Yudo intros Rectools Unlimited Multi-Track Recorder app for iOS

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Yudo has announced the launch of its new musical application Rectools Unlimited, the first application M.T.R (Multi-Track Recorder) in the world that is able to play simultaneously tracks without quantity limitation.

Yudo Rectools Unlimited

Yudo inc, specialized in sound recording software, has designed Rectools Unlimited, a Linear PCM Recorder application for professionals and has decided to sell it all around the world via the AppStore of iTunes.

Rectools Unlimited that has been launched today gathers all Yudo’s audio techniques together to make Multi-Track Recorder application on iPhone that can even surpass specialized recorders by musical instrument makers.

The strong points of Rectools Unlimited are to provide with a high quality stereo sound recording (when the micro of the device is used, the recording will be monaural), comparable to a CD 44.Khz/16Bit sound quality, and to play simultaneously more than 100 channels (theoretically 500 channels). Furthermore, it is possible to edit recorded waveforms easily by using the touch panel.

Rectools Unlimited for iOS is available to purchase for $39.99 USD.

More information: Yudo / Rectools Unlimited


Yudo announces 8Bitone Retro 8-bit Synthesizer + Sequencer

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Yudo 8Bitone

Yudo has announced 8Bitone, a retro 8-bit synthesizer + sequencer application for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

8Bitone is Synthesizer and Sequencer application to simulate sounds for 8bit Personal Computer and Console Game Generator from the 80`s.

PSG and SSG vintage voices are revived here and their nostalgic electric sounds are able to be simulated with iPhone/iPodTouch.

8Bitone will be available from the iTunes App Store in June 2009.

Visit Yudo for more information.