Tanager AudioWorks releases Chorducopia

Tanager AudioWorks Chorducopia

Tanager AudioWorks has released Chorducopia, an audible chord library software.

Chorducopia is like the PC or Mac version of that trusty tattered chord notebook in your guitar case—only better. When you are writing and you have that perfect sound in your head, but can’t quite translate it to your fingers, Chorducopia can help.

Chorducopia features

  • Contains 990 chord sounds (55 in each enharmonic key name.).
  • Chord Sound library contains 2 banks of 3 instrument sounds each (almost 6000 files.)
    1. Bank A – Fretboard Diagram Voicings:
      • Clean Strat
      • Classical Guitar
      • Rock Guitar
    2. Bank B – Chord Formula Voicing Over 2 Octaves:
      • Acoustic Guitar
      • Rhodes Piano
      • Grand Piano

Chorducopia is available for Windows and Mac and costs $34.99 USD.

Visit Tanager AudioWorks for more information and product demos.

StereoSavage at Plugin Boutique
  • business spoiler

    or take this, online, for free:

    After this screen keyboard its second strike: this company seems to be specialized on making products that are still there for free. How lame is that?

  • In all fairness, you could be posting “or take this for free” alternatives for most software titles these days.

    It’s not a crime to develop something and charge people for your work, but they might indeed have a bit of a hard time selling this with so little added value over free alternatives. Makes me wonder if they did any market research…

    Thanks for the link to the Chordbook website, quite useful!

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