discoDSP intros Tinga’s Gamelan free soundset for Corona

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discoDSP Corona

discoDSP has announced the release of the Tinga’s Gamelan sound library for the Corona software synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

Tinga’s Gamelan is a 115 MB bank including presets using custom tunings.

Tinga’s Gamelan features

  • Set of samples from various sources, all have been re-tuned in C with Audacity 4 samples from http://freesound.org/people/Robinhood76/packs/3940/
  • 2 birds SF2 files (place at Documents\discoDSP\Corona\Waves\User.dwb)
  • Attack samples made with FuDrum 3 in Jeskola Buzz.
  • Steel drum notes recorded with a Zoom H4.

The soundbank is a free download for all Corona users.

More information: discoDSP


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