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Tonehammer releases Zitherette

Tonehammer Zitherette

Tonehammer has released Zitherette, a zither sample library for Kontakt.

This enchanting little instrument is a simple 8-string fretless zither, roughly 12 x 20 inches in size. Zithers are a broad family of hollow-bodied string instruments common throughout all of Europe and Asia. Variants range from the dulcimer to the Koto, with countless other flavors unique to each region and culture. Common to each of them is the arrangement of multiple strings over a neck-less sound box. The oldest known variant of the zither family dates back to 4th century B.C China, while new additions continue to spring up to this day.

Zitherette features

  • Instruments/articulations:
    • 4 sets of Zitherette (natural scale BmHarmonic, w/ palm/mute)
    • 2 sets of Zitherette (tuned scale w/ dampener)
    • 2 sets of ZItherette (tuned scale w/ mute)
    • 2 sets of Zitherette (tuned w/ arp)
    • Zitherette experimental patches:
      • Saturn (w/ MW warp)
      • Saturn Rings (w/ MW time stretch and pedal damp)
      • Saturn III (w/ MW warp/mute)
      • Splattern
      • Splattern Anti Arp
  • Bonus: 4 custom ambiences
  • Extensive read me (.pdf) install, patch and hint documentation.
  • 24 instrument patches, 335 Samples.
  • 650 MB installed, 353 MB .rar download.
  • Sample resolution: 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo .wav format.
  • Format(s): .nki and .wav.
  • Note: Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2.4 / 3 / 4 full retail versions required. Free Kontakt Player not supported.

Zitherette is available to purchase for the introductory price of $35 USD until October 31, 2009 (regular price $39 USD).

More information: Tonehammer / Zitherette

Cinematique Instruments releases Bowed Psaltery

Cinematique Instruments Bowed Psaltery

Cinematique Instruments has announced the release of Bowed Psaltery, a new sample library for Kontakt.

Description: A BOWED PSALTERY is a stringed musical instrument of the zither family such as a kind of a wooden soundbox with unstopped strings over it, that is played with a bow. The Bowed Psaltery is triangular in shape, allowing each string to extend a little farther than the one before it, so that each can be individually bowed – only one note at a time.

Content: We recorded every second string of the Bowed Psaltery in different modes: sustain notes as seperate up and downbow stroke variations, short (app. 3sek.) as well as staccato bowed notes in 4 times Round Robin and tremolo notes. Beyond that we recorded “slow – tremolo” loops and noises and scratches made with the bow. All these loops are tempo-synced. You might like to use these loops as ostinato backgrounds for your music. We programmed a couple of opportunities the instruments provide by using the modwheel or the surface of Kontakt.

Bowed Psaltery features

  • Bowed Psaltery MW — sustain notes as seperate up and downbow stroke variations, looped, additional release notes, modwheel controls dynamic.
  • Bowed Psaltery Shrt — Short notes in 4 times Round Robin.
  • Bowed Psaltery Stacc MW — Staccato notes in 4 times Round Robin, modwheel affects the dynamic from gentle to hard staccato.
  • Bowed Psaltery Stacc MW Arp — see above, arpeggiator script with 12 presets.
  • Bowed Psaltery Tremolo — Tremolo notes, looped, additional release notes, modwheel controls dynamic, controlling amount of reverb.
  • Bowed Psaltery FX — processed long notes, pad-like.
  • Bowed Psaltery KEY — multi patch contains sustain, short and staccato notes, switchable by key.
  • Bowed Psaltery Loops — ”slow – tremolo” (ostinato) loops, noises and scratches made with the bow, tempo-synced, controlling.

Bowed Psaltery for Kontakt (Kontakt 3 or higher full retail versions required) is available for download for 19 EUR.

More information: Cinematique Instruments / Bowed Psaltery

Cinematique Instruments launches library of rare and special instruments

Cinematic Instruments has recently launched a new library of rare and special instruments.

