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Yonac Software releases miniSynth PRO

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Yonac Software miniSynth PRO

Yonac Software has announced the release of miniSynth PRO, a synthesizer for iPad.

Conceived and designed by the same team behind the original synth and the theremin for the iPhone OS, miniSynth PRO is a completely new, cutting-edge sound engine crafted especially, and deployed only, for the iPad platform.

miniSynth PRO is a fully-featured, professional-grade virtual analog synthesizer. It incorporates an improved version of the time proven zero latency “push-pull” Yonac keyboard algorithm that powers their existing synthesizers, and features a highly customized version of their original analog-clone “Vincent” tone shaping filter. More importantly, it marks the debut of the brand new YASSE (pronounced “Yah-See”) modular sound sequencing and synthesis engine, developed in Yonac labs over the last three years.

As a step up on its predecessors, miniSynth PRO is designed as an FM / Subtractive hybrid synth. Among other innovations, it features custom “Vari-wave” dynamic waveform selection algorithm, individually parameterized voice processing, and carefully selected waveforms driving its dual interactive oscillators and its five-destination LFO.

miniSynth PRO offers many other features to render music making easier. They include a dedicated arpeggiator module, dual individually adjustable keyboards, user control matrix, and 82 presets designed by actual musicians. Users are able to record their own performances, as well as save and recall any number of their own presets in the brand-new YPAT patch design format.

miniSynth PRO features

  • Dual Subtractive / FM virtual-analogue monophonic synthesis.
  • Fully configurable FM, filter or modulation based tone shaping.
  • 44100, 16-bit CD-quality stereo audio output.
  • Zero latency sound processing.
  • Built on the brand-new modular YASSE synthesis / sequencing platform.
  • Dual syncable oscillators.
  • Six optimized, custom waveforms per oscillator.
  • Dedicated oscillator octave, fine tune and mix.
  • Osc 2-to-1 adjustable frequency modulation.
  • Custom VCF (“Vincent”) w/ adjustable quadruple (Initial, Peak, Sustain, Final) stages and dedicated envelope.
  • VCA (Amplifier) ADSR envelope.
  • Noise generator w/ adjustable mix.
  • LFO with 8-octave range and 6 waveforms.
  • Dedicated LFO fine tune.
  • Five individually adjustable LFO destinations (Osc1, Osc2, FM, VCF, Amp).
  • LFO key syncing and phase reset.
  • Control matrix w/ pitch shift (vertical) and filter modulation (horizontal).
  • Adjustable continuous glide.
  • Faithful monophonic, “latest-priority” keyboard control algorithm.
  • Adjustable dual keyboards w/ individually settable key width & position.
  • Option to have dual keyboards cover the whole screen, half the screen, or just to have a single keyboard.
  • Option to wire upper keyboard to control the Arpeggiator and the lower for live performance.
  • Custom-design arpeggiator module w/ four different note orderings; hold, track or trigger modes; 5-octave stepping w/ up to 5 repeats-per-octave.
  • BPM-based arp timer w/ settable arp note value.
  • Custom analog-tone stereo reverb w/ individually adjustable channels.
  • Recording module w/ file saving and playback.
  • 82 carefully engineered sound presets, including retro, bass and arpeggio programs and more.
  • Users can save any number of their own presets.

miniSynth PRO will be available to purchase at the opening of the iPad iTunes Store for $9.99 USD.

More information: Yonac Software / miniSynth PRO


Yonac Software releases OttO

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Yonac Software OttO

Yonac Software has released OttO, a Live Sound Reversal and FX Gizmo for Apple iPhone/iPod Touch.

Just what is OttO saying? He’s repeating your words backwards, LIVE as you speak. Just mutter something into the mic and hear your words back in reverse. Slow it down, speed it up, or turn it all around. Add a bit of modulation, a bit of delay and a touch of filter to make it sound like something from the beyond. Record it all and save it for posterity. And the best part, do all this as you go! From bone-chilling to downright funny, OttO is designed to deliver sonic entertainment to your ears in a fool-proof, simple and effective package.

OttO features

  • Reverse and Normal frequence processing modes
  • Live movement shift and inflection via illogical matrix control
  • Make your vocalise deeper or higher on the go
  • Modulate frequence live
  • Dual-channel, severally configurable biaural delay
  • Adjustable delay feedback and time
  • Dry signal panning
  • Custom-engineered resounding filter
  • LPF, HPF and Bandpass separate modes
  • Filter curb matrix with boundary oftenness and resonance
  • Simple one-touch frequence recording
  • Easy to ingest basic enter direction framework
  • Export recordings directly to your machine rapidly via built-in Wi-Fi support

OttO is available to purchase from the iTunes App Store for $1.99 USD.

More information: Yonac Software / OttO


Yonac Software releases miniSynth 2.0

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Yonac miniSynth

Yonac Software has released version 2.0 of miniSynth, a programmable analog-modeling keyboard synthesizer for the iPhone.

Changes in miniSynth 2.0

  • Recording and audio file import/export.
  • New octave-maker feature.
  • Updated GUI: relic-ed look for the season, and larger buttons and sliders for easier control.

miniSynth is available from the Apple iPhone App Store for $1.99 USD.

Visit Yonac Software for more information.


Yonac Software releases MegaSynth

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Yonac Software MegaSynth

Yonac Software has released MegaSynth, a synthesizer for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Following the success of the company’s analog-modeling miniSynth, the developers have worked hard to create a synth that utilizes the capabilities of the iPhone to the utmost. It combines several features to offer one of the most creative and powerful synthesizers available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

MegaSynth features

  • 5-voice polyphony.
  • 3 oscillators with 7 waveforms each.
  • Configurable triad arpeggiator and chordmaker with 23 musical scales.
  • 24-note step sequencer.
  • Accelerometer-controlled pitch, cutoff and resonance.
  • 4 LFOs.
  • Noise generator.
  • Oscillator syncing.
  • Recording; audio file import/export via Wi-Fi connection.
  • Infinite user presets.
  • 209 factory sounds.
  • Reverb and modulation effects.

MegaSynth is now available at the Apple iTunes app store for $4.99 USD.

Visit Yonac Software for more information.


Yonac Software releases miniSynth

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Yonac miniSynth

Yonac Software has released miniSynth (aka miniApollo), a keyboard synthesizer for the iPhone.

miniSynth is designed to recreate the sounds of the ’70s classic analog synths. It features a wide array of controls that allows users to experiment with and sculpt sounds, evoking the countless futuristic sounds associated with the wood-and-transistor era in electronic music.

miniSynth features

  • Two variable-range, “old school” oscillators.
  • Four individual waveforms per oscillator (triangular, sawtooth, sine and square).
  • Six stops per oscillator, giving approximately a 5-7000 Hz range, including individual LFO switches.
  • Dedicated VFO mixers.
  • User-controllable VCF (variable capacitance filter), with retro-modeling algorithm and feedback.
  • User-controllable attack/decay filters.
  • Programmable glide.
  • Vintage modeling “tape delay” reverb unit, including adjustable delay time and decay.
  • Keyboard-on mode.
  • 48-key, 4-octave keyboard.
  • 10 factory sound presets.

miniSynth is available from the Apple iPhone App Store for $1.99 USD.

Visit Yonac Software for more information.