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Zenhiser releases Sylenth Main Room Presets

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Zenhiser Sylenth Main Room Presets

Zenhiser has announced Sylenth Main Room Presets, a collection of 101 patches for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by Lennar Digital.

The beauty of ‘Sylenth Main Room House’ is the presets are suited to a multitude of EDM genres including, Main Room, Progressive House, Trance, Progressive Trance, Tech Trance, Electro House, Complextro, Dubstep and even Pop.

Each bass preset is phenomenal, every lead preset is monumental, the sequence presets are eargasmic and the pad presets are just perfection. There’s also fx presets you will use again and again plus a bonus ‘Extra’ folder with new sylenth presets to make any track shine.

So whether you’re a seasoned professional, high end remixer, or producer on their way up this preset pack HAS to be in your studio!

The soundset costs $30 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Sylenth Main Room Presets

Zenhiser releases Sylenth Trance Presets 3

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Zenhiser Sylenth Trance Presets 3

Zenhiser has announced Sylenth Trance Presets 3, a collection of 101 trance presets for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by Lennar Digital.

We can’t get enough trance presets here at Zenhiser, they are the fundamental building block to any great Trance track. Everything starts with one single sound in Trance music and the more epic, euphoric and driving the better. So why stop at two trance preset packs for Sylenth, we decided there was a wealth of room for more incredibly detailed and stylish sounds designed exclusively for trance music. With six sections including bass, fx, leads, pads and plucks we covered all the essentials but this time we’ve included some awesome Trance stabs as well just to make the final preset pack extra tasty.

‘Sylenth Trance Presets 3′ is the pinnacle selection of trance sounds for all trance producers, the presets are so up to date we might even be future thinking with some of these sounds. Honestly the options are endless with Zenhiser presets, we supply all our sounds at the highest quality possible with extreme programming involved in every detail to deliver what possibly could be the best collection of trance presets out there.

The soundset costs $30 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Sylenth Trance Presets 3

Zenhiser releases Main Room Drops & Deeper Dubstep Hooks

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Zenhiser has announced the release of Main Room Drops and Deeper Dubstep Hooks, two new sample packs.

Zenhiser Main Room Drops

Main Room Drops

We’ve got every conceivable drop know to mankind crammed into one sample pack and delivered in 24 bit wav goodness. Basslines, build ups, beats, fx, kicks and even percussion loops means you’ve got everything to create stealth tracks and obscene drops!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Main Room House producer, Electro House, Progressive House, Trance or even Progressive Trance producer these peak time samples and loops are for you. Filled with over 200 banging sounds ‘Main Room Drops’ brings you the latest and greatest sounds from the clubbing world.

Zenhiser Deeper Dubstep Hooks

Deeper Dubstep Hooks

Need something a little different in your Dubstep tracks, fed up with the same old sound? Well Zenhiser as always comes to the rescue! ‘Deeper Dubstep Hooks’ is just as the name suggests, more intelligent Dubstep with thought provoking hooks and funk fuel’d rhythms.

Grabbing elements from all corners of the clubbing globe ‘Deeper Dubstep Hooks’ delivers the latest choice in hooks with an eclectic style and grace.

With 400 Dubstep sounds and loops this is a sample pack not to be reckoned with, so immerse yourself in the stylish side of Dubstep with the hybrid style of ‘Deep Dubstep Hooks’.

The sample packs are available to purchase for $30 AUD each.

More information: Zenhiser

Zenhiser releases Sylenth Deep Tech Presets

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Zenhiser Sylenth Deep Tech Presets

Zenhiser has launched Sylenth Deep Tech Presets, a collection of 150+ presets for the Sylenth1 software synthesizer by Lennar Digital.

Delving deep into the underground realms ‘Sylenth Deep Tech Presets’ takes you on a journey through the late night outings of thumping nightclub dark spaces where organic deep sounds reverberate through the walls and the unison rocking motion of the dance floor expresses the acceptance of the pounding rhythms. Sounds pretty deep right? That’s because this preset pack is deep, really deep. Delivering over 150 presets is a mark of genius on this preset pack, since you will now have enough Sylenth presets to create multiple tracks without losing an array of deep tech sounds to keep both your studio and your mind fresh.

Deep subby basslines, chunky sequences, mind altering synths and twisted fx really does make ‘Sylenth Deep Tech Presets’ lift it’s head above the rest. A whole chunk of studio time has gone into making this preset pack for Sylenth and as long as you have the synth this will inject new life into your tracks. ‘Sylenth Deep Tech Presets’ is brimming with cutting edge, though provoking sounds which innovate Sylenth’s capability to new realms.

The soundset costs $30 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Sylenth Deep Tech Presets

Zenhiser releases Massive Dubstep Sounds 4 & Filthy Dubstep Basslines

Zenhiser has released Massive Dubstep Sounds 4, a collection of 100 Dubstep presets for Native Instruments Massive, and Filthy Dubstep Basslines, a sample pack featuring 150 basses for Dubstep music production.

