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Zenhiser releases Massive Psytrance Presets 2

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Zenhiser Massive Psytrance Presets 2

Zenhiser has launched Massive Psytrance Presets 2, a collection of 105 patches for the Massive synthesizer by Native Instruments.

It was only a matter of time before the office got inundated with requests for more Psytrance presets, could we refuse ……. hell no!!! After a few months back in the studio our favourite Psytrance producer emerged with what is probably the most detailed, crystal clear and truly awesome psytrance presets ever heard. Totalling 105 broad spectrum NI Massive presets this Zenhiser pack delves deep into the Psytrance sound and delivers a soundest that turns your Massive synth into a true Psytrance monster!

To put it simply, Massive Psytrance Presets 2 will take your future psy tracks to a whole new level, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for the latest Psytrance sounds or something to cover the classic Goa era, “Massive Psytrance Presets 2” has it all. This truly is a gold mine for all psytrance enthusiasts, driving basslines, twisted synths, mind altering sequences, huge sweeps, lush pads and some essential fx to boot.

The soundset is available for purchase for $30 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Massive Psytrance Presets 2


Zenhiser releases Trap Vs Twerk sample pack

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Zenhiser has launched Trap Vs Twerk, a sample pack featuring 1.1 GB of Trap and Twerk sounds.

Zenhiser Trap Vs Twerk

It doesn’t get any bigger than this, “Trap Vs Twerk” is an absolute monster bringing you ear damaging hooks, speaker destroying basslines, 808 style beats and some of the tightest one shots you’ve ever heard. There’s also killer fx, crisp as f*ck drums and super addictive synth loops.

“Trap Vs Twerk” has everything you need to create the real Trap & Twerk sound, it’s over 1GB in size and gives you creative control from the ground up. We didn’t make a sample pack that sounds like famous producers we made a Trap & Twerk pack that had all original sounds, melodies, basslines and beats.

Tempos range from 95bpm to 108bpm with all major components separated. BPM and key information is added to filename’s to ensure ease of use plus everything is foldered and named correctly making your use an absolute breeze.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $45 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Trap Vs Twerk


Zenhiser releases Essential EDM

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Zenhiser has launched Essential EDM, a sample pack featurin bass drops, melodies and drum hits for EDM production.

Zenhiser Essential EDM

With just over 1.2GB of brand new uber melodic hooks, banging bass drops and all the EDM drum sounds you could ever need this EDM pack is at the forefront of the current EDM sound. As with all our new EDM Bass Drop and Melodic Hook packs we have created such detailed sample extracted parts that you can use as much or as little as you wish. Every element is separated so you have a choice of drum beats, risers, basslines, bass drops, melodic loops or synth loops, everything is there for the the taking. It’s the ultimate festival weapon, a plethora of EDM bass drops that have so much punch and drive plus EDM melodic heaven for all those monumental breakdowns.

‘Essential EDM’ not only delivers chart topping hit after hit but a music production insight into how huge EDM tracks are made, 566 EDM samples, loops and drum hits to play around with and construct your next EDM monster track. This Zenhiser pack really is one quality sound after another, tension builds then euphoric releases, bangin’ basslines with slammin’ beats, snappy drums and mind boggling up risers.

The sample pack costs $45 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Essential EDM


Zenhiser releases Future Trap Hooks

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Zenhiser has announced the release of Future Trap Hooks, a collection of over 500 trap loops and samples.

Zenhiser Future Trap Hooks

As the Trap scene evolves, new sub genres develop creating new divides and an ecletic sound of their own, one of those uber cool arms of Trap is Future Trap. This diverse sound grabs the essential elements of Trap and adds melodic, authentic and even romantic melodies. It’s a blissful, fresh new branch on the Trap tree and we’re loving it!

‘Future Trap Hooks’ grabs all these elements and morphs them into a melting pot of brand new, exciting Trap melodies that summarises the Future Trap scene perfectly. Instead of going harder and darker Future Trap saturates it’s tracks with popular synths and takes it’s listeners on a truly music ride.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $40 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Future Trap Hooks


Zenhiser releases UK Garage Drums

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Zenhiser UK Garage Drums

Zenhiser has launched UK Garage Drums, a sample pack with 168 MB of beats & drum hits for Garage music production.

‘UK Garage Drums’ contains legendary drum loops with that London street attitude and swagger, it’s the evolutionary place where Garage was raised and we’ve captured that classic urban sound. 30 drum beats with 172 loops makes up the beat section giving multiple takes of the same beat, with kick, without kick, broken down and the essential driver, this is a serious part of the garage pack but there’s much more, 123 drum sounds, all classic, all 100% guaranteed Garage!

And as with all our samples packs we always think of you first so each drum style is separated into folders making these royalty free garage drum hits a breeze to use. All in ‘UK Garage Drums’ totals 295 samples and loops, that a whole bunch of pure Garage goodness, that makes this Zenhiser pack a no brainer, so get into the Garage movement now and join the worldwide producer revolution, it’s your duty as a Garage soldier to deliver insane swingin’ beats to the worldwide population.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $30 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / UK Garage Drums


Zenhiser releases Blissed Out Deep House 2

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Zenhiser has launched Blissed Out Deep House 2, a collection of 1.18 GB deep house sounds.

Zenhiser Blissed Out Deep House 2

‘Blissed Out Deep House 2’ is bursting full of deep house basslines, aesthetic organs, smokin’ pianos, advanced drum beats and of course some dreamy fx. Everything is super easy to use with samples expertly cut, bpm and key information within the filename plus all corresponding loop numbers working perfectly, so you can trust bassline 006 is going to work with beat 006 and chord 006 straight out the box.

‘Blissed Out Deep House 2’ moves deeper into the realms of house music with beautifully constructed loops meticulously crafted to create a multitude of Deep House tracks. Vintage keys, sublime basslines and elusive drum beats all merge into a melting pot of truly inspiring deep house grooves. This is yet another sample pack from Zenhiser saving you days in the studio and developing your creativity to whole new levels.

The sample pack is available for $40 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Blissed Out Deep House 2


Zenhiser releases Studio Essentials – EDM

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Zenhiser has launched Studio Essentials – EDM, a collection of EDM samples and loops.

Zenhiser Studio Essentials - EDM

Everything in ’Studio Essentials – EDM’ is locked in at 128 bpm for ease of use and any sample that is noted has the key information in the file name as well.

Packed full of huge kick drums, snappy hats, huge claps, tasty percussion, shocking fx, massive uprisers and power one shots makes this EDM pack a serious contender for one the best sample packs we have ever released.

There’s a gigantic 1.49GB of EDM sounds to play with, all designed to destroy dance floors and create peak time festival tunes that will make thousands nearly orgasm at the same moment.

The sample pack costs $45 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Studio Essentials – EDM