Teenage Engineering OP-1, synthesizer now available to pre-order


Teenage Engineering has announced that the OP-1 is ready for production and can now be ordered.

Teenage Engineering OP-1

OP-1 is ready. Make your reservation today.

Finally. After more than two years of development the OP-1 is now ready for production.
Due to initial limited supply we now accept reservations.
Manufacturing, assembly and shipping will be eight weeks.

The OP-1 is available to order for $799 / 799 EUR.

More information: Teenage Engineering

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  • wakax

    it’s SOLD OUT :)

  • Borg

    Yes …sold out…or may be not….
    It wouldn’t be a surprise if it was not “sold out” at all….and just some more hype….
    At the moment, I have only seen hype and heard crappy sounds from this company.

    The concept is interesting though and I keep an eye on it. I would be convinced after hearing a cool track coming out of this box….

  • I’m not surprised it sold out fast. This little synth has generated quite some interest since it first appeared on the scene. Any idea how many of these were actually available in their first limited supply, 100? 1000? I would think a small number.

  • Ruud

    It looks like a cool little synth, but why is it so special? Because of the appearance in a Swedish House Mafia video?

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