Massive Dubstep Sounds

Massive Dubstep Sounds 4

Totalling 100 dubstep presets that will lift your tracks to new realms this is the tool box of dubstep sounds every dubstep producer should have. Heavy basses, sharp fx and screaming leads makes ‘Massive Dubstep Sounds 4′ the pinnacle of Dubstep sonic heaven.

With macro controls for all the dubstep presets programming options are now right at your fingertips without any knowledge of synthesis, just tweak the macro’s presets and watch your sounds morph, mutate and sweep to suit.

Filthy Dubstep Basses

Filthy Dubstep Basslines

Totalling 150 brand new dubstep basslines this is one serious producer’s pack and when you hear the preview you’ll realise just how many hooks we’re delivering. Every dubstep bassline is different and each one as good as the last, now that’s a sh*t load of dubstep heaven!

Filthy Dubstep Basslines includes throbbing bass heavy loops, brutal basslines, intense wobbles, colossal drivers and sub thumping patterns. Sounds great right, well check out the preview and you’ll know exactly what we are talking about. Hey don’t delay, get these dubstep basslines into your tracks now, you’ll be happy you did.

Massive Dubstep Sounds 4 is available to purchase for $30 AUD, Filthy Dubstep Basslines costs $25 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser

Zenhiser intros Sylenth Trance Presets 2 & Tech Drum Fills

Zenhiser Sylenth Trance Presets 2

Zenhiser has announced the Sylenth Trance Presets 2 soundset for Lennar Digital’s Sylenth1 synthesizer instruments, and Tech Drum Fills, a collection of 200+ drum fills.

“Sylenth Trance Presets 2″ from Zenhiser is the second instalment of uplifting, driving and melodic trance presets designed exclusively for Lennar Digital’s Sylenth synth. Crammed full of 100 fxp presets and one fxb bank this preset pack provides you with more flexibility than you could ever imagine. Now you have an arsenal of cutting edge trance sounds ready to be used in seconds and crafted to deliver maximum impact in all areas of your music productions.

You can tweak the sounds as little of as much as you like, play with filter sweeps and resonance tweaks, adjust the ADSR to suit both breakdowns and drops and even switch sounds in your melodies to see which suits the best.

Zenhiser Tech Drum Fills

Every once in a while the sample world needs a little innovation, something you’ve never heard before and didn’t realise you needed. With that in mind we figured out a great niche that wasn’t filled, Tech Drum Fills.

Designed exclusively for Tech House, Techno, Minimal Tech & House this sample pack bridges the gaps in your tracks and delivers something fresh to your transitions, drops and areas that need fills. Ranging from tight snappy drum rolls to jackin’ swingy fills “Tech Drum Fills” offers a complete collection of drum fillers for every situation.

The packs are available to purchase for $25 AUD each.

More information: Zenhiser

Zenhiser launches Dubstep FX & Glitch Hop Mayhem

Zenhiser has introduced Dubstep FX and Glitch Hop Mayhem, two new sample packs.

Zenhiser Dubstep FX

Dubstep has cemented itself in the EDM scene and we can’t get enough of it here at Zenhiser. So we scratched our heads and tried to figure out what dubstep producers still want that we haven’t covered yet and ……. voila, a banging pack of FX sounds designed exclusively for Dubstep! So one our producers went into lockdown and a few weeks later this little baby popped out of the studio, Dubstep FX.

We say little but this Dubstep sample pack is absolutely huge, crammed full of nearly 200 dubstep fx sounds that will literally make your jaw drop. All the essentials are covered including sweep fx, sub fx, one shots, atmospheres, laser fx and loop fx to add some mangled rhythm to your tracks.

Zenhiser Glitch Hop Mayhem

Zenhiser is steppin’ up in the Glitch Hop realm with another masterpiece that morphs genres, bpm’s and styles. “Glitch Hop Mayhem” is packed full of basslines, drum beats, full loops, fx and synth loops, now that’s friggin tasty!

We’ve also decided to supply the glitch hop samples in various bpm’s giving you the chance to choose the speed and style you want (105, 108,110 & 112bpm).

Dubstep FX is available to purchase for $25 AUD, the Glitch Hop Mayhem pack is $30 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser

Zenhiser releases Main Room Drum Tools

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Zenhiser Main Room Drum Tools

Zenhiser has launched Main Room Drum Tools, a collection of main room drum sounds and beats.

You can never have enough drum sounds and when they are as banging as these you know you are onto a winner. ‘Main Room Drum Tools’ is exactly as it say’s, a drum sound collection designed for the more punchier sound of EDM. But what makes it so different you may ask, well these main room drum sounds are friggin awesome. We’ve compiled just about everything you need for your drum tracks and some more, 381 drum sounds, drum loops and fx to be exact, ready to slam through any speaker stack and blast your tracks to a whole new level!

As with all Zenhiser packs we’ve folder’d all the drum sounds so finding what you need is easy as pie. We’ve added all the essentials, slammin kicks, snappy hats, crunchy snares and superb drum fx, but wait ……. there’s more, fx noise, one shots, rides, feedback loops and alternative loops. Now you can see why this is the best drum pack to date for full on, chart topping EDM tracks through to the most underground and darker Main Room sounds.

The sample pack costs $30 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Main Room Drum Tools