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Point Blank Online releases new free Ableton Live Video Tutorials

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Point Blank Online School

Point Blank Online has announced that some new free Ableton Live Video Tutorials are now available from its website.

This first playlist consists of 5 videos from the 4 week Mixing Dance Music course.
YOUTUBE PLAYLIST – Mixing Dance Music in Ableton Live (5 videos)

This next video is taken from the 8 week Ableton Production Course. Due to popular demand we have scheduled an extra May 30th start date for this course. Anyone who enrols before the end of May will be entered into a draw to win a free remix of their own track from a choice of one of our team of Pro Producers.
TUTORIAL VIDEO – Ableton Tutorial – Arpeggiator Percussion Trick

More information: Point Blank Online


Audio-Technica announces final shortlist for its Alternative Christmas Tune Competition


Audio-Technica has announced the final six shortlist of its alternative Christmas track competition.

It launched the competition in October and has received a huge wave of diverse entries from all across the UK and some from further afield.

The aim of the new music competition was to seek out fun and vibrant alternatives to the age-old tradition of Christmas carols and songs. The nationwide competition was launched through the company’s Facebook and Twitter channels, with entrants required to submit video entries via YouTube.

The online competition was not restricted to any particular type of music so bands, DJs or music producers from any genre had the opportunity to show off their skills.

The competition’s judge, Steve Levine, acclaimed producer and chairman of the Music Producers Guild, joined the team to carefully sift through the entries and create a shortlist of six finalists. The judging panel want the public to make the final decision on the best entry by voting for the track they believe should win the top prize of £500 worth of Audio-Technica equipment.

You can vote for your favourite video by visiting this online poll. The winning entry will be announced on Thursday 23rd December.

More information: Audio-Technica / Alternative Christmas Tune Competition


Audio-Technica launches Alternative Christmas Tune Competition


Audio-Technica, one of the world’s finest manufacturers of audio equipment, has launched an online search for the most entertaining alternative Christmas track.

The popular music manufacturer is looking for fun and vibrant YouTube video entries from the underground music scene that put a positive new spin on the age old tradition of Christmas carols.

The nationwide competition, which is being judged by Grammy & Brit award-winning record producer and chairman of the Music Producers Guild Steve Levine, is being formally launched via Audio-Technica’s social media channels of Facebook and Twitter.

The online competition is not restricted to any particular type of music so bands, DJs or music producers from any genre have the opportunity of scooping either the top prize of £500 or five runners-up prizes of £100 worth of Audio-Technica equipment. As an extra incentive the first 100 entries will all receive a free pair of Audio-Technica ATH-CK51 headphones worth £30 each.

Harvey Roberts, senior marketing manager at Audio-Technica commented: “We are really excited about this competition as we think it might help bring some added impetus to music during the Christmas period. Every year we hear the same few songs, so it would be nice to see something new and creative. The truth is we have an awful lot of musical talent in this country and we just felt that a competition like this would help give them some extra inspiration.”

Roberts continues: “The competition is an open book for musicians, they can do a quirky cover version of a Christmas carol or song or they can write a whole new piece of music themselves – we don’t mind it’s the creativity that matters. We want people to express themselves and have some fun making music. Who knows someone might even pen a brand new Christmas hit.”

The competition runs from 25th October 2010 until midnight, 12th December 2010. The winning entries will be announced on Thursday 23rd December 2010.

More information: Audio-Technica / Alternative Christmas Tune Competition


Roland U.S. launches Guitar Synth Challenge

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Roland U.S. Guitar Synth Challenge

Roland U.S. has announced the Guitar Synth Challenge online video contest, where forward-thinking musicians who stretch the boundaries of guitar performance will be able to show their creativity with Roland’s industry-leading guitar synthesizer technology.

Start by submitting a video performance with any Roland GR, GI or GM series guitar synthesizer, and the result could be $3,000 in any BOSS and Roland gear of your choice.

How To Enter:

  • Create an original music performance video that is five minutes or less, relying primarily on a Roland guitar synthesizer product (any GR, GM, or GI series model).
  • Upload video to YouTube™, and make sure the title begins with “Roland Guitar Synth Challenge.”
  • Fill out the contest registration form at
  • Entries will be judged and selected by Roland, who will be looking at the creativity, musicianship, and technical skill of the performance.


  • Grand Prize: $3,000 retail value of Roland and BOSS gear
  • 2nd Place: $2,000 retail value of Roland and BOSS gear
  • 3rd Place: $1,000 retail value of Roland and BOSS gear

The Guitar Synth Challenge is open now through December 31, 2010. This contest is open to U.S. residents only.

More information: Roland U.S.


IRCAM Tools Trax Transformer, series of tutorial videos kicks off

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IRCAM Tools Trax Transformer

Flux has announced a series of tutorial videos for IRCAM Tools Trax Transformer, a real-time voice and sonic modeling processor for Windows and Mac.