Our goal is to create expressive and powerful tools for people who are writing music. No matter what kind of music…

Cinematique Instruments
Cinematique Instruments – some of the sampled instruments/objects

Cinematique Instruments libraries

  • String-Instruments
    • Autoharp – This is a stringed instrument with a series of chord bars. Despite its name, the autoharp is not a harp – it’s a chorded zither – and it’s the perfect instrument to give subtle highlights to all kinds of music. (6 patches)
    • Muted Baritone Ukulele – This is the largest size of ukulele and is tuned differently to the others (D-G-B-E, the same as the last four strings of a standard guitar, as opposed to G-C-E-A). We’ve concentrated on the muted played notes which can add beautiful light and subtle elements to your music. (3 patches)
    • Kantele – This a traditional plucked string instrument of the zither family native to Finland and Estonia with a distinctive bell-like sound and a diatonic tuning. We’ve made a Kontakt patch to play it in a chromatic tuning. (3 patches)
  • Key-Instruments
    • Magnus Harmonica Organ – This little organs use an electric fan to blow air across reeds, like a giant harmonica with keys. (3 patches)
    • Super Sound EK-470 – This is the processed e-piano sound of a low-cost, garbage keyboard for just €25. The sound is warm and crunchy. (3 patches)
    • Zeitter & Winkelmann Piano – This is our rehearsal piano, located in one of our control rooms. It’s got a warm and organic charm. (3 patches).
  • Mallets / Percussion (Tuned)
    • Glass – A collection of glasses and vases in different sizes. We scrubbed, rubbed, tapped and hit all the glass and made some very nice instruments out of it. (3 patches)
    • Metallic Objects/Lids – A collection of lid sounds. We struck the lids with fingers and recorded various sounds. It allows you to make up your own lid-mallet sound.
  • Percussion
    • Metallic Objects/Kitchen, Handrail – This is a collection of sounds, noises, crashes and bangs made with our studio fixture and fittings: our iron KITCHEN and our staircase with its huge HANDRAIL. The result is astonishing: experimental percussion, strange and remarkable mallets.
    • Percussion – All percussion sounds are easy to play in a lively, realistic and organic way (no loops). Available as a multi set or single instruments of: Bongos, Chimes, Guiro, Ocean Drum, Shaker, Spring Drum and Tambourine. Just in the multi are: Toms, Cymbals and Wood.

Cinematique Instruments libraries are available in .nki-format for Native-Instruments Kontakt 3 or 3.5. All samples are in 44.1 kHz/ 16Bit mono/stereo .wav-Format. Prices start at 7 EUR.

More information: Cinematique Instruments

Bolder Sounds releases Bavarian Zither + demo version

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Bolder Sounds Bavarian Zither

Bolder Sounds has released Bavarian Zither, a sampled zither instrument for Kontakt 2 & 3 and EXS24.

My original intention in sampling this instrument was to capture its beautiful harp-like quality and create all sorts of unusual layers and keyboard mappings. However, I realized afterwards it would be expected to have some programming that reflects the way a Zither is traditionally played, so I have attempted to offer both.

Bavarian Zither features

  • 608 MB library, 24 bit stereo samples (no loops) for Kontakt 2 & 3 as well as the Apple EXS24.
  • Fingerboard articulations sampled: flesh plucked, metal finger pick, open strings, harmonics.
  • Accompaniment String articulations sampled: flesh pluck at strings center, flesh pluck at strings bridge, metal finger pick, harmonics.
  • Samples are split in 3 folders:
    1. Zither Traditional – instruments with the accompaniment strings on the lower part of the keyboard map and the fingerboard samples in the upper keyboard map. There is a gap in the keyboard mapping to distinguish the accompaniment strings and the fingerboard strings. The release times on the AMP envelopes tend to be quite a bit shorter than the release times on instruments in the ‘Harplike folder’.
    2. Zither Harplike – a more creative approach to sound design, featuring the various layers and splits of the articulations that were sampled. The modulation wheel is frequently used as a mixing control between layers. Most of the instruments presented here would be impossible to create on a Zither in real time.
    3. Zither Components – contains all the separate sampled parts of the Zither, assembled to enable the user to easily piece together whichever sampled parts of the Zither they choose to use.

Bavarian Zither is available for the introductory price of $34.95 USD until June 1, 2009 (regular price $49.95 USD).

A free demo version is availalbe for download here.

This version is 1 instrument titled Zither FREE flesh.nki (or .exs). This instrument combines samples from the accompaniment strings as well as the fingerboard fretted strings, with flesh of the finger plucked articulation.

Visit Bolder Sounds for more information and audio demos.

Wavelore Instruments updates American Zither to v2.0

Wavelore American Zither

Wavelore Instruments has released version 2.0 of American Zither, a unique and exotic sounding virtual instrument.

