LinPlug releases Arksun meets Bigtone soundset for Spectral

LinPlug has announced the release of Arksun meets Bigtone, a new soundset for the Spectral synthesizer instrument.

If you have a look in the world of sound design you will probably only have very few names which stand so much for quality, inspirational sounds as this two guys.

Enjoy with us a set of 120 sounds for film scoring and ambient music, from decent to complex sounds and subtle to drastic changes in sound.

The soundset is available for purchase for $27.99 USD.

LinPlug has also updated Spectral to version 1.2.3, fixing a few bugs and now supporting import of your single cycle waveforms in the harmonics editor. Furthere more, SaxLab has been updated to version 2.2, introducing scaleable user interface.

Lastly, LinPlug is offering a free ReFill with the purchase of CrX4 through March, 2015.

Until End of March 2015 every purchased CrX4 gets a free Yemski Sonic Geometry refill (a 69 US$ value).

More information: LinPlug


Yemski releases Electronic Excursion for Predator

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Yemski has released Electronic Excursion, a soundset for the Predator synthesizer instrument by Rob Papen.

Yemski Electronic Excursion

Yemski’s Electronic Excursion is collection of 658 patches for Predator. The first of a number of planned releases that provides high quality soundsets for VSTIs suited to a number of genres.

With 171 Arps, 67 Pads, 49 Synths, 87 Leads, 133 Bass and 42 Keys patches,18 Chord, 23 SFX you will find a large and varied set that can be used for everthing from EDM, HipHop, IDM, Breakbeat, D&B, Electro, Video-game, Chillout/Downtempo, Film/Soundtrack and anything else you can imagine.

All the patches have the modulation wheel assigned at a minimum, with many patches particularly the arps, bass and leads utilizing midi modulation controllers 16 through to 20 to provide maximum expression to each sound. The demos showcase this fuctionality, with many of the sounds morphed in numerous ways for a variety of unique sonic effects. At $40 for 658 patches this amount to a mere six cents per patch. So buy this and reinvigorate your Predator today.

The soundset is available for purchase from Synthmob for the introductory price of $40 USD until the end of February 2015 (regular $49.99 USD).

More information: Electronic Excursion


Yemski sets free Albino 3 soundsets

Rob Papen Albino 3

Yemski has set free two soundsets for the Albino 3 synthesizer instrument by Rob Papen.

As a present to all Albino users, I’ve decided to make some of my old commercial releases for Albino freeware.

The patches are from two old sets I had called Yemski Arps & Grooves and another called Yemski Sound Scapes. There are 258 patches in all. Both feature extensive use of the layering capabilities of Albino 3 to produce gigantic sounds with complex polyrhythms and lush textures.

The Arps and Sequence are my take on the sort of thing you’d get from old school workstations like the Yamaha CS6R or EX5 and the complex grooves you’d often find on them. The Soundscapes were my attempt to imitate Absynth with long evolving sounds with a slightly “out there” ethereal quality.

The soundset is a free download at Yemski’s SoundCloud page.

More information: Yemski Albino patches


LinPlug releases Transformer for Spectral

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Yemski Transformer

LinPlug has announced the release of Transformer by Yemski, the second LinPlug-exclusive soundset for the Spectral synthesizer instrument.

A very special set of 100 sounds supporting transformation of the sound, morphing into something quite different by using MIDI controllers.

Yemski has been working as a sound designer for more than 10 years and created remarkably well accepted sounds for several of the finest instruments on the market, including the Albino, our MorphoX, CrX4 and Spectral synthesizers.

The soundset is available for purchase for $24.90 USD / 18.90 EUR.

More information: LinPlug / Transformer


LinPlug releases Sonic Geometry for CrX4

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LinPlug Sonic Geometry

LinPlug has announced the release of Sonic Geometry, a refill library for CrX4 by Yemski.

Yemski did it again: After crafting presets for Albino and our new Spectral he now made an exceptional and comprehensive refill for CrX4: More than 550 sounds invite you to a journey into his Sonic Geometry.

Yemski is covering a wide area of moving sounds, like he usually does, delivering a refill for any kind of electronic and experimental music and film scoring.

Sonic Geometry features

  • Arps 127.
  • Basses 51.
  • Chords and Scale Based Sequences 108.
  • Dark Impacts and Drones 72.
  • Keys 41.
  • Leads 61.
  • Pads 100.

The sound pack is available for purchase for $69 USD / 49 EUR.

More information: LinPlug / Sonic Geometry


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