Starting today, a series of tutorial videos for IRCAM Tools Trax Transformer, First out today

  • Lesson One, How to start using the built in Learn feature in the IRCAM Tools TRAX Transformer
  • Lesson Two, How to Transform a Male spoken voice to a Female one, using the Voice Forger

And for the next 8 days, one per day will follow, to not miss out on the rest, follow us on twitter:

More information: Flux / IRCAM Tools


Short links for May 12th, 2010

Create Digital Music

Some interesting things I found recently:

# The Myth of Falling Fidelity, and Audio History Unburdened by Fact

Peter Kirn has a lengthy post on the matter:

With the regularity of clockwork, stories about how digital audio consumption is degrading the quality of music are published and then re-published. Nearly a decade after the introduction of Apple’s iPod, this still apparently qualifies as news. The content of the articles is so identical, you could believe the bylines are a ruse, a nom-de-plume for the same author re-publishing the same story.

Whatever the reason for their supposed newsworthiness, the problem with these stories isn’t their claims about the variable quality of music listening. I think it’d be hard to overstate just how sub-optimal real-world listening by real-world consumers can get. The problem is that these journalists, inexperienced in the actual history of the technology they’re covering, falsely identify a technological trend.

In the process, they miss the real story of how listeners listen.

All I can say is +1.

# Novation Nocturn Keyboard + Automap standard Review

Jon at Audio Geek Zine shares his experience with the Nocturn Keyboard:

It’s been about a month since I bought the Novation Nocturn 49 keyboard. I haven’t fully mastered how to use it yet, digging into the features to write the review has made me know it a lot better. Overall I’m really happy with it. It’s been a good investment, it works well, and looks cool (besides the pink lights). I haven’t had any stability issues with it. With any new piece of equipment there is a learning curve, not being able to find instructions doesn’t make it any easier. I did have some trouble with some functions at first, but it was because of glitch with the installation and reinstalling took care of that. If you’re in the market for a new MIDI controller with great feel and advanced features, definitely check this one out.

# Color a Sound

A demo/walkthrough of my installation entitled 'Color a Sound' which was set up at RPI's West Hall Gallery 111 for the month of April 2010.

The interaction is meant to be very simple and playful, hence the major scale. It would be much more difficult for someone to walk up and have fun with a chromatic scale. Like any instrument, one would have to spend a lot of time to make a composition worth listening to and this is just a demo of the sonic abilities/responsiveness.

# The Most Warped Drummer Contest

SABIAN’s Most Warped Drummer Contest gives aspiring musicians the chance to upload a video to showcase their talents and be judged by SABIAN artists on the Warped Tour. One grand prize winner will receive airfare and accommodations for one to Boston, two all-access passes to the Boston Warped Tour stop, a meet and greet with top SABIAN artists, their choice of a SABIAN Performance Pack of cymbals and a SABIAN Bacpac Cymbal Bag set.

Gijs Gieskes YouTube MIDI interface

# Youtube MIDI interface

Gijs Gieskes is back with something new:

A arduino usb hid keyboard emulator is used to convert midi note messages to keypresses. This can be usefull to controle online videos with midi, in combination with the youtube mixer (uses the youtube javascript api).

The midi part is from this script. And the keyboard emulator is from the arduino USB keyboard library.

# free plastic bottle samples

Here are 2 sets of original home cooked samples of an empty plastic bottle (24/44.1) wav + sfz (dry/ambient).

Some of them have been slightly tweaked (eq/dyn).
They might sound completely useless but I thought it would do no harm to share

Scroll down the post a little to find jpumphandle’s download with 8 additional samples.


TwistedWave updated to v1.9

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TwistedWave, an audio editor for Mac, was updated to version 1.9.

The main new features are the support for VST plugins, the ability to import YouTube soundtracks, and support for .wmv, .flv, .ac3 and Audiobook .m4b files with chapters, and speech synthesis.

Changes in TwistedWave v1.9

  • New Features
    • Support for VST plugins.
    • Import YouTube soundtracks.
    • Integration of Apple’s speech synthesis.
    • Support for reading .wmv, .flv and .ac3 files.
    • Support for Audiobook .m4b files.
    • The markers are loaded/saved as chapters in mp4 (.mp4 .m4a .m4b .m4r) files.
    • Split multichannel support for batch processing.
    • New batch processing actions: cut, fade in/out, reorder channels, add/remove/split by markers, copy a metadata field to another.
    • Support for trackpad swipe and pinch gestures.
    • Automatically place markers at regular intervals.
  • Improvements
    • Smoother zooming and scrolling with the magic mouse or trackpad.
    • Uses Sparkle for automatic updates.
    • Added the possibility to undo all the previous actions of the same kind at once.
    • Much faster file loading, especially reading mp3.
    • The Insert Silence effect will replace the selections if a selection exists.
    • Use shift-space to stop playing without moving the cursor back.
  • Fixes
    • The markers from some wav files would not load.
    • Fixed a problem when saving files whose samples were more than 0 dbFS.
    • Saving/loading MP3 files would add a small silence at the beginning/end of the file.

TwistedWave is available to purchase for Mac OS X 10.4 or later, priced at $79 USD.

More information: TwistedWave