Changes in American Zither v2.0

  • Fixed a problem with CC triggered tremolos not activating when the note is struck while the controller’s value is zero. Now tremolos can be activated anytime.
  • Implemented portamento, detailed tremolo, panning controls, convolution options, expression, octave coupling and keyswitching of features.
  • Now compatible with Kontakt 3.5 public beta.

IMPORTANT: This update contains both K2 and K3 versions of the American Zither, in both 16 and 24 bits. The bit depth you use will be determined by that of the samples you already have. The K2 version will run in versions of K3 older than v.3.5, but if you are running version 3.5 or later, you’ll want to use the included K3 version of the American Zither to avoid a problem with the instrument not sounding.

Visit Wavelore Instruments for more information.

Myst Sonic releases Chinese Zither-GuZheng

Myst Sonic Chinese Zither-GuZheng

Myst Sonic has released Chinese Zither-GuZheng, a sample library for Kontakt featuring a high quality wooden-type class Chinese Zither-GuZheng instrument.

Chinese Zither-GuZheng is an ancient Chinese plucking style instrument used since more than 2500 years ago. It is different from the Japanese Koto in that it has more strings and sound range, and has a larger wooden body. Because of its classic wooden harmonic structure, its sound is similar to a harp, but has even more lucidity and clarity.

Chinese Zither-GuZheng features

  • 24Bit 48HZ hight class type GuZheng recording with sample size fully optimised to save system resource while maintaining studio quality performance.
  • Multi body part and velocity layer sample take include bridge tone, body tone, and sound hole tones.
  • Just uni patch for multiple function control availably.
  • Assignable controller for realtime keymap switch between bridge tone and body tone.
  • Simulate Chinese Zither tremolo plucking technique trigger by midi keyboard.
  • Tremolo expression control by mod wheel.
  • Additional assignable controller for tremolo expression control.
  • Pick direction change control. ( when mod wheel value > 0, forward -> backward -> forward -> backward…..)
  • Each notes pitch changes independently under Virtual Bending Pitch Wheel System filter structure.

Chinese Zither-GuZheng is available for purchase now for 49 EUR.

Visit Myst Sonic for more information and audio demos.

Wavelore Instruments updates Pedal Steel Guitar to v1.1 and American Zither to v1.2

Wavelore Pedal Steel Guitar

Wavelore Instruments has released version 1.1 of Pedal Steel Guitar, and version 1.2 of American Zither, two virtual instruments powered by the GVI engine.

The update for Pedal Steel Guitar (Full & Lite Editions) adds the free Wavelore Brush Kit —played with wire brushes — to the WLPS / WLPSLE soundset.

DEF dynamics and round-robin samples give the kit a great playability. Complete with kick, snare (including stirs) 2 toms, splash, crash, ride, and hi-hats in 5 gradations between open and closed, plus hi-hat pedal.

Wavelore American Zither is updated with Wavelore Slide Whistle, Hand Drums, and new free shaker instruments (shakerx2, rattle and cabasa) to the WLAZ soundset. The update also addresses the issue of running the patch installer on XP systems with Service Pack 3.

Visit Wavelore Instruments for more information.

Soniccouture releases Guzheng

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Soniccouture Guzheng

Soniccouture has released Guzheng, a sampled Guzheng (Chinese zither) instrument for Kontakt, EXS24 and Ableton Live.

The SC Guzheng has been extensively recorded in 24 bit 44.1khz stereo. Three articulations were sampled: right hand (finger picks), left hand (flesh), and harmonics (finger picks). Up to ten velocity levels, three round robin alternations for the right hand, and two round robin alternations for the left hand. This ensures natural attack transients with no ‘machine-gun’ repetition.
Across all 21 strings this amounts to 1027 samples totaling just over 2 gigabytes. We provide a method to play the Guzheng in it’s original tuning, or in chromatic tuning, for each format.

SC Guzheng features

  • 2.25 GB Sampled Instrument.
  • 24 bit Stereo 44.1 Recording.
  • KSP ‘Last Note Standing’ PitchBend Processor.
  • KSP Glissando and Tremolo Processors.
  • Right ( Picked ) and Left Hand ( Finger) + Harmonics Sampling.
  • 3 Round Robin Layers + Up to 10 Velocity layers per note.
  • Kontakt 2 / 3, Logic EXS24 or Ableton Live 7 Required.

SC Guzheng is available now for download for £49 GBP (disc version for £52 GBP).

Visit Soniccouture for more information and audio demos.