Bolder Sounds releases Dan Tranh for Kontakt

Bolder Sounds has announced Dan Tranh, a new instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt, featuring the sounds of a 16 stringed Vietnamese zither, a relative of the Chinese guzheng and the Japanese koto.

Bolder Sounds Dan Tranh

The standard tuning of the Dan Tranh is the major pentatonic scale. Bolder presents both pentatonic and chromatic versions of this instrument. The Dan Tranh was sampled by retuning to each half step in order to create the chromatic version of this instrument.

Flexible KSP scripting by Bo Clausen makes it possible to emulate a wide range of bending ornaments as well as glissandi.

Dan Tranh features

  • Chromatically sampled from C2 to C5, with 3 x Round Robin and 6 velocity layers. Harmonic samples and extra bonus natural vibrato samples.
  • Two Tremolo Modes – either Auto Tremolo or Manual Tremolo. In Auto Tremolo Mode the selected CC# controls the volume, adds speed as well as a random velocity range.
  • An advanced Articulation page where you can save all the different articulation settings as Presets and then recall them via Key Switches.
  • Automatic Pitch Bend range according to the played note and the pentatonic scale. It’s only the last played note that is bent. The Pitch Bend can also have a vibrato fade in, when the Pitch Wheel reaches its target.
  • The Vibrato can either be Auto Vibrato or Manual Vibrato. The vibrato is only added to the last played note, and you may select between various vibrato waveforms.
  • A Key Switch Page where you can freely assign which key will trigger the various Key Switches.
  • Four freely selectable Skins (wallpapers).
  • 8 different effects – each with its own Preset menu, so you can save and recall all the various parameters.
  • Three different instrument layout styles – Pentatonic – Chromatic and Keyboard.

The Dan Tranh library is available for the introductory price of $42 USD until January 1st, 2015 (30% off regular).

More information: Bolder Sounds / Dan Tranh


Icebreaker Audio releases Sanjo Gayageum for Kontakt

Icebreaker Audio has launched Sanjo Gayageum, a virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Icebreaker Audio Sanjo Gayageum

Sanjo Gayageum is a Kontakt 5 instrument designed to re-create the sound of the traditional Korean stringed instrument of the same name.

Sanjo Gayageum features

  • Over 1500 samples recorded at 24-bit/48kHz quality.
  • A minimum of 3 round robins, and between 6 and 14 velocity layers per note.
  • Mixer with 2 microphone sources, and high quality effects.
  • Advanced pitch-bend control options.
  • 12 custom impulse responses.

Sanjo Gayageum is available for the introductory price of £34 GBP until July 31st, 2014 (25% off regular).

More information: Icebreaker Audio / Sanjo Gayageum


Cinesamples releases Dulcimer and Zither for Kontakt

Cinesamples has announced the release of Dulcimer and Zither, a new World Series sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Cinesamples Dulcimer

Cinesamples is proud to present our new line of libraries – The WORLD SERIES! The first installment introduces the family of the Dulcimer and Zither, a favored instrument color by composers throughout the ages and around the globe.

Recorded at the famous Firehouse Recording Studios in Los Angeles, and mixed by esteemed engineer Tim Starnes, the Dulcimer and Zither library will add stunning brilliance and color to any scoring palette.

The library is available for purchase for the introductory price of $119 USD for a limited time (regular $149 USD).

More information: Cinesamples / Dulcimer and Zither


Orange Tree Samples releases Angelic Zither for Kontakt

Orange Tree Samples Angelic Zither

Orange Tree Samples has released Angelic Zither, a virtual zither instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Angelic Zither is a handmade 15-string, pre-80’s zither from the Republic of Belarus (a little west of Russia). The zither’s strings are tuned diatonically in the key of G, but the samples are stretched to cover the instrument’s range chromatically. Although it only spans two octaves (stretched to 4 octaves total), this zither has a gorgeous, magical tone.

We sampled the zither using a close dynamic mic and a pair of small diaphragm condenser mics as a stereo overhead, and you can blend between these two signals to get the tone you’re after. The sample library has 3 dynamics, from soft, delicate notes to loud, resonant plucking, each with 3 alternating round-robin samples. The release samples have three round-robins and three dynamics as well, capturing the slight buzzing sound that the string makes when muted.

Angelic Zither features

  • 685 MB 24-bit 44.1khz samples.
  • 3 dynamic layers, 3x round-robin.
  • Separate close mono mic and stereo far mic positions.
  • Duration dependent release samples.

The library is available for the introductory price of $14.95 USD until July 31st, 2014 (regular $24.95 USD).

More information: Orange Tree Samples / Angelic Zither


Cinematique Instruments releases Concert Zither

Cinematique Instruments has announced Concert Zither, a virtual zither instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Cinematique Instruments Concert Zither

We treated the Concert Zither very hard. We plucked, stroke and strummed all the strings to get every possible sound, noise and articulation the Zither can make. Finally we assembled 6 different patches. Firstly there are two the main patch with all the 36 strings recorded in 4 round robin variations and several (up to four) dynamic layer. We additionally recorded the 31 accompaniment strings in a muted variation.

All these notes were recorded with two different types of microphones: a large-diaphragm condenser pair as well as a classic dynamic microphone. By turning a corresponding mic balance knob you can infinitely mix between these two different sound properties. Finally – in order to shape the sound – we added a complex script to achieve lots of different variations of the Concert Zither. By moving the mod wheel you can fade between vibrato and non-vibrato notes.

Beside the main complex patches we provide another 4 useful FX patches, separated into textures, strokes & hits (with dynamic layers) and weird noises. Here you find a great assortment of rare and exceptional FX string sounds.

Concert Zither features

  • Includes 6 patches:
    • Concert Zither Natural.
    • Concert Zither Cinematique.
    • Cacophony Textures.
    • FX (glissandi and noises).
    • CZ FX Percussive.
    • Cacophony Dead.
  • ~2 GB content, over 2,100 samples.

The library is available for purchase for 38 EUR. Requires full version of Kontakt 4.22 or higher.

More information: Cinematique Instruments / Concert Zither


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