic Geometry.

Yemski is covering a wide area of moving sounds, like he usually does, delivering a refill for any kind of electronic and experimental music and film scoring.

Sonic Geometry features

  • Arps 127.
  • Basses 51.
  • Chords and Scale Based Sequences 108.
  • Dark Impacts and Drones 72.
  • Keys 41.
  • Leads 61.
  • Pads 100.

The sound pack is available for purchase for $69 USD / 49 EUR.

More information: LinPlug / Sonic Geometry


Xenos Soundworks releases Forbidden Experiments for Aalto & Solaris for Blade

Xenos Soundworks has announced the release of Forbidden Experiments, a soundset for Aalto by Madrona Labs, and the Solaris soundset by Yemski for Rob Papen´s Blade.

‘Forbidden Experiments’ is a collection of 65 exciting presets for Madrona Labs Aalto, containing a balanced mix of the chaotic machines, sequences and sound effects Aalto excels at, with unique basses, leads, pads and synths that show Aalto’s tamer side.

Each patch has, at the very least, the modwheel assigned for additional expression.

The Forbidden Experiments soundset costs $9.95 USD.

Solaris contains a whopping 180 patches!

From hypnotic arppeggios to blissful pads, from intriguing soundscapes to otherworldly sound effects, Yemski shows off his great skill in providing quality ambient and soundscape patches that fit into a large variety of currently popular musical styles.

The Solaris soundset costs $19.95 USD.

More information: Xenos Soundworks